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Tim Giago: Calvary re-enactors should know better
Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"Every year when annual parades are held in Rapid City, SD, many Lakota people protest the appearance of the men dressed in the uniforms of the 7th Cavalry, but always to no avail. The Lakota suffered and died at the hands of the men and officers of the 7th Cavalry. To them, the men dressing up as the horsemen of the 7th are an insult to the Indian people. But no one except the Indians seems to give a damn.

Bear in mind that it was not a military battle at Wounded Knee. It was a scene of American soldiers firing point blank into the heads and bodies of babies and children. It was the slaughter of unarmed men and women, many of them elders of the tribe. The Lakota people of today are still angry that more than 20 soldiers of the 7th Cavalry were awarded this Nation’s highest honor, the Congressional Medal of Honor. It is tantamount to awarding the Iron Cross to the prison guards at Auschwitz.

And so we have one teenage prince donning the uniform of the German Army and he is lampooned worldwide for his childish insensitivity. Should he have known better? Of course, his royal upbringing makes it essential that he know better. Should the enactors of the 7th Cavalry know better? Shouldn’t they respect the feelings of the Lakota people who suffered and died at the hands of the soldiers they are reviving for a parade? One would think so."

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Prince Harry, Thomas Jefferson and Abe Lincoln (The Native Times 1/17)

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National Congress of American Indians under #MeToo fire

The Pokagon Band is quitting the nation's largest inter-tribal organization while Native women call for more accountability.

Witness list for Senate hearing on justice for Native youth

The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is taking a closer look at a juvenile justice issues.

Cast and crew of Smoke Signals reunites for 20th anniversary

The National Indian Gaming Association is hosting a special screening of Smoke Signals during its upcoming convention.

Bureau of Indian Affairs awards contracts for new tribal schools

Two tribal communities will be getting new schools thanks to the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Tribal hunting rights case before U.S. Supreme Court

At the core of a hunting dispute is tribal sovereignty, and at the core of the sovereignty issue is whether state law ever trumps treaty rights.

Bill John Baker: Paying our respect to military veterans

Cherokee Nation has always revered and honored our Cherokee warriors, the brave men and women willing to fight for our nation and our freedom.

No more 'Midwest nice': Families fight huge hog farms

More than 40 families in Iowa are fighting to contain the spread of concentrated animal feeding operations.

Native voters dealt setback ahead of key Senate election

Native voters say North Dakota laws discriminate against them but an appeals court disagrees.

Supreme Court takes up Indian law petitions amid major controversy

With a high-stakes nomination in doubt, the Supreme Court is preparing for a term that's already going to be a busy one for tribal interests.

Winnebago Tribe doubles investment in solar energy on reservation

The Winnebago Tribe is continuing its march toward self-sustainability in northeast Nebraska.

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs set to advance three bills

An audit of the Indian Health Service, a water rights settlement for the Kickapoo Tribe and land for the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe are on the agenda on Capitol Hill.

Dakota Access Pipeline decision still missing in action

It's been almost a month since the Trump administration reaffirmed its approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline but no one's seen the decision yet.

Tim Giago: Reflecting on my life as a Lakota journalist

I hope I am not considered vain for thinking back on those precious few days of the good, the bad and the ugly that have been a greater part of my life as a Lakota journalist.

Albert Bender: Trump keeps migrant children from their families

Donald Trump, like other tyrannical despots before him, is gambling to see how much the world and the country will tolerate.

'Fair Warning': Tribes promise to block Keystone XL Pipeline

"President Trump permitted the Keystone XL Pipeline because he wanted to," an attorney from the Native American Rights Fund said.

Future of power plant on Navajo Nation remains in doubt

A controversial coal-fired power plant on the Navajo Nation is inching closer to closure.

P. David Polly: Trump creates disaster with cuts to monument

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument has been jeopardized by the Trump administration.

Will Smith celebrates birthday with bungee jump on Navajo Nation

Will Smith is turning 50. And he's bungee jumping over the Grand Canyon to celebrate.

Church won't apologize for taking Indian children from their homes

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has settled sexual abuse lawsuits that had been filed in tribal court.

Trinidad Rancheria plans 100-room hotel adjacent to casino

The Trinidad Rancheria is seeking a federal loan guarantee to finance a 100-room hotel in northern California.

Poarch Band of Creek Indians open to lottery in Alabama

Will the Poarch Band of Creek Indians be able to offer Class II games if the lottery becomes legal in Alabama?

'A hopeful future': Addressing Native youth in the justice system

A new report is highlighting the challenges facing young Native Americans who end up in the justice system.

Born to Ride: Young Lakota horse racer heads to championship

Karlee Witt, from the Pine Ridge Reservation, has grown up around horses her whole life.

James Giago Davies: So you're politically savvy? Think again.

The Donald Trump presidency is a train wreck, but it is not an accident.

Native patients are missing out on promising cancer drugs

Native Americans are under-represented in clinical trials of new drugs, even when the treatment is aimed at a type of cancer that disproportionately affects them.

