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Poarch Creeks continue work on $65M expansion project at casino (08/25)
The Creek Casino Montgomery will feature a hotel with 123 rooms and new eateries.

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Poarch Creeks win injunction blocking county from imposing tax (07/27)
A tax assessor hit the tribe with a $22.3 million bill for the Wind Creek Casino and Hotel in Atmore, Alabama.

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Governor denies offer of $250M for Poarch Creek compact (07/21)
Chairwoman Stephanie A. Bryan, however, said the tribe's offer to pay the state is 'sincere.'

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Poarch Creeks continue campaign for Class III casino compact (07/16)
The tribe is airing ads touting revenue sharing as lawmakers meet to consider a $200 million shortfall in Alabama's budget.

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Seminole Tribe seeks to join case affecting Poarch Creek track (06/18)
The Seminoles believe their Class III gaming exclusivity rights are threatened by a May 29 decision in the lawsuit.

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Column: Seminole Tribe can thank Poarch Creeks for casino ruling (06/04)
A Florida appeals court's ruling to allow slot machines at a tiny barrel-racing track in rural Gadsden County could send huge shockwaves through Florida's gambling landscape.

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Editorial: Don't turn Poarch Creek racetrack into a full casino (06/02)
Casinos won’t kill you, although they offer ample opportunity to hurt yourself.

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Poarch Creeks win ruling for slot machines at Florida racetrack (06/01)
The tribe owns a commercial racetrack in a county where voters support slot machines.

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Poarch Creeks file lawsuit over taxes imposed on gaming facility (05/28)
The tax assessor in Escambia County claims the tribe owes $22.3 million at the Wind Casino and Hotel in Atmore, Alabama.

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Opinion: Poarch Creeks need state to protect gaming enterprise (05/22)
You can't blame the tribe for trying to protect its business interests, but that's the problem with cutting a classic sweetheart deal.

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Poarch Creeks oppose efforts to expand gaming in Alabama (05/13)
Lawmakers are considering a bill to authorize Class III games at racetracks.

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Poarch Creek casinos once seen as illegal now eyed for cash (05/07)
The tribe has offered $250 million up front to the state in exchange for some form of exclusivity for Class III games.

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Poarch Creeks eager to discuss gaming options with Alabama (05/06)
Republican leaders in the state are offering competing and somewhat confusing proposals to authorize gaming in the state.

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Alabama governor won't rush into compact with Poarch Creeks (05/05)
The tribe is seeking a Class III gaming deal that offers some form of exclusivity.

Filed Under: Compacts | Legislation
Poarch Creeks question plan to authorize casinos at racetracks (05/04)
The tribe would rather negotiate a Class III compact that includes some form of exclusivity, Vice Chairman Robert McGhee said.

Filed Under: Compacts | Legislation
Draft bill calls for a Class III gaming compact with Poarch Creeks (05/01)
The bill, which could be introduced next week, authorizes a lottery as well as slot machines and table games.

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Opinion: Negotiate Class III casino compact with Poarch Creeks (04/30)
If there must be Poarch Creek gambling, it might as well include card games. They certainly won't harm the public weal any more than electronic bingo already does.

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Poarch Creeks offer $250M for Class III gaming deal in Alabama (04/29)
A top lawmaker is introducing legislation to expand non-Indian gaming options even as the tribe has offered to share revenue with Alabama.

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Alabama Democrats push for gaming compact for Poarch Creeks (04/09)
The tribe has been eager to negotiate a deal but Republican Gov. Robert Bentley has refused to come to the table.

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Seminole Tribe could gain one-year extension for gaming pact (04/06)
Lawmakers would need to act quickly before the end of their session on May 1 and before key provisions of the existing deal expire on July 31.

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Stephanie Bryan: Poarch Creeks want casino not pot in Florida (03/16)
We do have plans to replicate in Florida what we have done in Alabama — create jobs and economic security, add to the tax base and fiscal strength of our state, and be good and charitable neighbors.

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Opinion: Poarch Creeks come with slot machines and marijuana (02/27)
Don't they know how slot machines and marijuana would destroy the very fabric of the lifestyle we have built in harmony with the land our humble people cherish?

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Florida governor wants land ruling for Poarch Creek gaming site (02/25)
The tribe's one-acre property in Florida was reportedly placed in trust in 1984 so it presumably can be used for a casino.

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Poarch Creeks start building on potential casino site in Florida (02/23)
The metal structure could be used for a gaming facility -- or a marijuana operation.

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Poarch Creeks bring up marijuana in Florida gaming deal talks (02/20)
The tribe is hoping to gain some leverage because Gov. Rick Scott (R) won't come to the table.

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Alabama governor won't enter gaming deal with Poarch Creeks (02/12)
The tribe is willing to share revenues with the state.

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Editorial: Battle against Poarch Creek casinos is a waste of time (01/26)
Our question is how much more will taxpayers have to shell out before this horse is officially laid to rest?

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Muscogee man wins appeal over arrest at Poarch Creek casino (01/15)
A jury voted unanimously to overturn guilty verdicts against Wayland Gray.

Filed Under: Opinion
Chip Livingston: Poarch Creeks betrayed trust with casino site (01/15)
Poarch tribal leaders today betray our common histories in the criminal trespassing charges pressed against Wayland Gray.

Filed Under: Litigation | NIGC
Poarch Creeks remain confident after hearing in casino case (01/14)
The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in a lawsuit filed by the state of Alabama.

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