Federal Recognition

Piro Manso Tiwa Tribe sees some support for federal recognition

Members of the Piro Manso Tiwa Tribe of New Mexico perform a Buffalo Dance. Photo from New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs

The Piro Manso Tiwa Tribe of New Mexico won some support for its long-running federal recognition bid.

Commissioners in Doña Ana County voted 3-2 on Tuesday to support the tribe's efforts. The move came after the council in Las Cruces was unable to come to a position a day earlier.

Opposition came from leaders and members of Tortugas Pueblo, another tribal group in Las Cruces. According to news reports, the group is worried that federal recognition for the Piro Manso Tiwa Tribe could affect its own rights.

The Piro Manso Tiwa Tribe was one of the first groups to seek recognition through the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The petition was filed in 1979 but a decision hasn't been made.

The group traces descent from Manso and Pueblo tribes in New Mexico. The Tiwa and Piro names come from the group's Pueblo ties.

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