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Native Sun News: Rapid City leader calls for tax on alcohol sales (02/27)
Dialog has begun between Rapid City Common Council members and members of the Indian community that could lead to tax relief for property owners and relief from the aftermath of substance abuse.

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Rich Winter: Let's keep Lakota Nation Invitational in Rapid City (02/26)
While I think people are disgusted by the lack of justice recently doled out in Rapid City, I hope people are thinking about all of the ramifications that would be involved in moving LNI.

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Oglala Sioux Tribe wants tournament moved out of Rapid City (02/26)
The tribe is upset by the handling of an incident in which 57 Indian students were victimized at a hockey game.

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Delphine Red Shirt: Culture of fear impacts our Indian children (02/20)
In the wake of the disturbing Jan. 24 events at the Rapid City hockey game, people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation were further stunned by a series of suicides by very young and beautiful children.

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Oglala Sioux Tribe seeks federal probe into attack on children (02/20)
A letter was sent to Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama.

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Native Sun News: Lakota Nation Invitational stays put in Rapid (02/20)
The Lakota Nation Invitational tournament brings millions of dollars into Rapid City each December.

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Bob Lone Elk: Still waiting on justice for racism in South Dakota (02/19)
At age 62 years old now, I am hoping for justice for the children.

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Chase Iron Eyes: Man assaults our kids and gets away with it (02/19)
Disorderly Conduct is not going to suffice. There needs to be a charge, an element of which includes or relates to the racially motivated nature of this crime.

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Authorities file just one charge for racial attack on Indian kids (02/19)
The charge of disorderly conduct carries just a 30-day jail sentence and a $500 fine.

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Native Sun News: DOJ official visits Rapid City after racial flap (02/19)
The racism in Rapid City has drawn national and international attention from organizations asking for change for the betterment of race relations.

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Native Sun News: Rapid City paper admits error with headline (02/17)
Since the founding of Hay Camp in 1876, race relations between Native Americans and whites in the Rapid City area have been tainted and marred by instances like those which took place at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center these past few weeks.

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Native Sun News: Rapid City reaches out to Pine Ridge youth (02/16)
As the citizens of Rapid City work to save the reputation of a beautiful town nestled against the Black Hills, many organizations and businesses are reaching out to the students of the American Horse School in gestures of kindness.

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Tim Giago: Racism continues to be tolerated in South Dakota (02/16)
South Dakota in general and Rapid City in particular, appear to have cornered the 2015 market on racism, inequality and lack of justice.

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Robert Flying Hawk: Hate and racism too common in Rapid City (02/12)
The Yankton Sioux Tribe wishes to express its extreme disdain for what can only be described as hate-fueled and racist conduct directed at a group of Lakota youth.

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Editorial: Navajo Nation sees progress in border town relations (02/12)
Testimony at a Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission hearing in Farmington last week provided reason for hope.

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Native Sun News: Second beer splashing incident investigated (02/12)
On the evening of Friday, Jan. 30, Kristen Hunter, a Lakota cowgirl from Allen, invited two of her best friends, Danielle Hudspeth and D. Young Man II, to the XTreme Bulls Tour.

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Lakota Nation Invitational debates location after racial incident (02/11)
Bryan Brewer, a former president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe who founded the LNI, said he's facing pressure to move the event out of Rapid City.

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David Rooks: No consequences for pouring beer on Indian youth (02/09)
For roughly 15 minutes, beginning during the second intermission, at least three adult males, exceedingly inebriated, verbally harassed the students.

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Jon Edwards: Racist attitude in Rapid City is far from imaginary (02/06)
It is very real, this attitude that one person’s skin color is superior to another person’s.

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Delphine Red Shirt: Lakota children are called little sacred ones (02/06)
In all of life's cruelest moments, the worse is child abuse in any form.

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