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Peyote allowed as evidence in Ojibwe man's trial

An Ojibwe man lost a motion to suppress evidence of peyote and marijuana that were found in his van in Ventura County, California.

Paul Skyhorse Durant, 61, belongs to the Native American Church. He said he kept less than 4 ounces of peyote for religious purposes and less than 4 ounces of marijuana for medicinal use.

County authorities have charged him with five drug felonies. He faces more than a decade in prison due to a prior conviction in California for robbery. He says he is being targeted because he was acquitted of a murder charge in the state.

In 1996, Durant was previously stopped in the county with 250 pounds of peyote plants. Charges were dropped because the peyote was being used by the Native American Church.

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Drugs allowed as evidence, judge says (The Ventura County Star 9/21)

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