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Chickasaw Nation hails selection of permanent Indian law chair (07/02)
Lindsay Robertson more than 25 years of experience in Indian law and serves as a tribal court judge.

Steve Russell: Professor outed as Cherokee fraud once again (07/01)
How can you be an Indian without knowing which of your relatives is Indian?

Mary Annette Pember: Sharing stories from boarding schools (06/29)
Denise Lajimodiere, a member of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa tribe, is working on a book containing ten of the most powerful survivor stories she’s collected over the past few years.

Native Sun News: Tribal youth share traditions and technology (06/29)
Twelve bright young students from the Rosebud and Oglala Sioux Tribes camped on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation to get some 'hands on' science learning.

University to cover murals that depict lynching of Indian man (06/26)
One mural shows a shirtless Indian man, with his back turned, kneeling by a noose. Two White stand next to him with guns.

Catawba Nation in discussions for $125M movie studio project (06/25)
Chief Bill Harris can't share details due to a non-disclosure agreement but the project could bring a significant economic development boost to the reservation.

Lawmakers promise to help tribes bring a halt to youth suicide (06/25)
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs has held six hearings in a decade on a problem that affects tribes across the nation.

Vicente Diaz: Legacy of racist Indian mascot lives at university (06/25)
So, while the dust has yet to settle, there is a fifty-fifty chance right now that come this fall, American Indian Studies at UIUC would be reduced to a single faculty member.

White House threatens veto of funding bill for Indian programs (06/24)
The House is scheduled to take up the fiscal year 2016 Interior appropriations bill on Thursday.

First Nations attorney wears regalia to law society ceremony (06/23)
Christina Gray will the first person to wear a Tsimshian button blanket and cedar hat to the bar ceremony.

Mary Annette Pember: Boarding schools leave impact in US too (06/23)
Many more Native children were harmed in the U.S. than in Canada by boarding schools.

Elizabeth Hawksworth: Church owes apology to Native people (06/23)
I stand up now for the thousands of my brothers and sisters who were killed in the Canadian residential school genocide.

Pine Ridge Reservation school receives $218K for youth suicide (06/23)
The Oglala Sioux Tribe has declared an emergency in response to a large number of suicide and suicide attempts among youth.

Native Sun News: Oglala Lakota College celebrates a milestone (06/23)
When the graduating class in Social Work from the He Sapa Campus of Oglala Lakota College were asked what they wanted for their graduation ceremony, they said caps and gowns and Black Hills gold rings.

Chris Rickert: Wisconsin school made right call on racist images (06/22)
If a shirt featuring, say, Little Black Sambo can be considered a racially harassing 'disruption or distraction' then a shirt with the absurdly smiling face of the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo seems just as objectionable.

Dennis Olson: Head Start makes a difference in Indian Country (06/22)
I am among the 32 million Americans Head Start has served since its creation in 1965, and I can speak firsthand to the incredible difference early childhood education makes in a young life.

Maulian Smith: An ugly war over a racist school mascot in Maine (06/22)
Skowhegan stands alone with 'Indian' as their school mascot.

Tribes in California work to send more young members to college (06/19)
The Sycuan Band and the Viejas Band entered into a partnership with UC San Diego.

Students from Tulalip Tribes construction program help homeless (06/16)
The students built two tiny homes that will help address the homeless population in Seattle, Washington.

Cabinet members hear from urban Indian community in Maryland (06/16)
Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack visited Native American Lifelines in Baltimore.

Native Sun News: Northern Cheyenne student strives to achieve (06/15)
LaRenzo Fisher is a Northern Cheyenne who next year will begin leading Crow and non-Indian students.

BIA working with tribes for more No Child Left Behind Act waivers (06/12)
Tribes and educators will be able to incorporate culturally-appropriate standards into their classrooms.

Shakopee Tribe donates $25K to fund Lakota language immersion (06/12)
The money will help Oglala Lakota College match a $75,000 grant from the Administration for Native Americans.

Bill introduced in House to create Commission on Native Children (06/12)
Rep. Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma) and Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota) are sponsoring the legislation.

Mary Annette Pember: Shawnee tribes head from Oklahoma to DC (06/12)
All three Shawnee tribes from Oklahoma are coming together at the National Museum of the American Indian for the first time to share their culture, language and history.

Native Sun News: Indian school at Pine Ridge hosts 47th art show (06/12)
The Red Cloud Indian Art Show is the largest and longest running Native American art show of its kind in the country.

Thomas King: No justice for Native people with residential schools (06/11)
I believe in justice. I can’t say I’ve seen that much of it in my lifetime, but I like the concept.

Native Sun News: Tribal college opens 12th summer artist series (06/11)
Oglala Lakota College opens its 12th Annual 'A Vision of Our History by Lakota Artists' summer artist series with featured artist Warren 'Guss' Yellow Hair.

Gyasi Ross: Let's take a lesson from Miccosukee Tribe on schools (06/11)
The Miccosukee Tribe recently showed that they will not forsake tribal history, language or storytelling anymore in the name of national standards.

Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribal Tribune: Sand Creek documentary premieres (06/10)
Last November, Cheyenne and Arapaho television crew joined over 100 tribal members in Colorado to observe a week of events honoring the 150th commemoration of the Sand Creek Massacre.

Mescalero Apache Nation honors graduates with scholarships (06/10)
The tribe celebrated 48 high school students and awarded scholarships to 10 achievers.

Pokagon Band to contribute $500K to college technical center (06/10)
The tribe signed a multi-year partnership with Lake Michigan College to increase economic opportunities.

Pamela Palmater: Genocide was outcome of residential schools (06/09)
In Canada’s residential schools, many Indigenous children were beaten, tortured, raped, medically experimented on, and killed.

Native students in Michigan upset by return of 'Indian' head logo (06/09)
Eastern Michigan University President Susan Martin told the students that the logo represents history and pride.

Mary Annette Pember: Healing from residential schools in Canada (06/09)
One of the first actions of Indian residential school administrators was to cut the children’s long hair, a terrible indignity for First Nations people that came to symbolize a cut with their cultures and families.

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