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Letter: Extend deadline to participate in trust fund settlement

"I am deeply concerned about the largest government class action settlement in our nation’s history securing justice for more than 300,000 Native Americans and Alaska natives in the form of $3.4 billion settlement. The case is called Cobell vs. Salazar Indian Trust Settlement.

In the April 2011 issue of Native Peoples magazine, Cobell started a full-page announcement of important information about the $3.4 billion Indian Trust Fund Settlement with the website address: www, and the phone number, 1-800-961-6109. It said, by April 20, 2011, you need to call the number or visit the website to stay in the settlement. I saw the ad in the April issue of Native People’s magazine. Thereafter, the deadline for full registration was Sept., 14, 2011.

Everyone that I know who called the toll-free number 10 days before was required to register online. Whoa!"

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