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Letter: Sycuan Band insults California taxpayers

"An article in Monday's edition was about the Sycuan tribe being allowed to skip on a payment to the state until next year, costing California a much-needed revenue of $30 million. What happened to the larger payments agreed on after voters allowed them to expand?

It was noted that just days before, Gov. Schwarzenegger's redistricting initiative was given a $45,000 donation by the same tribe. A spokesman for the tribe called the timing a coincidence? What a bunch of bunk.

What really annoys me the most is that they can just insult the taxpayers' intelligence by making such a comment. Let's see ... being allowed to skip on $30 million for one year at the cost of $45,000? That's a huge saving for the tribe while the state takes away much needed services from the poor and elderly. How many teachers or firefighters could we afford to keep with $30 million? "

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