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Young member of Meskwaki Tribe pleads guilty in murder case (01/28)
Jonathan Youngbear admitted that he stabbed and killed his 17-year-old cousin at a home on the reservation in February 2014.

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Former Pueblo leader ready to change plea in $3.6M theft case (01/28)
Federal prosecutors said Bruce Sanchez stole money from a corporation set up by the 19 Pueblo tribes.

Filed Under: Opinion
Editorial: Alaska tribe makes tough decision to banish bad actors (01/26)
It’s good to see communities resolving among themselves to take what action they can to make their villages stronger and safer.

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Native Sun News: North Dakota takes on impacts of energy boom (01/26)
A golden sunset behind the Killdeer Mountains glows with more luminosity than a Karl Bodmer landscape, tinting the clouds pink in the waning light of a wintery evening.

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No charges filed for deaths of two people on Barona Reservation (01/23)
Elaina Rose Welch was released from jail without being charged for the deaths of her son and her boyfriend.

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Oglala Sioux medicine man dies awaiting trial in sexual abuse case (01/23)
Charles Chipps was 67 years old. He was accused of abusing young girls.

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Native mayor promises to change city's reputation as most racist (01/22)
Maclean's magazine labeled Winnipeg, Manitoba, as the most racist city in Canada.

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Tristan Ahtone: Former Native gang member tries to start anew (01/22)
Boots, 19, is one of dozens of gang members who escaped arrest and indictment in 2013 after a massive local, state and federal takedown of Native Mob.

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Court urged to order mental evaulation of Rosebud Sioux woman (01/21)
Michelle Wounded Face, 24, is accused of leaving her two daughters alone in car on a freezing-cold day.

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Suspect in custody after shooting at off-duty CSKT police officer (01/21)
The officer tried to apprehend the man, who was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant.

Filed Under: Canada | Law
Authorities treating arson at First Nation's office as a hate crime (01/20)
Racist graffiti was found inside the structure after the fire, which caused $40,000 in damage.

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Blood Tribe police form task force in response to drug problems (01/20)
Tribal members believe 10 deaths can be linked to a fake prescription drug.

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Woman arrested for deaths of two people on Barona Reservation (01/19)
Authorities believe Elaina Rose Welch killed her three-year-old son and fatally shot a 32-year-old man identified as her boyfriend.

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No contest plea for death of Oglala Sioux man in November 2012 (01/19)
Albert Apple Sr. was a former tribal police officer who was 48 years old when he was murdered.

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Canadian man cleared of federal charges in eagle feather case (01/15)
John P. Volpe is from the Nipissing First Nation but isn't enrolled in a U.S. tribe.

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Eastern Shoshone woman pleads guilty for death of newborn (01/14)
Ardis Sierra Enos admitted suffocating her newborn and placing his body in a ditch on the reservation.

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Rosebud Sioux woman charged for leaving children out in cold (01/14)
Michelle Wounded Face is accused of leaving her two daughters alone in a car on the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation in North Dakota.

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Taos Pueblo man sentenced to 27 months for assault with stick (01/13)
The victim was left with serious injuries as a result of the April 2013 attack.

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Member of Te-Moak Tribe accused of child sexual abuse in Utah (01/12)
Mark Ward Oppenhein has been ordered to a halfway house but federal prosecutors want to keep him in jail pending trial.

Filed Under: Health | Law
Indian Health Services physician charged for child pornography (01/08)
Thomas Murray, 61, was employed at the Acoma-Canoncito-Laguna Service Unit at Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico.

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