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Lawmakers want BIA to delay new federal recognition reforms (03/27)
The rules have been in development for more than two years but the lawmakers say more time is needed.

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Shingle Springs Band considered but rejected indoor gun range (03/26)
The tribe said the cost was too high but plans for an outdoor range are generating significant controversy.

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Mishewal Wappo Tribe to appeal decision in recognition lawsuit (03/26)
Chairman Scott Gabaldon calls the ruling 'just another bump' on the road to sovereignty.

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Shingle Springs Band vows to resolve concerns about gun range (03/24)
Opponents claim the proposed range poses sound and safety risks in the neighborhood.

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Mishewal Wappo Tribe loses decision in federal recognition suit (03/24)
The judge said the tribe waited too long to challenge its termination under the California Rancheria Act of 1958.

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Agua Caliente Band wins first round in water rights litigation (03/23)
A trial will determine the extent of the rights that were set aside with the creation of the reservation in 1877.

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Pinoleville Pomo Nation marijuana farm appears to be on hold (03/20)
The tribe's developers optimistically predicted the operation would be up and running by February.

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Department of Energy awards $6M to tribes for energy projects (03/18)
Of the 11 tribes that received funds, 10 will use the money for solar energy projects.

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Vincent Armenta elected to 9th term as chair of Chumash Tribe (03/17)
Also elected were Kenneth Kahn, who will serve as vice chair; Gary Pace, secretary/treasurer; and board members Maxine Littlejohn and Mike Lopez.

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Agua Caliente Band anticipates decision in water rights lawsuit (03/17)
The tribe, backed by the Department of Justice, is suing two water districts to determine the extent of its water rights.

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Pit River Tribe rallies supporters to protect sacred Medicine Lake (03/17)
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments last week in a long-running dispute over a geothermal energy plant in the Medicine Lake Highlands.

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9th Circuit won't interfere in Pala Band's disenrollment dispute (03/17)
The unpublished decision came just 10 days after oral arguments in the case.

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Column: Agua Caliente Band serves as a model for First Nations (03/16)
Though admittedly different than the land and treaty rights involved in the Kapyong case, the Agua Caliente model is an impressive example of how negotiation and compromise can effectively function.

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State laws remain an issue as tribes consider growing marijuana (03/13)
Public Law 280 could pose a problem for tribes in certain states, an attorney said.

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Former leader of Hoopa Valley Tribe pushes action on marijuana (03/12)
Tribal members will vote April 23 on a petition to repeal the anti-marijuana law on the reservation.

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Tribal Hemp and Cannabis Summit set for April 23 in New Mexico (03/12)
Interest in marijuana continues to grow in Indian Country, judging by the number of meetings and organizations popping up.

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Torres Martinez Tribe won't sell marijuana directly to consumers (03/12)
The tribe plans to provide the product to medical shops across the state.

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Bishop Paiute Tribe sues county for interfering with sovereignty (03/11)
The tribe and the county, who clashed before the U.S. Supreme Court over a decade ago, are back at it again.

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Lytton Band plans big developments after reaching agreement (03/11)
A housing development, winery and a resort are in the works in Sonoma County.

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Paskenta Band accuses former officials of a long 'looting spree' (03/11)
The lawsuit claims at least $60 million was taken over the years.

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