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Filed Under: Law | Trust
County files appeal over Chumash Tribe land-into-trust decision (01/27)
The tribe plans to use a 1,400-acre site for housing and other purposes.

Filed Under: Opinion | Trust
Opinion: Wealthy tribes shouldn't follow land-into-trust process (01/26)
The federal government established fee to trust to help impoverished Indians get off the welfare rolls, not to help wealthy Indians get off tax rolls.

Filed Under: Law
No charges filed for deaths of two people on Barona Reservation (01/23)
Elaina Rose Welch was released from jail without being charged for the deaths of her son and her boyfriend.

Filed Under: Politics
Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation inaugurates Leland Kinter as chairman (01/22)
Leland Kinter succeeds longtime chairman Marshall McKay.

Filed Under: National
Sainthood for founder of brutal California Indian mission system (01/22)
Junipero Serra relocated tribal members to the missions, where they were forced to convert to Catholicism and put to work.

Filed Under: Environment
Native American Land Conservancy works to protect sacred site (01/21)
The Chemehuevi Tribe helped bless the work at the in Old Woman Mountains Preserve in California.

Filed Under: Politics
Voters from Tule River Tribe re-elect four incumbents for council (01/20)
Five seats were up for grabs and four were taken by incumbents.

Filed Under: Education | National
Historic Lakota winter count went unnoticed in trunk for decades (01/20)
The count features 136 years of pictographs and was likely created by someone on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation.

Filed Under: Law
Woman arrested for deaths of two people on Barona Reservation (01/19)
Authorities believe Elaina Rose Welch killed her three-year-old son and fatally shot a 32-year-old man identified as her boyfriend.

Filed Under: Trust
Lytton Band asks voters to approve utility service to housing site (01/16)
The issue could be on the ballot in June of November.

Filed Under: Law | Politics
Chumash Tribe slams official for questioning 'reservation system' (01/16)
Chairman Vincent Armenta said the tribe must repeatedly battle local officials who don't respect its sovereignty.

Filed Under: Law | National
Non-Indians refuse to pay rent to Colorado River Indian Tribes (01/15)
One holdout grosses about $150,000 a year from a mobile home park but won't pay any money due to the tribe under a lease.

Filed Under: Business | Law | National
Pinoleville Pomo Nation to use marijuana revenue for programs (01/15)
The tribe is the first in Indian Country to enter the legal marijuana industry.

Filed Under: Law | National
Colorado River Indian Tribes don't plan to remove 'illegal aliens' (01/12)
Chairman Dennis Patch said the tribe has no intention of going after all non-Indians -- only those who are in trespass.

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Pinoleville Pomo Nation confirms deal for legal marijuana farm (01/09)
The tribe will host a 2.5-acre marijuana farm that will put 50 to 100 people to work.

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Speculation grows about tribal marijuana operation in California (01/08)
So far, no one from the tribe has talked to the media about the potential deal.

Filed Under: Trust
Chumash Tribe welcomes approval of land-into-trust application (01/08)
The tribe plans to use the 1,400-acre site for housing and other purposes.

Filed Under: Business | Law | National
Company set to announce tribal marijuana operation in California (01/07)
The operation will be up and running by February, according to two companies involved in the deal.

Filed Under: Law
Petition asks CRIT to remove non-Indians from disputed territory (01/07)
Tribal members are calling for the removal of 'illegal aliens' by June 1.

Filed Under: Health | National
Mechoopda Tribe announces plan for new headquarters and clinic (01/07)
Construction of the clinic is due to start in the spring.

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