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Poarch Creeks file lawsuit over taxes imposed on gaming facility (05/28)
The tax assessor in Escambia County claims the tribe owes $22.3 million at the Wind Casino and Hotel in Atmore, Alabama.

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Opinion: Poarch Creeks need state to protect gaming enterprise (05/22)
The Wind Casino and Hotel in Atmore, Alabama. Photo from Facebook Writer believes the Poarch Band of Creek Indians needs Alabama's protection in case the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals rules that the tribe's gaming operations are illegal: The...

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Poarch Creeks oppose efforts to expand gaming in Alabama (05/13)
Lawmakers are considering a bill to authorize Class III games at racetracks.

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Washoe Tribe partners with Poarch Creeks for gaming project (05/12)
The two tribes are working together on a small casino that would be located at a travel plaza now under construction in Nevada.

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Poarch Creek casinos once seen as illegal now eyed for cash (05/07)
The tribe has offered $250 million up front to the state in exchange for some form of exclusivity for Class III games.

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Poarch Creeks eager to discuss gaming options with Alabama (05/06)
Republican leaders in the state are offering competing and somewhat confusing proposals to authorize gaming in the state.

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Alabama governor won't rush into compact with Poarch Creeks (05/05)
The tribe is seeking a Class III gaming deal that offers some form of exclusivity.

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Poarch Creeks question plan to authorize casinos at racetracks (05/04)
The tribe would rather negotiate a Class III compact that includes some form of exclusivity, Vice Chairman Robert McGhee said.

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Draft bill calls for a Class III gaming compact with Poarch Creeks (05/01)
The bill, which could be introduced next week, authorizes a lottery as well as slot machines and table games.

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Opinion: Negotiate Class III casino compact with Poarch Creeks (04/30)
If there must be Poarch Creek gambling, it might as well include card games. They certainly won't harm the public weal any more than electronic bingo already does.

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Poarch Creeks offer $250M for Class III gaming deal in Alabama (04/29)
A top lawmaker is introducing legislation to expand non-Indian gaming options even as the tribe has offered to share revenue with Alabama.

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Alabama Democrats push for gaming compact for Poarch Creeks (04/09)
The tribe has been eager to negotiate a deal but Republican Gov. Robert Bentley has refused to come to the table.

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Seminole Tribe could gain one-year extension for gaming pact (04/06)
Lawmakers would need to act quickly before the end of their session on May 1 and before key provisions of the existing deal expire on July 31.

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MOWA Band of Choctaw Indians loses decision in casino lawsuit (04/01)
The tribe must return to state court to determine the fate of gaming machines seized from an operation that was shut down by local authorities.

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Stephanie Bryan: Poarch Creeks want casino not pot in Florida (03/16)
We do have plans to replicate in Florida what we have done in Alabama — create jobs and economic security, add to the tax base and fiscal strength of our state, and be good and charitable neighbors.

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Opinion: Poarch Creeks come with slot machines and marijuana (02/27)
Don't they know how slot machines and marijuana would destroy the very fabric of the lifestyle we have built in harmony with the land our humble people cherish?

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Florida governor wants land ruling for Poarch Creek gaming site (02/25)
The tribe's one-acre property in Florida was reportedly placed in trust in 1984 so it presumably can be used for a casino.

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Poarch Creeks start building on potential casino site in Florida (02/23)
The metal structure could be used for a gaming facility -- or a marijuana operation.

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Poarch Creeks bring up marijuana in Florida gaming deal talks (02/20)
The tribe is hoping to gain some leverage because Gov. Rick Scott (R) won't come to the table.

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Alabama governor won't enter gaming deal with Poarch Creeks (02/12)
The tribe is willing to share revenues with the state.

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Mississippi Choctaws seek to compete with Poarch Creek casinos (02/02)
The Choctaws had hired disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff to prevent the Poarch Creeks from expanding their gaming empire.

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Editorial: Battle against Poarch Creek casinos is a waste of time (01/26)
Our question is how much more will taxpayers have to shell out before this horse is officially laid to rest?

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Muscogee man wins appeal over arrest at Poarch Creek casino (01/15)
A jury voted unanimously to overturn guilty verdicts against Wayland Gray.

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Chip Livingston: Poarch Creeks betrayed trust with casino site (01/15)
Poarch tribal leaders today betray our common histories in the criminal trespassing charges pressed against Wayland Gray.

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Poarch Creeks remain confident after hearing in casino case (01/14)
The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in a lawsuit filed by the state of Alabama.

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Muscogee man appeals conviction over Poarch Creek casino (01/14)
Wayland Gray was trying to bless a burial site when he was arrested and later convicted.

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11th Circuit hears lawsuit over Poarch Creek casino operation (01/13)
Alabama's attorney general has promised to drop the case if he loses this round of litigation.

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Poarch Creeks on track to open $65M expansion project at casino (01/06)
The hotel won't open until January 2016 but a casual eatery is debuting this week.

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Column: Poarch Creek gaming is only thing working in Alabama (12/19)
Two years ago, the tribe's casinos hauled in over $300 million in profits, and despite major construction projects, that number was expected to increase in 2013.

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Poarch Creeks to open $65M expansion at casino in early 2016 (12/08)
A construction firm owned by a tribal member is working on the project.

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