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Peter d'Errico: Thanksgiving vs. the National Day of Mourning (11/13)
Nipmuc author Larry Spotted Crow Mann explores the National Day of Mourning in a new book.

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Dean Chavers: Calling out Ward Churchill and other wannabes (10/16)
Dean Chavers shares a portion of his book, Racism in Indian Country, about fake Indians.

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Darren Bonaparte: Author steals traditional teachings for book (10/09)
Darren Bonaparte pens an open letter to an anonymous author who appropriated Haudenosaunee history for a novel.

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Adrian Jawort: Oral history of a Cheyenne descendant of Custer (10/07)
A book looks into oral traditions of a relationship between George Armstrong Custer and Monahseetah from the Northern Cheyenne Tribe.

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Scientists publish lengthy book based on study of Kennewick Man (08/25)
Scientists have finally published their research into the 9,500-year-old remains of the Kennewick Man.

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Peter d'Errico: Book told from perspective of the colonial invaders (08/19)
Peter d'Errico doesn't think he can finish Empire of the Summer Moon, a book about the war against the Comanche Nation, because the opening pages are filled with questionable assertions.

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John Christian Hopkins: How I became a writer at a young age (08/18)
John Christian Hopkins on how he became a writer at a young age on Narragansett tribal territory in Rhode Island.

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Steven Newcomb: Judging our nations by white man's thinking (08/11)
Steven Newcomb debunks some of the wild assertions made about Indian history and policy in America: Imagine a World without Her by Dinesh D’Souza.

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Peter d'Errico: 'Buffalo Shout Salmon Cry' takes on colonialism (08/11)
Peter d'Errico praises Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry: Conversations on Creation, Land Justice, and Life Together for its 'courageous' critique of Christian colonialism.

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Al Jazeera: Four adopted Indian women discover their heritage (08/08)
Al Jazeera shares stories from women who discovered their Indian roots after being adopted.

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Review: 'Unreal City' exploits coal from Hopi and Navajo tribes (07/29)
A favorable review of Unreal City, a book about coal mining on the Hopi and Navajo reservations.

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Review: Brando Skyhorse finds out truth about his 'Indian' dad (07/16)
A favorable review of Take This Man: A Memoir by author Brando Skyhorse, who was raised thinking that his father was an imprisoned Indian activist.

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Steven Newcomb: Author shares story of life on Yakama Nation (07/02)
Steven Newcomb urges readers to pick up two works by author David Edward Walker.

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Review: Indian women find connection in 'Sacred Wilderness' (06/16)
A review of Sacred Wilderness, a novel by Susan Power, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

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Peter d'Errico: A strange case of genocide denial in new book (06/13)
Peter d'Errico questions why author of new book won't acknowledge genocide against Native people.

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NPR: Author learned his father wasn't convicted Indian activist (06/09)
Brando Skyhorse was raised thinking his father was a man named Paul Skyhorse Johnson.

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Column: Washoe Tribe carries long grudge against Mark Twain (05/22)
Columnist wonders why the Washoe Tribe took so long to complain about Mark Twain.

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MTPR: Fort Belknap educator Minerva Allen shares her poetry (05/22)
Educator Minerva Allen shares poetry from her collection, Nakoda Sky People.

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Washoe Tribe's objections kill plan to name site for Mark Twain (05/19)
The author once used a derogatory word to describe the Washoe people.

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NYT Blog: Reading more about activist Anna Mae Pictou Aquash (05/01)
The New York Times offers two more sources to learn about American Indian Movement activist Anna Mae Pictou Aquash.

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