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10th Circuit affirms conviction for murder of Arapaho man (04/18)
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the conviction for the April 2009 murder of Naayaitch Friday, who was a member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe.

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Former NFL player jailed for DUI on Salt River Reservation (04/18)
A former NFL player spent a day in jail for a drunken-driving incident on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in Arizona.

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Navajo Nation Council speaker still on leave amid court fight (04/17)
Navajo Nation Council Speaker Johnny Naize remains on paid leave as his lawsuit in tribal court proceeds.

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Native Sun News: Guilty verdict in death of Lower Brule boy (04/17)
Donika Gonzalez was found guilty of first degree manslaughter and one count of aggravated assault in the death of Mason Naser.

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Ojibwe man from Canada charged for possession of wild animals (04/15)
Federal and state agents raided the home of an Ojibwe man from Canada who lives in New York.

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Suspect denies charges in death of Northern Cheyenne woman (04/14)
The second suspect in the death of a member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe of Montana appeared in federal court on Friday.

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Suspended Native lawmaker Patrick Brazeau arrested yet again (04/11)
Suspended Sen. Patrick Brazeau is in legal trouble again.

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Navajo Nation president hopes for speedy resolution of dispute (04/10)
Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly said he hopes the tribal courts will act swiftly to resolve a Navajo Nation Council dispute.

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Opinion: Cedarville Rancheria shooting changed my life forever (04/10)
Philip Russo, whose wife, Shelia, was killed in a mass shooting on the Cedarville Rancheria of California, calls for change in wake of gun violence.

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Speaker of Navajo Nation Council fights paid leave in tribal court (04/09)
Navajo Nation Council Speaker Johnny Naize remains on paid leave as a tribal court judge weighs whether his removal was legal.

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