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The Atlantic: Native people wary of DNA tests and genetic studies (01/27)
The genetic sequencing company 23andMe recently tapped into its vast bank of data to release a study on genetic origins, producing the biggest genetic profile of the U.S. ever conducted.

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Initial DNA tests show Kennewick Man linked to Native peoples (01/19)
The 9,500-year-old remains were discovered on federal land in Washington that was once a part of the Umatilla Reservation.

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Opinion: DNA test can help determine Native American heritage (01/12)
So you think you have Native American ancestry, but you haven’t been able to prove it.

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Henry Louis Gates: DNA test won't lead to tribal enrollment card (12/11)
Many people have family lore that suggests they have Native American ancestry.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: Ten lies in American-Indigenous history (10/08)
What constitutes a lie? There is the obvious verbal and written distortions of the truth but what is not said may also be deemed a lie.

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DNA study finds distinct population of Native people in Arctic area (08/29)
Researchers say the group lived in isolation in eastern Canada and northern Greenland for nearly 4,000 years.

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Scientists publish lengthy book based on study of Kennewick Man (08/25)
Scientists have finally published their research into the 9,500-year-old remains of the Kennewick Man.

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WBUR: Tribes rebury one of their ancient relatives in Montana (07/23)
WBUR interviews Shane Doyle about the reburial of a 12,600-year-old boy whose DNA showed a link to present-day Native people.

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Remains of 12,600-year-old Native toddler reburied in Montana (06/30)
Elders from Montana tribes help lay one of their ancient relatives to rest again.

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Smithsonian scientist expresses caution on new DNA research (05/16)
Scientist has told tribal leaders that they are not related to the Kennewick Man.

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DNA of girl found in Mexico linked to present-day Native people (05/15)
Even though researchers say the girl did not physically resemble modern-day Natives, DNA testing showed that she shared similar genes.

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Henry Louis Gates: The myth of African and Indian ancestry (04/21)
Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. explains why most African-Americans do not carry Native American genes despite family stories and history.

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Alex Jacobs: 'Experts' develop more theories about Indian people (03/31)
Alex Jacobs takes a look at some of the latest theories about the origins of Indian people.

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Opinion: DNA tests offer clues into Indian and Spanish ancestry (02/19)
Cancer researchers are finding clues about the mixed Indian and Spanish origins of remote villages in the Andes of Columbia.

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Interview with Kim Tallbear on DNA testing and tribal heritage (02/17)
Anthropologist Kim Tallbear discusses race, genetic testing and tribal ancestry.

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DNA study shows link between ancient baby and Native people (02/14)
A baby boy who was burn in Montana about 12,600 years ago was related to present-day Native people.

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Julianne Jennings: DNA studies show how we are all related (01/02)
Julianne Jennings discusses genetic links between Africans, Asians and Native Americans.

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Producer of genetic testing kit won't provide health information (12/06)
The maker of a genetic testing kit will stop providing health-related information to consumers in response to a warning from the Food and Drug Administration.

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FDA orders maker of genetic test kit to stop selling product (11/26)
The Food and Drug Administration ordered the maker of a genetic testing kit to stop selling its product.

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Research finds potential relative of Native Americans in Siberia (11/21)
Researchers say they have found the potential ancestor of many Native Americans in a village in Siberia.

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