Honoring Fatherhood Program (HFP) Manager

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Posted On: April 19, 2017

Position Title: Honoring Fatherhood Program (HFP) Manager
Reports to: DICI Executive Director
Location: Denver Indian Center, Inc.

DICI Mission: Empowering our Youth, Families and Community through Self-Determination, Cultural Identity and Education

Position Summary: The Denver Indian Center’s HFP Manager will provide culturally responsive parenting, relationship, and economic stabilization support services for low income fathers, with an emphasis on the American Indian/Alaska Native population, for those residing in the Denver metropolitan area.

Supervisory Responsibilities: This position supervises all work relatives of the DICI HFP.

Pay Scale: Salary range is competitive with other non-profit human service agencies in Colorado.

1. Maintain strict confidentiality of all DICI records and proprietary information;
2. Adhere to DICI personnel guidelines (manual);
3. Adhere to DICI financial guidelines (manual);
4. Adhere to all applicable federal, state, local, DICI and program guidelines (regulations and laws);
5. Compete tasks in a timely manner, efficiently, and effectively;
6. Leadership:
a. Provide leadership for HFP planning to include strategic planning and sustainability;
b. Ensure ED, work relatives, community partners, and funders are kept informed;
c. Advocate on behalf of participants and HFP work relatives;
d. Assist with the development of funding proposals;
e. Review financial information for accuracy;
f. Develop and maintain partnerships; and
7. Compliance:
a. Work closely with administration to ensure HFP is in compliance with all funding and regulatory (Federal, State, Local, DICI and HFP) requirements and laws;
b. Ensure the HFP program guidelines are understood and followed by all HFP work relatives, contractors, student interns and volunteers (including mentors);
c. Ensures services are delivered in a timely manner, efficiently, effectively and are documented appropriately;
d. Ensure that all HFP records (documentation) and data are accurate and completed in a timely manner;
e. Ensure strict confidentiality and proper storage of all HFP records;
f. Ensure HFP budgeted funds are utilized appropriately;
g. Ensures the human and programmatic components of the HFP meet or exceed performance and quality standards;
h. Ensure outcome tracking, monitoring and reporting are completed according to set schedules;
i. Ensure that the HFP maintains programmatic integrity (compliance) by reviewing, verifying, and approving all programmatic requests (i.e. program documentation, eligibility, assessments, IEPs, worksite/training arrangements (including work experience), etc.);
j. Ensure that the HFP maintains fiscal integrity (compliance) by reviewing, verifying and approving all requests (i.e. timesheets, leave requests, supportive services, purchases, etc.);
k. Ensure that HFP management information systems (MIS) data is accurate and current; and
l. Ensure data integrity by reviewing, verifying and approval all reports before submission.
m. Ensure that the HFP maintains evaluation integrity by reviewing, verifying and approving all tools, instruments, and systems utilized for evaluation.
8. Community Engagement:
a. Engage and promote active and broad participation from the Denver Metropolitan Area’s American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) community; and
b. Provide in-service training for other DICI work relatives and Community Partners.
9. Participant Recruitment:
a. Lead outreach and marketing efforts to identify, engage and enroll HFP participants.
10. Human Resources:
a. Ensure HFP work relatives know their job responsibilities;
b. Conduct regular job description and performance reviews;
c. Provide close supervision and ongoing training for HFP work relatives; and
d. Promote professional development including expanding specialized skills and utilization of newly acquired skills.
11. Budgeting:
a. Assist with the development of HFP budget(s).
12. Correspondence:
a. Provide accurate and timely electronic written reports to ED for review related to any funding, regulatory, and government (including DICI Board) correspondence.
13. Reports:
a. Prepare programmatic reports for administration’s review and approval in a timely, effective and efficient manner.
14. Quality:
a. Develop and analyze operating practices (including forms) and functions, record-keeping methods, and program performance measures, and make recommendations for improvement (cQI) to administration; and
b. Maintain a high level of professional ethics and standards, and encourage the same from all HFP work relatives.

Educational Requirements:
1. Masters’ degree in Human Services, Business or similar required;
2. Demonstrated management experience (3-5 years prior management experience); and
3. Continued professional development to expand knowledge to stay current with developing trends related to work responsibilities.

Experience, Knowledge and Skills:
1. Experience working with AI/AN people;
2. Experience managing grant programs (Uniform Guidelines, grant writing, reporting, and budgeting);
3. Experience in strategic management;
4. Experience in program design, implementation and evaluation;
5. Experience supervising professional staff;
6. Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and database systems;
7. Experience in providing individual assessments;
8. Experience in providing job coaching/counseling;
9. Experience facilitating educational sessions in a group setting;
10. Self-directed and motivated with strong organizational, systematic and orderly abilities including a high attention to detail;
11. Ability to motivate program participants and to encourage successful completion of individual goals; and
12. Ability to maintain an effective HFP team;
13. Ability to maintain an environment that attracts and retains diverse, highly qualified personnel and volunteers;
14. Ability to work effectively with federal project officers, DICI work relatives, contractors, student interns, volunteers (including mentors), community partners, community groups (input and focus groups), and community members;
15. Excellent communication (listening) skills including the ability to develop and deliver both oral and written presentations.
16. Excellent people skills (positive attitude, patience, tolerance, and courteousness);

Other Requirements:
1. A clean criminal background check
2. Ability to pass drug screening
3. Current CPR and First Aid certificate
4. Willing to work evenings and weekends if needed

Application Instructions: Submit cover letter and resume to ais@denverindiancenter.org and state in subject line “HFP Manager”

Application Closing Date: Open until filled

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