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Blog: Indian Country outraged at Keystone XL Pipeline push

"After President Obama endorsed a southern portion of the Keystone XL pipeline on Mar. 22 (which would carry oil from Cushing to Port Arthur, Texas), Native American activists in Okalahoma expressed outrage at the news. They claim it will affect sacred grounds and artifacts in Texas, as well as be a threat to the environment.

Obama discussed the pipeline during a speech in Cushing, Okla.; the Native Americans were forced by local authorities to hold their protest in a caged enclosure erected in Memorial Park, rather than at the speech itself.

The protesters were insulted at this move to put distance between the President and their demonstration, which they felt was an attack on their freedom of speech, according to the Global Justice Ecology Project."

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Keystone XL: Native Americans outraged (People's World 3/23)

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