Editorial: Long-term solution needed in Cayuga Nation tax feud

The LakeSide Trading gas station and convenience store in Union Falls, New York, a business owned by the Cayuga Nation. Photo from Finger Lake Times Marketplace

New York newspaper supports legislation to address non-payment of property taxes by the Cayuga Nation:
We're glad to see our representatives in Albany pushing for state funds again this year to help offset the loss of property taxes Cayuga County should be getting from the Cayuga Indian Nation. And we implore our federal representatives to take action so that lobbying the state for help won't remain an annual necessity.

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb and state Sen. Michael Nozzolio are requesting that the state budget include help making up for the money that Cayuga and Seneca counties will lose out on this year because of non-payment of property taxes on lands owned by the tribe. Last year's budget included $1.8 million for Seneca County and $700,000 for Cayuga County, but it was understood to be a one-time payment for both counties.

Last year's "aid to localities" budget bill specified that the assistance was needed "to mitigate shortfalls in real property tax revenue." Well, the counties are looking at the same shortfall this year, so the state should once again step up and help out.

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