Middletown Rancheria chairman wins election as county supervisor

Jose "Moke" Simon III. Photo: Vote 4 Moke

Jose “Moke” Simon III, the chairman of the Middletown Rancheria, was sworn in as a supervisor in Lake County, California, on Tuesday.

Simon is the first Native person to serve on the county board, The Lake County Record-Bee reported. He won election to represent District 1 in November.

"Jose ‘Moke’ Simon is the right Supervisor for the continued success of the entire county and the protection of the economic interests of the Pomo Tribes," Michael Hunter, the chairman of the United Pomo Nations Council and chairman of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians, told The Record-Bee.

Simon's term as chairman of the Middletown Rancheria runs through June 2018, according to the tribe's website.

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