Native Sun News Today: Oglala Sioux Tribe joins heated debate over drug patents (December 8, 2017)

Far across in the country, in upper New York State, the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe (Akwasasne) needed help, specifically to protect tribal sovereign immunity from being limited by an unfavorable court ruling.

Federal jury returns guilty verdict for brutal murder of woman on Crow Reservation (December 8, 2017)

A federal jury returned a guilty verdict for the brutal murder of RoyLynn Rides Horse on the Crow Reservation in Montana.

YES! Magazine: President Trump's shrinking of Bears Ears won't survive in courts (December 8, 2017)

Research by environmental and natural resources law scholars shows the president’s action will likely be overturned by the courts.

Navajo Nation leaders offer condolences after three students die in school shooting (December 7, 2017)

A shooting has been reported at a public school near the New Mexico portion of the Navajo Nation.

Senate committee approves bill to fund victim services programs in Indian Country (December 7, 2017)

A bill to provide victim services funding directly to tribes for the first time is making its way through Congress.

Chief of police for Kalispel Tribe charged with domestic violence in Washington (December 6, 2017)

The Kalispel Tribe isn't commenting on news reports about the arrest of its chief of police for domestic violence.

Nooksack Tribe plans to revive disenrollment campaign despite many warnings (December 6, 2017)

The Nooksack Tribe finally held an election for four council seats but the results are being challenged by citizens who might be kicked out.

Chilkat Indian Village sues to protect salmon runs from mining project in Alaska (December 6, 2017)

The Chilkat Indian Village and three conservation groups are in court to stop a mining project in a critical salmon habitat in southeast Alaska.

Grand jury seeks another charge against officer accused in Native man's death (December 6, 2017)

A grand jury convened has decided the state of Nebraska should prosecute two former police officers accused of assaulting a Lakota man who later died.

Cronkite News: Supreme Court grapples with case of cake and same-sex couple (December 6, 2017)

Supreme Court justices wrestled with the line between art and commerce in the case of a Colorado baker who said making a wedding cake for a same-sex couple would violate his First Amendment rights.

Secretary Zinke slams 'special interests' after tribes go to court to save Bears Ears (December 5, 2017)

Tribes are fighting back after President Donald Trump announced a dramatic dismantling of the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.

Indian Country public safety bills advance amid silence from Trump administration (December 5, 2017)

Thanks to bipartisan support from lawmakers, bills to improve public safety in Indian Country are advancing in Congress despite limited commitments from the Trump administration.

Tribes plan lawsuit as President Trump schedules visit to reduce size of Bears Ears in Utah (November 29, 2017)

Over the objections of Indian Country, President Donald Trump will be reducing the size of the Bears Ears National Monument during a visit to Utah.

Cronkite News: Environmental groups sue to block 'dangerous' copper mine in Arizona (November 29, 2017)

Environmental groups sued the Forest Service this week to block what they called the 'dangerous' Rosemont copper mine, citing concerns ranging from habitat destruction to drinking water contamination at the project southeast of Tucson.

Native community demands justice for Lakota man who died in police encounter (November 29, 2017)

Native Americans gathered in a courthouse in Nebraska to demand justice and transparency in a case involving two police officers accused of assaulting a Lakota man who later died.

Agua Caliente Band clears big hurdle in battle to protect groundwater in California (November 27, 2017)

In a big win for the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, the nation's highest court has rejected a challenge to the tribe's historic water rights ruling.

Justice Thomas attacks land-into-trust process as Oneida Nation secures victory (November 27, 2017)

After delaying action for more than two months, the Supreme Court finally delivered victory to the Oneida Nation in a long-running land case. But there's some drama thanks to Justice Clarence Thomas.

The Conversation: Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe stirs controversy with patent deal (November 27, 2017)

Allergan, the drugmaker behind Botox, is using an unprecedented tactic to protect its valuable patents – angering lawyers and politicians, and keeping the price of its medicines high.

Agency that targets tribal lenders faces leadership test as rivals claim control (November 27, 2017)

A leadership struggle is emerging at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the independent federal agency that has targeted tribal lenders.

YES! Magazine: Why decision on route isn't a win for the Keystone XL Pipeline (November 23, 2017)

The path toward Keystone XL construction is much less certain than recent news headlines might lead you to believe.

Law school casebook links gun culture in America to early dealings with tribes (November 22, 2017)

Guns are widely available in the United States as a result of early European dealings with Indian nations, according to an author of a law school casebook.

Navajo Nation gains access to national criminal data with Obama-era program (November 21, 2017)

The Navajo Nation has joined the small but growing list of tribes with access to national criminal databases.

Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe marijuana consultant 'free' after state sentence (November 21, 2017)

A marijuana consultant who worked with the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe on a failed marijuana operation was sentenced in South Dakota for his role in the controversial case.

Tribes see opening under Trump to reshape agency that targets lending industry (November 17, 2017)

The leader of an independent federal agency that has targeted the tribal lending industry will be stepping down, opening the door for President Donald Trump to reshape its efforts.

Bad River Band demands federal investigation into fatal shooting of 14-year-old boy (November 17, 2017)

The Bad River Band is demanding a federal investigation after a police officer shot and killed Jason Pero, a 14-year-old tribal citizen, on the reservation.

Gyasi Ross: Native child gunned down by police officer on his own homelands (November 17, 2017)

Unfortunately, many times when brown-skinned people call 911 for help, they get killed instead.

Quapaw Tribe calls for resignation of vice chairman following criminal indictment (November 15, 2017)

Leaders of the Quapaw Tribe are calling for the resignation of Vice Chairman Thomas Mathews after he was accused of attempting to solicit sex from a minor.

Dakota Access Pipeline opponents aim to hold law enforcement accountable for brutal tactics (November 14, 2017)

Opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline are planning to move forward with their police brutality lawsuit despite a setback in the courts.

Bad River Band seeks answers after police officer shoots and kills 14-year-old boy (November 10, 2017)

Tribes are reaching out to the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa after a 14-year-old citizen was shot and killed by a police officer in Ashland County, Wisconsin.

Appeals court won't revisit historic decision in Muscogee Nation boundary case (November 9, 2017)

A closely-watched reservation boundary case could be headed to the nation's highest court, setting up a clash between tribes, states and the Trump administration.

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes water compact survives legal challenge (November 9, 2017)

In a near unanimous decision, the Montana Supreme Court has upheld the legality of water compact with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

Bad River Band 'deeply saddened and troubled' by fatal shooting of boy by police officer (November 9, 2017)

The Bad River Band is offering support services to the community following the fatal shooting of a young boy by a police officer in Ashland County, Wisconsin.

Meskwaki Tribe praises action on bill to remove state jurisdiction on settlement (November 8, 2017)

A bill to repeal one of the vestiges of the termination era is inching forward in Congress.

Navajo Nation welcomes public hearings into voting districts in Utah county (November 7, 2017)

A federal judge in Utah has scheduled two public hearings to determine how to draw the districts in a county where the Native vote has been suppressed for decades.

Yakama Nation sues county for arresting minor on homelands in Washington (November 6, 2017)

The Yakama Nation is asserting authority over a disputed portion of its territory with a new lawsuit in federal court.

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