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DOI includes Indian Country in stream protection regulation (07/17)
The Stream Protection Rule hasn't been updated in more than 30 years but the coal industry and Republicans oppose the new proposal.

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Arizona cancels plan to put player's name on Piestewa Freeway (07/16)
The family of Lori Piestewa, the Hopi woman who was killed in action in Iraq in 2003, was never consulted about the plan.

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Patrick Murphy: Star Trek's William Shatner visits Navajo Nation (06/30)
The Churchrock Chapter on the Navajo Nation is now a part of American motorcycle history.

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Hopi Tribe working on settlement over wastewater at sacred site (06/16)
The tribe filed the lawsuit over the use of treated sewage at the sacred San Francisco Peaks in Arizona.

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Auction house in France sells sacred tribal property for $450K (06/10)
Objections from the Hopi Tribe and Acoma Pueblo failed to stop the sale of 15 items.

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Hopi Tribe and Acoma Pueblo seek to block sale of sacred items (06/09)
The auction is due to take place in France amid growing attention to the issue.

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Hopi Tribe trying to stop yet another auction of sacred property (06/02)
The Katsina Friends were sold for about $44,000 amid a silent protest from two women who were removed from the auction house in France.

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Hopi Tribe seeks to prevent auction of sacred property in France (05/27)
The tribe is asking the Department of Justice and the FBI to prevent the sale of the Katsina Friends on June 1.

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Chickasaw Nation astronaut meets with Hopi Tribe students (05/19)
John Herrington spent 13 days, 18 hours and 47 minutes in space as part of a 2002 mission to the International Space Station.

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Marathon on Navajo Nation draws large number of participants (05/04)
The course runs through the Arizona and New Mexico portions of the reservation.

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Native Sun News: Walk hits uranium mining sites on reservations (04/17)
Buddhist pacifists on a U.S. Prayer Walk for Peace and a nuclear-free future culminated a tour April 9 of Navajo and Hopi lands negatively impacted by uranium mining.

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Leader of Hopi Tribe sues over sales of sacred items in France (04/10)
The tribe tried to halt two auctions of sacred property in June and December 2014.

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Hopi Tribe loses bid to force US to pay for clean drinking water (04/03)
The water supply on the reservation contains levels of arsenic that exceed limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Radio station on Hopi Reservation launches fundraising effort (03/31)
KUYI 88.1 FM hopes to raise $4,000 by Arizona Gives Day on April 7.

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Lecture focuses on repatriation of tribal intellectual properties (03/25)
The Sam Noble Musuem in Oklahoma will host Trevor Reed, the director of the Hopi Music Repatriation Project, next week.

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Dozens of Native languages down to limited number of speakers (03/03)
Of the hundreds of Native languages once spoken in the West, only 63 are still being used today.

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Travel: Ancient culture continues on Hopi Reservation in Arizona (03/02)
A ferocious wind fell like a pack of hounds upon the village of Old Oraibi, flinging clouds of dust around stone houses perched on the cliff's edge.

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Lawmakers seek end to Office of Navajo Hopi Indian Relocation (02/09)
An effort that was supposed to cost $41 million and take five years has ended up costing $546 million and has lasted four decades.

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Opinion: Tribal sovereignty ignored when it becomes unprofitable (01/19)
The disappointing decisions of the federal government in the face of lucrative energy prospects are nothing new for Native Americans.

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Column: Tribal voices often minimized in environmental debate (12/17)
Krista Langlois of High Country News looks back at some of the major stories in Indian Country this year.

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