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Seminole Tribe heads into mediation for Class III gaming compact (08/26)
The tribe and the state have agreed to move forward with the dispute resolution process as discussions for a new deal continue.

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Seminole Tribe returns to Class III gaming compact negotiations (08/24)
Key provisions of the compact expired at the end of July but a top lawmakers believes progress is being made on a new agreement.

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Donald Trump supported then opposed casino in Connecticut (08/21)
The Republican presidential candidate who once said tribes in the state 'don't look like Indians to me' ended up with a sweet deal at the end of the saga.

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Gun Lake Tribe withholds revenue sharing payment in Michigan (08/18)
After sharing more than $60 million with the state, the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians said no more until a dispute over online lottery tickets is resolved.

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Seminole Tribe reports no progress on Class III gaming talks (08/10)
Lawmakers returned to work amid rumors of a new deal but an attorney dispelled the speculation.

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Editorial: Seminole Tribe is a good gaming partner for Florida (08/03)
So here it comes, another costly court fight for Florida taxpayers, this time with the Seminole Tribe over the future of an agreement that sets the parameters for gambling in our state.

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Seminole Tribe reiterates request for mediation in casino dispute (07/28)
Key provisions of the Class III gaming compact expire on Friday and the parties have failed to reach a new agreement.

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Seminole Tribe reports lack of progress in casino pact dispute (07/27)
A 30-day deadline to reach an agreement Gov. Rick Scott (R) passed so the next step in the process will be mediation.

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Governor denies offer of $250M for Poarch Creek compact (07/21)
Chairwoman Stephanie A. Bryan, however, said the tribe's offer to pay the state is 'sincere.'

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Poarch Creeks continue campaign for Class III casino compact (07/16)
The tribe is airing ads touting revenue sharing as lawmakers meet to consider a $200 million shortfall in Alabama's budget.

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Opinion: Renew Class III gaming compact with Seminole Tribe (07/14)
Unlike any other casino gambling interest in Florida, the Seminole Tribe is actually headquartered in the state and has been here for hundreds of years.

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Seminole Tribe waits on response in Class III casino compact talks (07/06)
Florids Gov. Rick Scott (R) has maintained silence over the last few months as key provisions of the current deal are set to expire.

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Editorial: Extend Class III casino compact with Seminole Tribe (06/30)
It is the best way to keep a lid on the spread of gambling in the state and ensure the state will continue to receive a cut of the Seminoles’ gambling operations.

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Seminole Tribe accuses state of violating Class III casino deal (06/25)
The tribe will continue to make revenue sharing payments even though Chairman James Billie said the state broke its word.

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Seminole Tribe seeks to join case affecting Poarch Creek track (06/18)
The Seminoles believe their Class III gaming exclusivity rights are threatened by a May 29 decision in the lawsuit.

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Column: So much for a Class III casino deal with Seminole Tribe (06/11)
The governor has disappeared. The Legislature can’t agree on a basic budget, much less work out a new gambling compact with the tribe.

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Column: Seminole Tribe can thank Poarch Creeks for casino ruling (06/04)
A Florida appeals court's ruling to allow slot machines at a tiny barrel-racing track in rural Gadsden County could send huge shockwaves through Florida's gambling landscape.

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Poarch Creeks win ruling for slot machines at Florida racetrack (06/01)
The tribe owns a commercial racetrack in a county where voters support slot machines.

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Editorial: Extend Class III gaming compact with Seminole Tribe (06/01)
With Florida lawmakers facing a big gap in the state budget as they prepare to reconvene for a special session, it would be irresponsible for them to walk away from the table games compact with the Seminole Tribe.

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Opinion: Poarch Creeks need state to protect gaming enterprise (05/22)
You can't blame the tribe for trying to protect its business interests, but that's the problem with cutting a classic sweetheart deal.

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Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe questions non-Indian slot facility (05/15)
The Plainridge Park Casino will offer slot machines and electronic table games less than 20 miles from the tribe's casino site.

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Pokagon Band questions legality of new gaming law in Indiana (05/14)
Chairman John Warren said the new law, which went into effect without the governor's signature, violates the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

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Poarch Creeks oppose efforts to expand gaming in Alabama (05/13)
Lawmakers are considering a bill to authorize Class III games at racetracks.

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Oneida Nation shares gaming revenues with communities (05/11)
Two counties received $11 million in gaming revenues as part of a settlement between the tribe and the state.

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Poarch Creek casinos once seen as illegal now eyed for cash (05/07)
The tribe has offered $250 million up front to the state in exchange for some form of exclusivity for Class III games.

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Poarch Creeks eager to discuss gaming options with Alabama (05/06)
Republican leaders in the state are offering competing and somewhat confusing proposals to authorize gaming in the state.

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Alabama governor won't rush into compact with Poarch Creeks (05/05)
The tribe is seeking a Class III gaming deal that offers some form of exclusivity.

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Seminole Tribe renews bid to negotiate Class III casino compact (05/04)
Key provisions of the existing agreement expire July 31 and the tribe is supposed to stop offering blackjack by October 29 if a new deal isn't reached.

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Poarch Creeks question plan to authorize casinos at racetracks (05/04)
The tribe would rather negotiate a Class III compact that includes some form of exclusivity, Vice Chairman Robert McGhee said.

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Draft bill calls for a Class III gaming compact with Poarch Creeks (05/01)
The bill, which could be introduced next week, authorizes a lottery as well as slot machines and table games.

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