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Native Sun News: Rapid City proclaims 'Year of Reconciliation' (06/18)
In the year 2015, the issue of racism is still front and center, although reconciliation was declared 25 years ago by Governor George Mickelson.

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Mark Charles: All men are created equal except 'Indian savages' (06/15)
The foundations of the United States of America are blatantly unjust. This land was stolen.

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Native Sun News: Jail with large Indian population secures grant (06/09)
In Rapid City, the Native American population hovers right around 13 percent, while the population in the Pennington County Jail of local tribal members is at 50 percent year round.

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James Cadwell: Let's break the cycle and honor Native graduates (06/08)
As the last names of this year’s graduates were announced in Chamberlain you could hear the drum group singers gain strength with this year's honor song.

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Native Sun News: Community leaders save Rapid City's reputation (06/08)
In response to recent events regarding acts of racism, the community of Rapid City has stepped up to save the reputation of their beloved town.

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Former police chief ousts incumbent in Rapid City mayoral race (06/03)
Steve Allender overcame allegations of racism and defeated Mayor Sam Kooiker by about 1,200 votes.

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Farmington Indian Center holds competition for new ambassador (06/02)
The competition, formerly known as the Miss Indian Farmington, will be open to young Native Americans of both genders.

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Brandon Ecoffey: Native voters face a simple choice in Rapid City (06/01)
The upcoming mayoral election in Rapid City, South Dakota may likely come down to the Native American vote.

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Ernestine Chasing Hawk: Let's change the image of 'Racist City' (05/29)
We have solutions, we have answers and all they have to do is ask us and come before us in a spirit of humility and truly seek reconciliation.

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Native Sun News: Ex-Rapid City police chief admits erasing tape (05/28)
Recently, Native Sun News has published articles telling the story of Glen Yellow Robe’s efforts to come forward as a victim of racial discrimination and harassment during his time as an officer and investigator for the Rapid City Police Department.

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County by Pine Ridge Reservation receives justice service grant (05/27)
The money will support drug courts, behavioral health programs and alternative sentences for juveniles.

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James Davies: The new tactic is to pretend racism doesn't exist (05/22)
Racism was in your face, if you grew up breed iyeska in Rapid City, South Dakota. Racist teachers, racist cops, racist clergy, racist businessmen, racist neighbors.

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Native Sun News: Program helps offenders rebuild their lives (05/19)
In the eight years that the Health & Human Services’ Rebound Program has been helping those trying to reintegrate into society after a stint in jail or prison, more than 800 people have benefited from their services.

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Mary Pember: Memories of racism come back in a police stop (05/19)
The public debate over police violence against unarmed black men has reminded me of the same police treatment of Native men and the palpable lack of public concern.

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Native Sun News: Retired officer accuses candidate of racism (05/18)
Few Indians make it into the ranks of the Rapid City Police Force. When one does, the Indian community holds these individuals in high esteem because they understand the obstacles one must overcome.

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Mayoral hopeful denies being racist at debate in Rapid City (05/11)
Steve Allender, the former police chief, admitted that he made inappropriate comments on the job.

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Robert Cook: Racism remains a problem for Native students (05/07)
Native people aren't alone in being victims of racial slurs. Many people suffer the perils of racism and bigotry.

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Native Sun News: Retired police officer speaks out on racism (05/07)
Glen Yellow Robe was subjected to daily onslaughts of racial slurs, ethnic jokes and many times outright racial bigotry as a police officer in Rapid City, South Dakota.

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Native Sun News: Juvenile center offers services to Native youth (04/30)
The Juvenile Services Center, formerly Juvenile Detention Center, is more than just a facility for locking up our youth in Rapid City.

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Opinion: Tribal disobedience over unfair taxes in Indian Country (04/29)
Beyond disobedience, tribal spending power and economic self-determination may present even more powerful tools in the fight for economic justice near the reservation.

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