Klamath Tribes land-into-trust stirs controversy

The Klamath Tribes of Oregon are negotiating the purchase of 385 acres near Portland that could be placed in trust.

Details are still being worked out but the prospect of a land-into-trust application is already generating controversy. "This is a prime example of reservation shopping gone overboard," Siobhan Taylor, the public affairs director for the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, told The Oregonian.

The Klamath Tribes have no plans for a casino, Chairman Joseph Kirk said. "We want to look at something that will provide economic benefits for the tribe and help the greater community, as well," he told the paper.

The land is off a major interstate near Wilsonville, about 18 miles south of Portland.

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Klamath Tribes seek 385 acres near Wilsonville (The Oregonian 9/22)