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Teens accused of killing homeless Navajo men in New Mexico (07/21)
A fellow Navajo man witnessed part of the brutal attack.

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Unsettled Ch. 23: Passamaquoddy leader indicted for stealing (07/21)
The Portland Press Herald continues its Unsettled series with a story bout the corruption indictment of Bobby Newell, a former leader of the Passamaquoddy Tribe at Indian Township.

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Al Jazeera: Advocates seek inclusion of Alaska tribes in VAWA (07/21)
Al Jazeera reports on efforts to include Alaska Natives in the tribal jurisdiction provisions of the Violence Against Women Act.

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Man awaits trial for slaying of Chitimacha Tribe's police officer (07/21)
Sergeant Frederick Albert Riggenbach was killed in the line of duty on January 26, 2013.

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Tim Giago: Treat alcoholism and drug addictions as diseases (07/21)
The consumption of alcohol and the use of drugs is a disease and it must be attacked as a disease.

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Native woman who suffered vicious attack remains in hospital (07/17)
Marlene Bird is grateful for the public support she has received since the June 1 incident.

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Brian Pierson: Recent federal court rulings affecting Indian law (07/15)
Land claims, Indian status and land-into-trust are some of the issues in recent court cases.

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Tribal corruption cases put Montana on top of prosecution list (07/14)
This year's high profile cases come from the Blackfeet Nation and the Chippewa Cree Tribe.

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FBI and BIA investigate remains found on Crow Reservation (07/14)
Federal authorities are investigating remains that were found on the Crow Reservation in Montana.

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Audit slams White Mountain Apache Tribe over housing funds (07/14)
The audit uncovered $2.3 million in misspending and an additional $8.2 million in spending that wasn't properly documented.

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Review: 'Road to Paloma' takes up poor policing on reservation (07/11)
A positive review for the Road to Paloma, which stars Jason Momoa and was filmed on the Fort Mojave Reservation.

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Former leader of Cedarville Rancheria to stand trial for murders (07/09)
Cherie Lash Rhoades faces the death penalty if convicted.

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Tribes in Wisconsin working together to combat drugs and gangs (07/03)
Native American Drug and Gang Initiative recently helped the Red Cliff Band make arrests.

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St. Regis Mohawk Tribe suspends police chief and employees (07/02)
Allegations have been made regarding a petty cash account.

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Former chair of Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation to pay restitution (07/01)
Brian Geer is accused of stealing more than $60,000 from the tribe.

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Jemez Pueblo woman sentenced to probation in theft from tribe (07/01)
Former employee admitted that she stole more than $18,000.

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Former White Earth Nation chairman Darrell Wadena laid to rest (06/30)
The former leader owed the tribe more than $730,000 in restitution.

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Walt Lamar: Tribes must develop long-term solutions for drugs (06/30)
Walt Lamar discusses how tribes can develop collaborative approaches to drug problems on their reservations.

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Four sentenced for theft from Blackfeet Nation youth program (06/27)
In total, six people pleaded guilty or were found guilty for stealing from the program.

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Ex-employee found guilty of stealing from Chippewa Cree Tribe (06/27)
Conviction comes as two former chairmen are indicted on federal charges.

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