Blackfeet Nation discusses prescription drug abuse
The Blackfeet Nation of Montana held a forum on prescription drug abuse, described by a substance abuse counselor as the "newest monster" In Indian Country.

Health care practitioners say they are seeing a rise in the number of people addicted to prescription drugs. Even pregnant women are affected.

"We see a lot of pregnant women who are all on pills, snorting them or shooting them up, and a lot of their babies are born in withdrawal," said Erma Skunkcap, The Great Falls Tribune reported.

The problem is partly linked to an increase in prescription drugs issued by the Indian Health Service. But a figure that was reported earlier this week -- that the IHS spends $15,000 per individual per year for prescription drugs -- was incorrect. The average IHS patient uses $300 worth of prescription drugs a year.

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Prescription drugs 'newest monster' in Indian Country (The Great Falls Tribune 7/10)

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