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Charles Trimble: Being mixed-race Indian and being proud of it (07/29)
As many who have read my columns over the years know, I am a so-called Iyeska – a mixed-blood product of a Lakota mother and white father.

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James Giago Davies: Mixed-race Indians shamed over blood (07/24)
I am not less Indian than an Indian because I have Wasicu blood, and I am not less Wasicu than a Wasicu because I have Indian blood.

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Ellen Guttillo Whitehouse: I was duped by Andrea Smith too (07/20)
Andrea Smith and her sister, Justine Smith are NOT Cherokee.

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Appeals court clarifies 'Indian' status test for criminal defendants (07/09)
A member of the Gila River Indian Community will continue to serve a lengthy sentence -- 90 years and three month -- for a shooting and assault that occurred in 2008.

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Conservative group disputes legality of Indian Child Welfare Act (07/08)
Speakers at a press conference made repeated reference to blood quantum, implying that children who may not appear to be Indian are not actually Indian.

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Native Women: Scholars must be accountable to their communities (07/08)
Playing Indian is enabled by and supports the dominant narrative that indigenous peoples are vanishing or already vanished.

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Micah Armstrong: My blood quantum does not make me less of an Indian (07/02)
I may be pale-skinned, but I honor my traditions through the telling of my people’s stories, by speaking my people’s language and even by creating the traditional art.

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Dina Gilio-Whitaker: Race frauds are not new in Indian Country (06/29)
The American obsession with black authenticity is related to Indian authenticity, and it is tied to 'blood' purity.

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Matthew Scraper: ICWA opponents wrong to cite blood quantum (05/25)
It is not appropriate to deny a child of the opportunity to be raised in and with their culture, simply because one who is not from or part of that culture deems their blood quantum not to be high enough.

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Eastern Cherokees engage in spirited debate on 1924 base roll (03/11)
The tribal council voted to adopt the document as the basis for determining membership.

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Dina Gilio-Whitaker: Native sovereignty in a race-based society (03/02)
The distinction American Indians are talking about when they talk about their heritage is a political distinction, not a racial distinction.

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Cedric Sunray: Tribes turn blind eye to racism in enrollment (02/16)
Census records of Chitimacha Indians clearly identify the ancestors of today’s black Chitimacha families.

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Ivan Star: Being Lakota is something that comes from the heart (12/15)
Active use of the language and involvement of culture are indispensable to what makes a person Lakota.

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Cedric Sunray: Standing together to fight tribal disenrollment (10/22)
Solidarity requires other tribal members/citizens to disenroll themselves when others are disenrolled.

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Cedric Sunray: Tribes abandon traditional aspects of inclusion (10/20)
Many tribes in North America have simply lost their way today.

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Chris Bethmann: An Oneida Indian without official documentation (09/08)
Chris Bethmann shares his experience as a descendant of the Oneida Nation of New York without official tribal documentation.

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Julianne Jennings: Indian people still defined by blood quantum (08/13)
Julianne Jennings discusses how blood and blood quantum have been used to define American Indians and African Americans.

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Brian Pierson: Recent federal court rulings affecting Indian law (07/15)
Land claims, Indian status and land-into-trust are some of the issues in recent court cases.

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Julianne Jennings: Black Indians still subjected to discrimination (07/04)
Julianne Jennings discusses the racism experienced by Black Indians.

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Julianne Jennings: Tools of conquest are still being used today (06/17)
Julianne Jennings reflects a chance meeting with a descendant of a military officer who led war against New England tribes.

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