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Lummi Nation seeks cooperation after ruling in treaty rights case (08/28)
Chairman Tim Bellow said tribes should keep fishing cases out of federal court.

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9th Circuit won't stop repatriation of Kumeyaay Nation ancestors (08/27)
The remains were discovered in 1976 and were determined to be 'Native American' by the University of California.

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Non-recognized tribe in Texas hails ruling in eagle feather case (08/26)
The court held that the Interior Department failed to explain why Indians who are members of non-recognized tribes can't possess eagle feathers.

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Scientists publish lengthy book based on study of Kennewick Man (08/25)
Scientists have finally published their research into the 9,500-year-old remains of the Kennewick Man.

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9th Circuit allows Lummi Nation to pursue fishing rights claims (08/20)
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals held that the tribe's usual and accustomed fishing grounds still need to be determined.

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Law Article: Tribal lenders fight federal agency investigation (07/30)
Attorney discusses efforts by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to investigate tribal online lending operations.

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Washington counties owe millions for illegal tax on reservations (07/07)
County is sending $5 million in refunds to businesses like Wal-Mart and Home Depot.

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Indian activists want to see racist emails from former judge (07/02)
Former federal judge sent hundreds of inappropriate messages but they haven't been released.

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Decision awaited on Mishewal Wappo Tribe federal recognition (06/10)
The tribe lost its federal status in 1961 under a termination law passed by Congress.

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Lummi Nation argues for treaty fishing rights in disputed areas (04/15)
The Lummi Nation asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to recognize its treaty rights in a disputed area of Washington.

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Steven Newcomb: Scientists lay claim to Kumeyaay ancestors (04/15)
Steven Newcomb discusses White v. University of California, a repatriation case that was heard by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in December.

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Law Article: Court deals another blow to land-into-trust process (02/21)
Attorney discusses impact of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in Big Lagoon Rancheria v. California on the land-into-trust process.

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9th Circuit to rehear case over defendant's 'Indian' status (02/12)
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to rehear a dispute over a criminal defendant's Indian status.

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County cites Big Lagoon in audit of Poarch Creek trust lands (02/05)
A county in Alabama is citing the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in Big Lagoon Rancheria v. California in a bid to audit lands held in trust for the Poarch Creek Band of Indians.

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NCAI President Cladoosby gives first State of Indian Nations (01/30)
Brian Cladoosby, the new president of the National Congress of American Indians, will deliver the first State of Indian Nations address today.

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Stephanie Woodard: Advocates want to see racist e-mails (01/23)
Stephanie Woodard reports on an investigation that found a federal judge in Montana used his government e-email account to send 'hundreds' of inappropriate messages, including some about Native Americans.

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Federal judge in Montana sent hundreds of racist e-mails (01/20)
A retired federal judge who sent a racist e-mail about President Barack Obama from his government account sent "hundreds" of inappropriate messages, including some about Native Americans.

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Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation in dispute over religious sites (01/07)
The Hopi Tribe and the Navajo Nation are in a dispute over access to religious sites in Arizona.

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Supreme Court won't hear Hualapai Tribe Skywalk dispute (12/17)
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up a petition in Grand Canyon Skywalk Development v. Grand Canyon Resort Corporation, a business dispute involving the Hualapai Tribe of Arizona.

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Shoshone-Bannock Tribes to fight ruling in jurisdiction case (12/10)
The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes of Idaho will ask the full 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to rehear a jurisdiction case.

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