Colville Tribes support bill to streamline energy development (December 17, 2015)

S.209, the Indian Tribal Energy Development and Self-Determination Act, authorizes a biomass demonstration project on the reservation.

Ex-US Attorney welcomes review of domestic violence case (December 17, 2015)

The U.S. Supreme Court is looking closely at a federal law aimed at protecting Native women from repeat domestic violence offenders.

Puyallup Tribe contributes $900K to five groups and non-profits (December 17, 2015)

Beneficiaries included the Tahoma Indian Center, the Emergency Food Network and the Spirit of 12 group.

Penobscot Nation loses big decision in river ownership dispute (December 17, 2015)

A federal judge determined that the reservation includes the islands within the Penobscot River but that the tribe does not own the river itself.

Seminole Tribe donated more than $2.7M to political interests (December 17, 2015)

Nearly $1.4 million went to state and national GOP groups, including $500,000 to a political committee run by Gov. Rick Scott (R).

Robert Watters: Crow Tribe to see big benefits from coal port (December 17, 2015)

Millions of dollars have been spent to date, and everyone involved in the Gateway Pacific Terminal project would be cheated by ending the process before it’s completed — none potentially more so than the Crow Tribe.

Steve Russell: Fear and aggression take center stage for GOP (December 17, 2015)

Once more, economic issues are masked by the culture wars, as the Republicans become the party of resentful and frightened white people.

Northern Arapaho Tribe aims to repatriate remains of students (December 17, 2015)

The Northern Arapaho Tribe's historic preservation officer said more than 200 Arapaho students died at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania.

Proposal seeks stronger protection for authentic Indian artists (December 17, 2015)

The mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is taking action following the indictments of three people for violating the Indian Arts and Crafts Act by selling fake goods.

Former monument official charged for stealing Indian remains (December 17, 2015)

The ancestral remains were taken from the Effigy Mounds National Monument in Iowa shortly before the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act became law in 1990.

Delphine Red Shirt: Indian people too often ignored in history (December 17, 2015)

In truth we as the original peoples are hardly ever included in American history and we must work to change that.

Native Sun News: Northern Cheyenne veteran battles cancer (December 17, 2015)

Earlier this year, Lisa Limpy Just, a Northern Cheyenne woman in her forties, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

Julianne Jennings: End language discrimination in our schools (December 17, 2015)

No matter the race, color, national origin, or any other means of dividing people, all students need to learn at least one other language to function effectively on the international world stage.