Janelle Hanchett: The Supreme Court in the age of #MeToo

How might Christine Blasey Ford fare against Brett Kavanaugh in the age of #MeToo?

United Keetoowah Band cites local support for casino bid

The United Keetoowah Band is seeking to develop a 20,000 square-foot casino in Enid, Oklahoma.

Trump administration takes credit for increase in tribal safety grants

The Trump team is touting a tribal set-aside in the national Crime Victims Fund despite having little to do with it.

Tribes gain support in bid to stop expansion of non-Indian gaming

The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians is warning of the "devastating" impacts of a ballot measure in Idaho.

Tule River Tribe takes major step forward with casino relocation plan

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is finally releasing an environmental review for the Tule River Tribe's casino relocation project.

Kickapoo Tribe welcomes member of Congress to reservation

Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas) is a relative newcomer to Congress but he's already won some friends in Indian Country.

'I draw the funny things': Pueblo cartoonist goes political

Cartoonist Ricardo Caté has turned his attention to politics and the environment.

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn: America's use of language is tied to racism

This nation’s use of language toward Indians has been inextricably tied to its history of racism on which it was founded by white, male, Christian colonizers.

'We need action': Native women seek solutions on Capitol Hill

Native advocates are keeping an eye on efforts to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

Complaints filed against Navajo Nation presidential candidates

A former Navajo Nation presidential candidate is going after the top two candidates.

Ernie Jones Sr., president of Yavapai-Prescott Tribe, passes on

Ernie Jones led the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe for the last 17 years.

Brett Kavanaugh's Indian law record in doubt amid assault allegation

With his Indian law record in doubt, President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court is confronting a sexual assault allegation.

Tribal leaders stand up to corporations on climate change

Tribes will ramp up efforts to hold corporations accountable for climate change after the energy industry invested another $5 million to stop their campaign.

Bipartisan bill includes Indian Country in suicide prevention efforts

A simple change in federal law will help tribes address suicide in their communities, according to a bipartisan group of lawmakers.

'Lack of understanding of tribes': Brett Kavanaugh at Supreme Court

Add Native Americans to the list of groups concerned about Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination.

Documentary follows 'Warrior Women' through major Indian movements

"Warrior Women" follows an Indian family's experience, from the occupation at Alcatraz to the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

James Giago Davies: Maybe the terrible things that happened never happened

Forty years ago last spring, I lost my little brother Lloyd to a fishing accident.

Ginny Ratsoy: Indigenous playwrights need more support

The Canadian government’s Department of Canadian Heritage has the opportunity to support a groundbreaking cultural initiative.

Department of Justice plans increase in tribal safety funding

Indian Country will be seeing $246 million in grants to secure their communities.

Court strikes down landmark Indian Child Welfare Act ruling

A federal appeals court has delivered a major blow to tribes and parents who have been seeking to protect their children.

Empower tribal communities to address the suicide crisis

Native American reservations are experiencing an epidemic of suicide that is claiming the lives of countless young people.

Anthony Pico: Calling upon the warrior spirit to heal our trauma

We have survived and now we are searching through science and our ancestors for means to healthy lives, families and communities.

Deleana OtherBull: Native women deserve to be safe

Native women are 10 times more likely to be murdered, and Native women face domestic and sexual violence at disproportionately high levels.

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn: Teddy Roosevelt wanted Indian people to disappear

Teddy Roosevelt may be more responsible than most for the denigration of the powerful indigenous tribe that he called the Sioux.

A 'shameful moment': Film depicts violent deportation a century ago

One hundred years ago, 1,200 striking miners were rounded up by gunpoint and forced to leave their homes.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe still waiting on Dakota Access decision

The Trump administration has yet to release its Dakota Access Pipeline decision, more than two weeks after it was supposedly finished.

American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association opens conference

Tourism in Indian Country is getting a big boost from the federal government.

University distances campus from founder of brutal Indian mission system

The genocidal legacy of JunĂ­pero Serra, who was the founder of the brutal Indian mission system in California, continues to be examined.

Comanche Nation heads to court to battle Chickasaw Nation casino

The Comanche Nation says it wasn't consulted before the Chickasaw Nation acquired land for yet another casino.

Ponca Tribe inches closer to opening of long-awaited casino

Anticipation is building as the Ponca Tribe prepares to open the Prairie Flower Casino in Iowa.

Tribes see dip in slot machine revenues as rival opens new facility

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation and the Mohegan Tribe have entered a new era in gaming.

Colville Tribes win big in effort to keep homelands safe

The Colville Tribes are celebrating after securing a huge victory against the world's largest mining company.

Rosebud Sioux Tribe returns Rodney Bordeaux to president's post

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe held a swearing-in ceremony for newly elected leaders on September 4.

Gun Lake Tribe brings in Bob Peters as new chairman

The Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians, also known as the Gun Lake Tribe, has a new leader.

Another tribe wins approval for ball and dice games in Oklahoma

The Comanche Nation joins 13 other tribes with the ability to offer craps, roulette and similar ball and dice games.

