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Editorial: Battle against Poarch Creek casinos is a waste of time (01/26)
Our question is how much more will taxpayers have to shell out before this horse is officially laid to rest?

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Muscogee man wins appeal over arrest at Poarch Creek casino (01/15)
A jury voted unanimously to overturn guilty verdicts against Wayland Gray.

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Chip Livingston: Poarch Creeks betrayed trust with casino site (01/15)
Poarch tribal leaders today betray our common histories in the criminal trespassing charges pressed against Wayland Gray.

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Poarch Creeks remain confident after hearing in casino case (01/14)
The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in a lawsuit filed by the state of Alabama.

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Muscogee man appeals conviction over Poarch Creek casino (01/14)
Wayland Gray was trying to bless a burial site when he was arrested and later convicted.

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11th Circuit hears lawsuit over Poarch Creek casino operation (01/13)
Alabama's attorney general has promised to drop the case if he loses this round of litigation.

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Poarch Creeks on track to open $65M expansion project at casino (01/06)
The hotel won't open until January 2016 but a casual eatery is debuting this week.

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Column: Poarch Creek gaming is only thing working in Alabama (12/19)
Two years ago, the tribe's casinos hauled in over $300 million in profits, and despite major construction projects, that number was expected to increase in 2013.

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Poarch Creeks to open $65M expansion at casino in early 2016 (12/08)
A construction firm owned by a tribal member is working on the project.

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Editorial: Poarch Creeks control their own destiny with gaming (11/24)
Tribal leaders are no longer 'begging' the state to enter into Class III gaming compact negotiations.

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Opinion: Poarch Creek gaming deal won't help state's economy (11/20)
Writer opposes an expansion of gambling in Alabama.

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Poarch Creeks waiting on state to start Class III gaming talks (11/14)
The tribe's vice chairman said a formal request must come from the governor's office.

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Supreme Court ruling bodes well for tribes in gaming cases (11/11)
The decision in Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community is having positive effects throughout Indian Country.

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Poarch Creeks to add hotel to casino with $65M expansion plan (10/22)
The tribe will be adding a five-story hotel with 119 rooms to the Creek Casino Montgomery.

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Poarch Creeks won't confirm or deny talks for gaming compact (10/21)
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R) said he's open to an agreement and his Democratic opponent wants one too.

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Alabama governor shifts stance on compact for Poarch Creeks (10/16)
The tribe has repeatedly asked the state to negotiate but no governor has ever come to the table.

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Candidate wants to negotiate casino compact with Poarch Band (10/03)
Parker Griffith, the Democratic nominee for governor, says the tribe has gone a great job with its gaming enterprise.

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Editorial: Poarch Creek gaming deal deserves consideration (09/22)
Newspaper calls on Gov. Robert Bentley (R) to explore a Class III gaming compactwith the Poarch Band of Creek Indians:

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Poarch Creeks still open to Class III gaming compact discussion (09/15)
But no one knows how much Class III revenue the tribe could pull in, and how much the state might get under a revenue sharing arrangement.

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Alabama AG vows to drop Indian gaming case if he loses decision (09/10)
The lawsuit is before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals after a federal judge ruled against the state.

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Authorities investigate shooting by Poarch Creek casino entrance (09/09)
A state trooper and a tribal police pulled over a man near the entrance of the Wind Creek Wetumpka.

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Poarch Creeks see revenues increase as gaming operation grows (09/02)
According to an annual report cited by Al.Com, the tribe took in $600 million in revenues in 2012, up from $546 million in 2011.

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Alabama governor cool to idea of Poarch Creek casino compact (08/18)
The tribe has been trying to negotiate a deal for at least 20 years.

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Column: State foolish not to negotiate Poarch Creek compact (08/11)
Columnist wonders why Alabama won't enter into a Class III gaming compact with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.

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Alabama submits opening brief in Poarch Creek casino dispute (07/17)
State claims that tribal casino sites were not validly placed in trust.

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MOWA Band of Choctaw Indians dealt setback in casino litigation (07/09)
Tribe lacks federal recognition, magistrate determines.

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NCAI leader urges open discussion about Poarch Creek casino (05/30)
Save Hickory Ground staged a rally that was shut down by security guards.

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Poarch Creeks face another lawsuit for liquor served at casino (05/27)
Alabama Supreme Court chief justice delivers unusual opinion in dispute.

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Opinion: Poarch Creeks use gaming revenue to buy state office (05/23)
Tribe has funneled $1 million to candidate for Alabama Attorney General's office.

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Attorney general claims Poarch Band funds tied to casino suit (05/12)
Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange accused the Poarch Band of Creek Indians of trying to buy its way out of a gaming lawsuit that he filed.

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