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Travel: Tracing the path of Edward Curtis through Indian Country (06/05)
Edward S. Curtis thought he was capturing a 'vanishing race' when he set off for a mission to the American West.

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Kevin Abourezk: Interest still strong in Edward Curtis photos (02/18)
"This begins with a young boy with a big imagination and a thirst for the past. The young boy digs in his yard, spurred by knowledge that a tribal hunting...

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Peter d'Errico: Indigenous people outlast Edward Curtis photos (12/04)
"Edward Curtis was a star at the start of his monumental work, "The North American Indian." At the halfway point, his fame had vanished, though his stupendous effort to...

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PBS: Book offers portraits of Native lives though Edward Curtis (11/23)
"JEFFREY BROWN: I think a lot of people will know some of the famous paragraphs, but not the scope of the project. TIMOTHY EGAN: Right. JEFFREY BROWN: Give us...

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Review: Edward Curtis documented 'vanishing race' of Indians (11/12)
"In the summer of 1900 the American photographer Edward S. Curtis traveled from his home in Seattle to the Blackfeet Nation on the plains of northern Montana. The trip,...

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Review: A glowing portrait of Edward Curtis and his 'Epic Life' (10/30)
"Edward Curtis deserves to be remembered as the American artist who racked up the most miles. Traveling by rail, wagon and foot, he undertook a project that struck observers...

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Review: Book tackles 'Epic Life' of photographer Edward Curtis (10/15)
"Sometime in early 1896, a young Seattle photographer named Edward Sherriff Curtis, already well known for his polished studio portraits of local civic leaders and business tycoons, decided to...

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Blog: Edward Curtis captured humanity of the first Americans (10/12)
"I’m a third-generation Westerner, so the photographs of Edward S. Curtis have been as much a part of my landscape as a desert mesa or a mountain glacier. I...

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Smithsonian: Edward Curtis and epic Indian Country photos (03/21)
"Year after year, he packed his camera and supplies—everything he’d need for months—and traveled by foot and by horse deep into the Indian territories. At the beginning of the 20th...

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Colorlines: 'Smiling Indians' is a highly moving meditation (04/26)
"Plenty of people are familiar with Edward S. Curtis’ celebrated photos of Native American tribes. The photos, taken in the early 1900’s and depicting people from 80 different tribes,...

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'Smiling Indians' video a response to historic Ed Curtis photos (03/23)
Two Indian artists, Sterlin Harjo and Ryan Red Corn, recently posted a video to YouTube that has an unusual dedication. "This film is dedicated to Edward S. Curtis," the...

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