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House lawmakers introduce new version of land-into-trust fix (07/24)
Rep. Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma) and Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota) are sponsoring H.R.3137.

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Special Trustee Vince Logan reaches out to Indian Country (07/24)
Tribes have been calling for a 'sunset' to the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians at the Interior Department.

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House subcommittee takes up Pueblo and Alaska Native bills (07/23)
Lawmakers weigh land-into-trust and subsistence issues at sparsely-attended hearing.

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Senate panel backs victim services and transportation bills (07/23)
Democrats raised concerns about the lack of tribal consultation and funding commitments at a business meeting on Capitol Hill.

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Las Vegas Paiute Tribe eyes major development projects (07/21)
A hotel and conference center could be a draw for the new Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument in Nevada.

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Senate Indian Affairs Committee to hold business meeting (07/20)
Lawmakers will consider a bill to address the lack of victim services in Indian Country while the other addresses road and bridge safety on reservations.

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DOI includes Indian Country in stream protection regulation (07/17)
The Stream Protection Rule hasn't been updated in more than 30 years but the coal industry and Republicans oppose the new proposal.

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Special Trustee Advisory Board to hold first meeting in August (07/15)
Special Trustee Vince Logan has selected nine people to advise him on trust reform efforts at the Interior Department.

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Blackfeet Nation reiterates opposition to drilling on sacred land (07/10)
The tribe was in talks with an energy development company in hopes of preventing development in the Badger-Two Medicine Area.

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Cobell scholarship fund now boasts nearly $20M from settlement (07/09)
The first round of recipients of the Cobell Education Scholarship Fund will be notified by mid-August of their awards.

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Special Trustee Vince Logan a no-show at Senate panel's hearing (07/09)
Assistant Secretary Kevin Washburn defended the Office of the Special Trustee in his colleague's absence.

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House adds sacred sites amendment to Interior appropriations bill (07/08)
No one spoke in opposition to a provision that seeks to strengthen an executive order issued by then-president Bill Clinton in 1996.

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Native youth arrive in nation's capital for historic White House gathering (07/08)
First Lady Michelle Obama and nearly a dozen Cabinet members are welcoming the youth to historic event.

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Senate approves bill to streamline self-governance process at DOI (07/08)
The Department of the Interior Tribal Self-Governance Act has the support of tribes and the Obama administration.

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Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs Committee trust reform hearing (07/06)
Assistant Secretary Kevin Washburn and Special Trustee Vince Logan are scheduled to testify.

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Senate Indian Affairs Committee schedules trust reform hearing (07/03)
Trust reform has been on the back burner in the last few years but that could be changing in the 114th Congress.

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Chippewa Cree Tribe elects Ken St. Marks as chair for fourth time (07/02)
Rivals have removed Ken St. Marks from office three times but keeps wining the support of the people.

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Secretary Sally Jewell reaffirms opposition to racist mascot (07/01)
The mayor of D.C. is trying to lure the Washington NFL team back to the nation's capital.

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Native Sun News: Opposition grows to delisting of grizzly bears (07/01)
Tribal opposition continues to mount against the federal government’s proposed removal of Endangered Species Act status from the iconic Yellowstone grizzly.

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Land buy-back hits milestone with over $500M in purchases (06/26)
More than 24,000 landowners have benefited from the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations so far.

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