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Seminole Tribe seeks approval for 537-room casino hotel tower (03/05)
The tribe needs a local height variance for the 1.2-million square-foot, 16-floor tower.

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Opinion: Florida gaming expansion bill leads to less gaming (03/04)
In many debates over gambling expansion, often the starting point is that all gaming is equal.

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Seminole Tribe touts compact as lawmakers take up expansion (03/03)
The tribe has shared $1 billion with the state but would no longer be required to do so if it loses regional exclusivity.

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Opinion: Poarch Creeks come with slot machines and marijuana (02/27)
Don't they know how slot machines and marijuana would destroy the very fabric of the lifestyle we have built in harmony with the land our humble people cherish?

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Florida governor wants land ruling for Poarch Creek gaming site (02/25)
The tribe's one-acre property in Florida was reportedly placed in trust in 1984 so it presumably can be used for a casino.

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Poarch Creeks start building on potential casino site in Florida (02/23)
The metal structure could be used for a gaming facility -- or a marijuana operation.

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Poarch Creeks bring up marijuana in Florida gaming deal talks (02/20)
The tribe is hoping to gain some leverage because Gov. Rick Scott (R) won't come to the table.

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Top lawmaker not waiting on Seminole Tribe casino compact (02/17)
The leader of the Florida Senate said he's 'anti-gaming' anyway.

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Seminole Tribe refutes complaint of police brutality at casino (02/16)
A woman says she was roughed up and her 13-year-old daughter says she was assaulted.

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Seminole Tribe still hopeful for new Class III gaming compact (02/13)
The tribe has shared more than $1 billion with the state over the last five years.

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Seminole Tribe wins preliminary approval for New Jersey gaming (01/30)
The tribe could open a casino in Atlantic City or engage in gaming at a racetrack where it owns an 16 percent stake, should that become legal in the future.

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Seminole Tribe still interested in opening casino in Atlantic City (01/27)
The New Jersey Casino Control Commission will hold a special meeting to consider the tribe's regulatory request.

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Column: Politicians play hardball with Seminole Tribe's compact (01/20)
The tribe faces a July 31 to renew key provisions of its Class III gaming compact.

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Column: Don't bet on expansion of gaming options in Florida (01/15)
So gaming venues in some places appear to be crapping out even as the economy improves.

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Column: American Gaming Association reaches out to tribes (01/14)
The Seminole Tribe of Florida is the first Indian Country-based member of the group.

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Seminole Tribe faces deadline on new Class III casino compact (01/12)
Provisions for three card games expire July 31 although slot machines won't be affected.

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Lawmakers don't appear interested in Seminole Tribe compact (01/09)
Republicans are in control of the Legislature but don't seem to care whether the state renews the gaming deal.

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Man charged for using counterfeit cash at Seminole Tribe casino (01/07)
Authorities found $5,400 in counterfeit bills at the casino and another $37,800 in the suspect's car.

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Shinnecock Nation said to be in gaming talks with Seminole Tribe (01/05)
The Shinnecocks were partnered with another firm but that relationship appears to have come to an end.

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Editorial: Renew Class III gaming compact with Seminole Tribe (11/24)
Newspaper cites benefits of Class III gaming compact with the Seminole Tribe.

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Governor to return to casino compact talks with Seminole Tribe (11/05)
The tribe has reportedly offered to share more revenues in exchange for regional exclusivity.

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Column: Seminole Tribe still a winner in Florida's gaming scene (10/15)
The Seminole Tribe remains a strong player in Florida's gaming industry but not everyone else can say the same.

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Column: Seminole Tribe poised for continued growth in gaming (10/01)
Writer argues for an expansion of gaming in Florida, pointing out how the Seminole Tribe continues to see growth at its facilities.

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Editorial: Florida shouldn't take a gamble with casino expansion (09/30)
Newspaper warns against expanding a Class III gaming compact with the Seminole Tribe:

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Documents show Seminole Tribe was close to new gaming deal (09/29)
The compact was never presented to state lawmakers because Republican leaders weren't sure how it would have been received.

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Forest County Potawatomi Tribe questions rival casino partner (09/24)
The Potawatomis are raising questions about the Seminole Tribe's involvement in the Menominee Nation off-reservation casino.

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Seminole Tribe wins ruling over state taxation at gaming facilities (09/11)
A federal judge handed the tribe a victory on two taxes that were being imposed on the reservation.

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Blog: Many interests at stake for expansion of gaming in Florida (09/10)
Tribes, racetracks and big gaming developers all have a stake in the outcome of discussions to expand gaming in Florida.

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Editorial: Limit gaming to Seminole Tribe for exchange of revenue (09/08)
Newspaper urges Gov. Rick Scott (R) to negotiate a Class III gaming compact that ensures exclusivity for the Seminole Tribe for a cut of the revenues.

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Seminole Tribe on track to see gaming revenues increase to $2.1B (09/01)
Under the Class III gaming compact, the tribe is projected to share $256.8 million for the current year.

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