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Chumash Tribe wins dismissal of suit over status of reservation (07/03)
Chairman Vincent Armenta cheers the rejection of the 'frivolous' case but anticipates future battles with local opponents.

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Editorial: County stonewalling Chumash Tribe on development (06/26)
The U.S. Congress is trying to do something folks in Santa Barbara County have been unable to do — start a useful conversation between local governments.

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The Canary: Guess what guys - the Chumash Tribe was here first (06/18)
With the legislation pushing on one end and an application tentatively approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs pushing on the other, this story’s got legs.

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Lawmakers slam county for poor dealings with Chumash Tribe (06/18)
Conflict between tribal and local governments was on full display as the House Subcommittee on Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs heard testimony on three bills.

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Witness list for House hearing on tribal and Alaska Native bills (06/17)
Two bills address land-into-trust issues for tribes in California while the third resolves a long-standing Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act issue.

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House subcommittee sets hearing on tribal and Alaska Native bills (06/15)
Two bills address land-into-trust issues for tribes in California while the third resolves a long-standing Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act issue.

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Vincent Armenta: Setting the record straight on land-into-trust (06/01)
The goal of the Indian Reorganization Act’s is to increase tribal lands, restoring a small fraction of land that was stolen through history.

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Chumash Tribe reaches fire services agreement with county (05/13)
The tribe will pay for a new firefighter paramedic position and a $1.6 million ladder truck.

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Vincent Armenta elected to 9th term as chair of Chumash Tribe (03/17)
Also elected were Kenneth Kahn, who will serve as vice chair; Gary Pace, secretary/treasurer; and board members Maxine Littlejohn and Mike Lopez.

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Military halted dig on island after questions from Pechanga Band (03/05)
Elders visited the San Nicolas Island and soon the tribe raised questions about the project.

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Opponents not happy with land-into-trust bill for Chumash Tribe (03/05)
The bill was introduced by a lawmaker whose district does not include the reservation.

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Chumash Tribe cheers introduction of land-into-trust measure (03/04)
Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-California) introduced H.R.1157 to place 1,400 acres in trust.

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Opinion: Let's rethink federal policy toward tribal sovereignty (02/19)
The Enrolled Tribe says it is sovereign and above the rule of law. All other citizens do, and will, bear the burdens of the Tribe’s actions.

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Chumash Tribe welcomes county sheriff deputies to reservation (02/12)
The tribe is paying for the salaries of four full-time officers who will be stationed on the reservation.

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Vincent Armenta: You can't rewrite tribes and tribal sovereignty (02/09)
Tribal governments have unique legal and political relationships with the federal government as provided by the Constitution of the United States.

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Chumash Tribe contributes $225K toward new ice skate arena (02/03)
The tribe's name will appear on the scoreboard for the main rink at the facility.

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Eldon Shiffman: Give Chumash Tribe a chance to reclaim its land (02/02)
I think even the opponents of the tribe’s efforts to bring more land into reservation status would agree that reacquiring items that represent their history is a good thing and should be encouraged and supported.

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Luis Alejo: Apologize to the Chumash Tribe for 'hurtful' remarks (01/30)
The ugly truth is that Native people were placed on reservations that look nothing like their original homelands.

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County files appeal over Chumash Tribe land-into-trust decision (01/27)
The tribe plans to use a 1,400-acre site for housing and other purposes.

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Opinion: Wealthy tribes shouldn't follow land-into-trust process (01/26)
The federal government established fee to trust to help impoverished Indians get off the welfare rolls, not to help wealthy Indians get off tax rolls.

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