The Mohawk people thrived until the need for cheap power led to the destruction of our homelands.
Nine people have admitted they misused health care funds that were provided to Omaha Tribe.
A new book digs into the paradoxes of American Indian diets most people don’t know.
The Indian Health Service still doesn't have enough doctors or nurses to meet its trust and treaty obligations.
Indian Country could see an influx of funding, so long as President Trump doesn't derail the bill.
The Department of Veterans Affairs does not have to reimburse the Gila River Indian Community for services provided to tribal veterans.


A record number of Native Americans, including Native women, are seeking seats in the U.S. Congress. Here are the active candidates.

Native American communities are trying to grow their agriculture presence even larger to preserve their culture and traditions.

Students in Native communities are disproportionately affected by trauma.

For the first time in nearly a decade, Congress is close to passing a bill that funds a large number of Indian Country initiatives.

The Winnebago Tribe’s efforts improve the health of residents have gotten some significant boosts.

Women who receive abortions and the doctors that provide the service have frequently come under attack.

It might be that quiet kid in the back of the classroom or it might be a long distance runner.

Leaders of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe are wondering when the federal government will provide adequate health care on their reservation.

Native voters in South Dakota are making some big decisions in 2018.

LeeAnne Red Owl has been an addict for most of her teen and adult life. A horse helped turn her life around.

Native herbalists are doing more than just healing sore muscles. They are decolonizing herbalism.

The state of Wisconsin is promising not to interfere with the St. Croix Chippewa Tribe's hemp and CBD business.

Keely Purscell is the first registered yoga teacher on the Winnebago Reservation.

Abortion. Few words incite so much emotion, or conflict.

The stories of how we’re born are so important and give so much guidance to a child’s life.

Let’s pretend that we live in a world where it’s against the law to be fat, obese or overweight.

The chairman of the Quapaw Tribe is up for re-election and his opponent is an unlikely one.

Three Sioux tribes are asserting self-determination in order to take care of their own people.

With a new report highlighting the struggles facing Native mothers and their newborns, communities are turning to tribal traditions for support.

A bill that protects Indian Country from funding cuts but fails to stop the Trump administration's controversial reorganization is moving forward.

Salmon are at the center of ceremonies, art, and identity for tribes in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and California.

An Indian Health Service hospital is getting a new name as it comes under the control of the Winnebago Tribe.

Tribal communities have been hit particularly hard by drugs, including opioids and methamphetamine.

The Indian Health Service could see a dramatic reduction in personnel if the Trump administration goes ahead with a major reorganization.

As the first Native physician, Susan LaFlesche Picotte was a trailblazer. Efforts to preserve her legacy just got a big boost.

In what appears to be a first, one of the Trump administration's Indian policy nominees has been confirmed without so much as a confirmation hearing.

Republican John McCain called the forced separation of families an 'affront to the decency of the American people' as the Trump administration continued to defend the controversial policy.

The latest Supreme Court case coincides with a resurgence of interest among a new generation of scholars and activists who are learning about and reviving indigenous food systems.

Federal agencies that oversee Indian affairs are not making enough progress to satisfy key members of Congress.

A controversial bill to strip the Bureau of Indian Affairs of its federal recognition powers has just gotten more messy.

The Cherokee Nation has fired a nurse who broke protocol by reusing syringes at an Indian Health Service facility in Oklahoma.