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Lakota Country Times: Rosebud youth hold suicide awareness walk (07/03)
The Parmelee youth group officers sponsored a suicide awareness walk/run/bike ride last week as part of their Generation Indigenous (Gen-I) initiative challenge.

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Ponca Tribe sends twelve youth to White House conference (06/30)
The young tribal members accepted the Generation Indigenous challenge and created the Ponca Pantry to collect food, clothing and other items for elders.

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Yvette Roubideaux: Making progress at Indian Health Service (06/30)
I joined the Indian Health Service knowing that there was much work to do and there were no quick fixes available.

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Supreme Court considers petition in contract support cost case (06/26)
The Menominee Nation and the Department of Justice are seeking to resolve a conflict that affects self-determination contracts nationwide.

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Congress clears bill to help Miami Nation with outdated charter (06/26)
The tribe will be able to avoid a bureaucratic mess with the revocation of a charter that was approved in 1940 and is nearly impossible to change.

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Lawmakers promise to help tribes bring a halt to youth suicide (06/25)
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs has held six hearings in a decade on a problem that affects tribes across the nation.

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White House threatens veto of funding bill for Indian programs (06/24)
The House is scheduled to take up the fiscal year 2016 Interior appropriations bill on Thursday.

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Steve Russell: Tribal governments face 'public money' challenge (06/04)
President Obama, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and much of the chattering class are focused on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free trade agreement that will be a major symbol of Obama’s 'pivot to Asia'—if it happens.

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Native American Children's Safety Act clears House and Senate (06/01)
The bill requires background checks of all adults in a home where foster children are placed.

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Arguments heard in lawsuit over federal judge's racist e-mails (05/26)
A group of Indian plaintiffs want to see the messages to determine whether the former judge was biased in the courtroom.

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Indian schools go without fixes while military schools see $5B (05/20)
Indian school construction ground to a halt during the Bush administration but the effort appears to be back on track as lawmakers from both parties put focus on the issue.

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Blanket given to President Obama carries a hidden message (05/15)
The Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate presented a star quilt to the president that was made by a tribal member.

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Jodi Gillette exits White House and joins Indian law firm in DC (05/14)
After six years in the Obama administration, former White House advisor Jodi Gillette is starting a new chapter in her career.

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Native Sun News: Keystone protesters greet President Obama (05/14)
When President Barack Obama completed his agenda for visiting all 50 states with a stop in South Dakota, Native Americans and allies made sure to focus his attention on the longstanding demand to prevent the proposed construction of the Keystone XL tar-sands crude-oil pipeline.

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FBI broke rules in probe into Keystone XL Pipeline opponents (05/13)
Agents failed to secure permission from top officials as they investigated a group called Tar Sands Blockade.

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Women on 20s campaign announces winner of national vote (05/12)
Wilma Mankiller, the late former chief of the Cherokee Nation, didn't come out on top of the ballot.

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Deadline extended for White House Tribal Youth Gathering (05/11)
Native youth have until Friday to submit applications and become a part of the historic event in Washington, D.C.

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Winner of Women on 20s ballot to be announced on May 12 (05/08)
Voting closes on Sunday to so time is running out to support the late Wilma Mankiller, who was the first woman to lead the Cherokee Nation.

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Protest urges President Obama to deny Keystone XL Pipeline (05/08)
Tribal members are a holding a protest and rally to draw the president's attention during his visit to Watertown, South Dakota.

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GOP candidate compared jihadists to 'bad guys' in Westerns (05/08)
National Congress of Americans Indians President is criticizing Mike Huckabee's use of 'hurtful' stereotypes.

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