Editorial: Leadership feud clouds Cayuga Nation land-into-trust

New York newspaper questions whether leadership dispute will affect Cayuga Nation land-into-trust application:
In the background of the recent infighting over Cayuga Indian Nation properties in Cayuga and Seneca counties is the unfinished business by the federal government in deciding a land trust application by the tribe, and we believe that the unsteady nature of the tribe's leadership should be taken as additional evidence that application should be denied.

Before the tribe-owned acres in question are taken into trust for the tribe to do with what it will, it's important for everyone to know just what will be done on the lands. And to that end, the answer to the question depends on who is really in charge of the Cayuga Nation.

One side appears bent on establishing gambling enterprises, while the other is against it.

The pro-gaming faction was recently targeted by the tribe's Unity Council over control of convenience stores in Union Springs and Seneca Falls, with both sides going to court to argue their perceived right to conduct business of the properties.

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