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Opponents take Cowlitz Tribe gaming land dispute to DC Circuit (02/04)
The main issue in the case is the Supreme Court decision in Carcieri v. Salazar.

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Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe still waiting for BIA answer on casino (02/02)
Assistant Secretary Kevin Washburn promised a decision in "early 2013" but that deadline has long passed.

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Poarch Creeks remain confident after hearing in casino case (01/14)
The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in a lawsuit filed by the state of Alabama.

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11th Circuit hears lawsuit over Poarch Creek casino operation (01/13)
Alabama's attorney general has promised to drop the case if he loses this round of litigation.

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Jay Daniels: Kialegee casino dispute shows they just don't get it (12/29)
I get incensed when I see non-Indians forcing their dictas, or personal opinions without full support of standard case law decisions on Indians.

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Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe remains optimistic for gaming bid (12/24)
The Supreme Court's decision in Carcieri v. Salazar has thrown a wrench into the process.

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10th Circuit refuses to rehear Kialegee Tribal Town gaming case (12/23)
The tribe and its leaders are protected from the state's lawsuit due to sovereign immunity.

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Opponents of Cowlitz Tribe plan appeal of gaming land decision (12/19)
The Grande Ronde Tribes fear competition will hurt their existing casino.

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Factions of Cayuga Nation in court over Class II gaming facility (12/18)
Rivals of Clint Halftown say he no longer represents the tribe and they want the case dismissed.

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Supreme Court rejects suit over Yavapai-Apache casino contract (12/16)
The tribe will remain protected by sovereign immunity in a dispute with an outside company.

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Cowlitz Tribe wins decision on casino land-into-trust application (12/15)
The tribe has been pushing for the casino for over a decade.

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Non-Indian man disputes law protecting Gun Lake Tribe's casino (12/10)
A non-Indian man who lives three miles from the casino has made it clear he wants a monetary settlement from the tribe.

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Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe submits casino environmental report (12/10)
The tribe is still waiting for the Bureau of Indian Affairs to make a decision on its land-into-trust application.

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Judge removes Sault Tribe from off-reservation gaming lawsuit (12/08)
The state plans to pursue individual tribal officials due to the sovereign immunity of the tribe itself.

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Buena Vista Rancheria gets good and bad news in casino cases (12/03)
A lawsuit that questioned the tribe's federal status appears to be dead but another one that challenges the tribe's land status remains on the docket.

Filed Under: California | Compacts | Litigation
Supreme Court won't hear Buena Vista Rancheria compact suit (12/01)
An opposition group tried to challenge the tribe's status as a federally recognized tribe.

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Lawmaker wants BIA to wait on Cowlitz Tribe casino acquisition (11/25)
Sparring continues as parties wait for a decision in a long-running lawsuit.

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Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe still waiting for BIA ruling on casino (11/17)
The main hurdle is the Supreme Court's decision in the Carcieri land-into-trust case.

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8th Circuit hears arguments in Fond du Lac Band casino suit (11/13)
The tribe doesn't want to pay another $12 million under a revenue sharing agreement that has been invalidated.

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Kialegee Tribal Town welcomes decision in gaming dispute (11/12)
Tribal leaders plan to meet soon to discuss plans for an Indian allotment near Tulsa.

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Supreme Court ruling bodes well for tribes in gaming cases (11/11)
The decision in Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community is having positive effects throughout Indian Country.

Filed Under: Compacts | Litigation
10th Circuit rules for Kialegee Tribal Town in casino dispute (11/10)
The decision relies on Michigan v. Bay Mills, an Indian gaming case that went before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Filed Under: Casino Stalker | Litigation
Grand Ronde Tribes continue fight against Cowlitz Tribe casino (10/29)
The two tribes would compete for patrons in the Portland, Oregon, area.

Filed Under: Casino Stalker | Litigation
BIA announces intent to put Cowlitz Tribe gaming site in trust (10/24)
The tribe has been waiting 12 years for a decision.

Filed Under: Legislation | Litigation
Gun Lake Tribe awaits court action in long-running gaming case (10/06)
One law professor thinks the non-Indian plaintiff who filed the case won't go away quietly.

Filed Under: California | Litigation | Opinion
Jack Duran: State's 'shocking' attack on Big Lagoon Rancheria (09/30)
Attorney recaps oral arguments in Big Lagoon Rancheria v. California, an Indian gaming case that's being watched closely by tribes across the nation.

Filed Under: Legislation | Litigation
Gun Lake Tribe hails new law that protects casino from litigation (09/29)
President Obama signed S.1603, the Gun Lake Trust Land Reaffirmation Act, into law on Friday.

Filed Under: Litigation
Law Article: Supreme Court backs immunity in gaming lawsuit (09/25)
Attorney discusses the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community.

Filed Under: Litigation | Regulation
NLRB reaffirms jurisdiction over Little River Band gaming facility (09/17)
The tribe was ordered to stop enforcing its own set of labor laws on casino employees.

Filed Under: Land Acquisitions | Legislation | Litigation
House passes bill to shield Gun Lake Tribe casino from litigation (09/17)
The bill can now be sent to President Barack Obama for his signature with the goal of ending a lawsuit that one lawmaker described as 'frivolous.'

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