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White Mountain Apache Tribe accused of not paying benefits

Current and former employees of the White Mountain Apache Tribe of Arizona say they are being denied medical benefits.

Employees of the fire department and the police department say the tribe is taking money out of their paychecks for health care. But they aren't getting any services and at least one hospital has stopped seeing tribal patients because insurance bills aren't getting paid.

"I know many physicians did not get paid, and I know the hospital has quite a large outstanding amount of unpaid bills," Peter Niemczyk, a local hospital, told KPHO-TV.

Charles Croy, a former firefighter, says he racked up $16,000 in unpaid medical bills. Kim Pound, the tribe's former chief of police, says he owes $14,000.

The tribe didn't comment for the story. The Bureau of Indian Affairs says it hasn't heard any complaints.

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