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Steve Russell: The Great White Lion Hunter kills only for thrills (08/03)
That Great White Hunter wanted to use a bow and arrow. Is this some kind of indigenous nostalgia?

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Little Shell Tribe seeks greater access to bison from Yellowstone (06/17)
Chairman Gerald Gray said a yearly allocation of two hunting licenses isn't enough to meet the needs of his people.

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Public comment period extended on whale hunt for Makah Nation (06/04)
The tribe secured the right to hunt in the 1855 Treaty of Neah Bay but the federal courts have ruled that the hunt must comply with federal law.

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Bill John Baker: Compact upholds Cherokee Nation treaty rights (06/04)
For millennia, we Cherokees have provided for our families by hunting and fishing the lands.

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Makah Nation mounts strong defense of whaling at public hearing (05/01)
An opponent was so moved by the testimony of tribal members that he changed his position on the hunt.

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Native Sun News: Pine Ridge school hosts first bison ceremony (04/29)
Students and staff gathered outside of Loneman School for a ceremony for the harvesting and processing of a 3-year old buffalo from the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s Slim Butte’s pasture.

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Public turns out for first hearing on Makah Nation's whale hunt (04/28)
The 1855 Treaty of Neah Bay secures the tribe's right to hunt but environmental groups have slowed the process through litigation.

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Supreme Court won't hear challenge to Wisconsin treaty rights (04/20)
The state interferes with the treaty rights of Ojibwe tribes by barring members from hunting deer at night on ceded lands.

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Crow Tribe maintains right to hunt on off-reservation treaty land (04/09)
The state of Wyoming is citing a U.S. Supreme Court decision from 1896 as justification for pursuing tribal members who hunt on ceded lands.

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Red Cliff Band designates entire reservation as a wolf sanctuary (03/18)
The wolf, or ma’iingan in the Ojibwe language, is considered the brother of man.

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Column: Racism and ignorance in Makah Nation hunting debate (03/16)
With the Makah Indian whale hunt back in the news this past week, also back is the flood of advice for the tribe.

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Hunter from Crow Tribe pleads guilty for poaching in Wyoming (03/10)
The area is covered by an 1868 treaty but the state does not recognize off-reservation hunting rights.

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Makah Nation committed to resumption of treaty whale hunts (03/06)
The tribe's last successful gray whale hunt occurred in May 1999.

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Non-Indians guilty for hunting incidents on Montana reservation (02/27)
Six people accepted responsibility for violating a ban on hunting in two separate cases.

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Yakama Nation hunter convicted of one count in treaty case (02/16)
Delbert Loren Wheeler said he had a right to be on federal land under the Yakama Treaty of 1855.

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Men from Crow Tribe cited for hunt on treaty lands in Wyoming (02/06)
The three men are accused of illegal poaching in the Bighorn Mountains.

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Ojibwe tribes open swan hunting season on treaty-ceded land (11/04)
The season runs through December 31, or until 10 trumpeter swans are taken, whichever comes first.

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Editorial: Address safety concerns about tribal hunts at night (10/20)
Newspaper urges caution as tribes move forward with deer hunts at night after winning a major treaty rights case.

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Tribes in Wisconsin win big decision in treaty hunting dispute (10/10)
Lac du Flambeau Band President Thomas Maulson welcomed the 'tremendous victory' for tribes in the state.

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7th Circuit sets oral arguments in Ojibwe night hunting lawsuit (08/06)
Tribal members want to exercise their treaty rights by hunting deer at night on ceded lands.

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