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Acting chairman of Lower Brule Sioux Tribe defends leadership (05/05)
Vice Chairman Kevin Wright assumed the tribe's top post shortly before the death of longtime Chairman Michael Jandreau.

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GOP presidential field keeps growing with more announcements (05/05)
Nearly every candidate in the wide open 2016 race lacks significant experience in Indian issues.

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No movement on reform of federal recognition process at BIA (05/04)
The final rule was sent to the White House Office of Management and Budget for review but it has yet to appear in the Federal Register.

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Oneida Nation makes first changes to constitution since 1969 (05/04)
Voters approved five amendments, including one that establishes an independent judiciary.

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Opinion: Take a modern approach to land-into-trust in Alaska (05/04)
Paranoia over Indian country belongs in the 19th century. Tribes and states all over our nation now work together effectively and Indian country is no longer a barrier.

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BIA not planning hearing for Miccosukee Tribe land-into-trust (05/04)
The tribe has been pursuing the application since 2003 but has faced intense local opposition.

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Court rebuffs Cherokee Nation in Indian Child Welfare Act case (05/04)
The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals had strong words for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in response to guidelines issued in February.

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Lower Brule Sioux Tribe cites treaty in bid to oust Keystone XL firm (05/01)
Acting Chairman Kevin Wright is making the tribe's opposition to the pipeline clear following the passing of the late Michael Jandreau.

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Mark Trahant: Budget plan means deep cuts for Indian programs (05/01)
Let’s be clear about this plan: It would require deep spending cuts in federal Indian programs.

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John Barrasso: More work needed to address reservation roads (04/30)
We must work to ensure that federal agencies, such as the BIA, provide all the necessary flexibility the tribes need to move forward faster with road and bridge rehabilitation and construction projects.

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Chippewa Cree Tribe ordered to pay $648K to ousted chairman (04/29)
Ken St. Marks has won three elections but has repeatedly faced retaliation from his fellow council members.

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Lakota Country Times: Great Plains tribes blast changes at BIE (04/29)
Representatives of the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Indian Education were met with robust and unified resistance from tribal leaders across the Great Plains region.

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Miccosukee Tribe renews disputed land-into-trust application (04/28)
The Bureau of Indian Affairs previously approved the application for 229 acres but a county is fighting the request.

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Oneida Nation faces questions over land-into-trust acquisitions (04/27)
The tribe lost its entire 65,400-acre reservation to allotment and has been slowly reacquiring the land.

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Opinion: Deadline approaches in Alaska land-into-trust dispute (04/27)
If the village of Akiachak wins or the lawsuit is dropped, the Interior Department can begin processing applications from any of the 220-plus tribes in Alaska that may request their land be put into federal trust status.

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Editorial: States need help dealing with newly recognized tribes (04/27)
Of the Obama administration approves new federal tribal recognition rules, the administration and Congress had better help states deal with the consequences.

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House subcommittee looks at poor conditions at Indian schools (04/24)
According to one study, the Bureau of Indian Education needs more than $2 billion to fix multiple problems and replace aging schools.

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Mark Trahant: Invest in our Native youth for long-term success (04/24)
Congress will have to actually appropriate the kind of dollars to make youth a priority. Not just a story, but a future that’s bolstered by real numbers.

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BIA faces fire over latest reforms to federal recognition process (04/23)
Assistant Secretary Kevin Washburn faced criticism from tribal leaders and lawmakers at a hearing on Capitol Hill.

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Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee on transportation (04/22)
More than 80 percent of the roads in Indian Country are considered poor or unacceptable.

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