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Joe Sexton: BIA's 'ugly' land policies stuck in the 19th century (11/25)
Attorney calls on Bureau of Indian Affairs to engage in more consultation before finalizing new rights-of-way regulations.

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Law Article: New law requires tribal consultation in California (11/13)
Assembly Bill 52 requires tribal consultation on projects that affect cultural resources.

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Vena A-Dae Romero: FDA failing to consult tribal governments (10/29)
Calling on the FDA to consult tribes on implementation of the Food Safety and Modernization Act.

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BIA announces consultations for secretarial election regulation (10/21)
Three sessions have been scheduled in Atlanta, Georgia; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Rocklin, California.

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White House Tribal Nations Conference takes place December 3 (10/20)
President Barack Obama has held the conference every years since 2009.

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BIA extends comment period for changes to rights-of-way rule (10/02)
Comment are now being accepted until November 3 and a tribal consultation session will be held during the National Congress of American Indians annual conference later this month.

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Audio: House Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs (09/10)
Lawmakers took testimony on a tribal consultation bill and an Alaska Native land transfer.

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House subcommittes to hold hearings on tribal and Alaska bills (09/05)
Bills affect tribal consultation and land conveyances to Alaska Native corporations.

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Tony West: Protecting the right to vote for the first Americans (08/04)
Associate Attorney General Tony West announces Department of Justice consultation on voting rights in Indian Country.

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Tribes criticize veto provisions in BIA federal recognition rule (07/30)
Opposition from the state would prevent three tribes from restarting the process.

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BIA holds final in-person meeting on federal recognition reform (07/29)
Two more public meetings and two more tribal consultations will be held over the phone.

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BIA extends comment period on federal recognition regulation (07/25)
Comments are being accepted until September 30 and two more tribal consultation sessions and two more public meetings will be held over the phone.

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BIA opens meetings on changes to federal recognition process (07/11)
The United Houma Nation of Louisiana has put its petition on hold to wait for the new rules.

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Comment period opens on Native Hawaiian recognition proposal (06/20)
Officials say it would be up to the island's first inhabitants to determine how they want to organize their own government.

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DOI considers process to recognize Native Hawaiian government (06/18)
Public meetings start next week and tribal consultation will take place later this summer.

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Attorney General Holder addresses Indian Country initiatives (06/06)
Leader of Department of Justice spoke to tribal leaders and met with Native youth.

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Attorney General Holder to speak at tribal consultation meeting (06/04)
The last time a sitting attorney general was in Bismarck was at an NCAI meeting in 1963.

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Rudolph Ryser: State Department 'consultation' was a charade (06/02)
Rudolph Ryser of the Center for World Indigenous Studies says State Department doesn't want to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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Comment period on BIA federal recognition closes on August 1 (05/29)
Public meetings and consultation sessions will be held across the country in July.

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BIA plans separate meets for recognized, non-recognized tribes (05/26)
Non-recognized tribes are being asked to attend a public meeting, separate from consultation sessions for recognized tribes.

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