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Alex Jacobs: 'Experts' develop more theories about Indian people (03/31)
Alex Jacobs takes a look at some of the latest theories about the origins of Indian people.

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Opinion: DNA tests offer clues into Indian and Spanish ancestry (02/19)
Cancer researchers are finding clues about the mixed Indian and Spanish origins of remote villages in the Andes of Columbia.

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Interview with Kim Tallbear on DNA testing and tribal heritage (02/17)
Anthropologist Kim Tallbear discusses race, genetic testing and tribal ancestry.

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DNA study shows link between ancient baby and Native people (02/14)
A baby boy who was burn in Montana about 12,600 years ago was related to present-day Native people.

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Julianne Jennings: DNA studies show how we are all related (01/02)
Julianne Jennings discusses genetic links between Africans, Asians and Native Americans.

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Producer of genetic testing kit won't provide health information (12/06)
The maker of a genetic testing kit will stop providing health-related information to consumers in response to a warning from the Food and Drug Administration.

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FDA orders maker of genetic test kit to stop selling product (11/26)
The Food and Drug Administration ordered the maker of a genetic testing kit to stop selling its product.

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Research finds potential relative of Native Americans in Siberia (11/21)
Researchers say they have found the potential ancestor of many Native Americans in a village in Siberia.

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Study links Native people in British Columbia to ancient remains (07/05)
Researchers have confirmed a genetic link between modern Native people in British Columbia and remains dating back 5,500 years.

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Opinion: History links Native Americans and African Americans (11/23)
"Blacks in America are intertwined with that history, and yet the evidence they possess is mostly anecdotal, such as the grandmother who had long, straight black hair, high cheekbones or...

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