Tim Giago: Native America loses a great journalist

Adrian C. Louis, the Paiute author, poet and journalist, has passed on.

Border wall called threat to tribal sovereignty in new report

The wall along the U.S. border with Mexico has damaged and destroyed sacred sites, according to a new report.

Second defendant goes on trial for murder of Spirit Lake Nation woman

Savanna Marie Greywind has been symbolic of the epidemic of missing and murdered Native women and girls.

Tribes consulted on first-ever count of missing Native women

The state of Washington isn't waiting on the federal government to do something about the Native women who go missing every year.

United Keetoowah Band eyes casino amid questions about land

The United Keetoowah Band is proposing a casino amid questions about its homelands in northeastern Oklahoma.

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community working to reopen casino

Repairs at the Talking Stick Resort and Casino are taking longer than expected after a storm knocked out power and caused flooding.

Tribes might finally get some help with gaming efforts in Maine

Thirty years after the passage of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, some tribes are still being left behind.

Whitecap Dakota First Nation breaks ground on hotel and conference center

The Whitecap Dakota First Nation is bringing a 155-room hotel and conference center to Saskatchewan.

Trump administration supports sovereignty for tribes in Texas

Two tribes whose casinos are being threatened with closure are getting a big assist from Washington.

Two Native authors among finalists for National Book Award

Brandon Hobson (Cherokee) and Tommy Orange (Cheyenne-Arapaho) are winning more praise for their non-fiction works.

Documents indicate plans to spy on Native opponents of Keystone XL

Federal and state authorities are coordinating in anticipation of protests against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Bureau of Indian Affairs officer credited with drug bust

A Bureau of Indian Affairs police officer has taken nearly 17 pounds of methamphetamine and heroin off the market

Judge extends order against grizzly bear hunts near Yellowstone

Tribes are battling the Trump administration over protections for the sacred grizzly bear.

Indigenous leader Margarito Díaz González murdered at home

An indigenous leader who was opposing development on sacred Wixarika lands was killed in Mexico.

'We still have a lot of work to do': Tribes unite as lawmakers promise action

Indian Country saw a busy day on Capitol Hill, with lawmakers passing four bills as tribal leaders discussed major issues and controversies.

Doug George-Kanentiio: Our Mohawk way of life was destroyed

The Mohawk people thrived until the need for cheap power led to the destruction of our homelands.

Wilton Rancheria moves forward with gaming management agreement

The Wilton Rancheria is working with a subsidiary of Boyd Gaming on a long-awaited casino in California.

Planning continues for city's first Native American Day parade

The Native community has continued to rally around a Native American Day Parade in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Jeffrey Whalen: Tribal government's many moments of tyranny

It appears a majority of Oglala Sioux leaders don't want to see the tribe's constitution reformed.

Disenfranchising Native Americans: Court divided on voting law in Arizona

Arizona has a long history of discriminating against Native voters. A new law may help those efforts.

Pine Ridge Reservation sees $93 million in Cobell buy-back offers

The Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations has returned to Pine Ridge for a second time.

Treaty tribes fight for strong water quality standards

A pollution-based economy is not sustainable. No price can be placed on the value of human health or the resources that sustain us.

'Why don't you do the same thing for us?': Oglala candidate asks of Trump

Not every tribal election offers voters a clear choice, or even a good choice.

'Land is not lawfully in trust': Opponents seek action on Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe

Indian Country is entering uncharted territory as one tribe's reservation is slated to be taken out of trust.

Native candidate Donna Bergstrom returns home to Red Lake Nation

The state of Minnesota will almost surely have a Native woman serving as Lieutenant Governor come 2019.

Woman from Mille Lacs Band dies in 'Forgotten Natives' encampment

Alissa Rose Skipintheday just turned 26 years old before passing on.

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians completes largest repatriation

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians recently returned ancestral remains and burial objects to their resting place.

Spokane Tribe eyes new investments in gaming enterprise

With its new casino finally up and running, the Spokane Tribe is looking to make improvements in its gaming enterprise.

Another Indian bill makes its way to the president's desk

Donald Trump's reputation in Indian Country is often in the dumps even as Congress keeps giving him pro-tribal bills to sign.

Leland McGee: Reflecting on that unforgettable day in September 2001

It was seventeen years ago, but I remember that day as if it were yesterday.

Tohono O'odham Nation wins approval to restore more homelands

The Trump administration is facing fire for its tribal homelands decisions but not everything coming out of Washington looks bad for Indian Country.

Chickasaw Nation inadvertently left off gaming compact notice

The Chickasaw Nation was among the first to offer ball and dice games in Oklahoma despite a minor oversight at the federal level.

NCAI: Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe 'stripped' of its sovereignty

The National Congress of American Indians disagrees strongly with the Department of the Interior’s decision affecting the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.

Mark Trahant: Native advocates say no to Brett Kavanaugh

Are Native-related issues enough to sink the nomination of President Donald J. Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court?

'Coal is dead': Navajo citizens take power plant fight on the road

Navajo environmentalists want an aging, coal-fired power plant on their homelands to go away.

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