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Filed Under: Health | World
Remote tribes facing threats from drug trafficking and logging (07/24)
At least 77 uncontacted tribes are believed to live along the border of Peru and Brazil.

Filed Under: Health | World
Members of remote tribe receive care before heading home (07/22)
The seven members indicated they were fleeing violence along the Peru-Brazil border.

Filed Under: Education | Opinion
Richard Littlebear: Montana takes the lead in Indian education (07/18)
Despite uneasy relationship with Native people, Montana has initiated some true innovations in the area of education.

Filed Under: National | Politics
Arizona governor signs bill to declare Navajo Code Talkers Day (07/17)
August 14 will be celebrated as Navajo Code Talkers' Day.

Filed Under: National | World
Immigrants who speak Native languages face difficulty in US (07/14)
Native people make up a significant percentage of Mexican immigrants in New York City and many of them are running into language barriers.

Filed Under: Opinion
Opinion: Unique ceremony blends Navajo and Jewish culture (07/14)
Rabbi Marc Soloway shares a unique ceremony for Lila Crank that blender her Navajo and Jewish traditions.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment | Education
South Dakota celebrates start of filming for Dances with Wolves (07/10)
The award-winning film featured Lakota dialogue and a slew of Native actors.

Filed Under: Opinion
Elise Patkotak: Alaska Natives deserve to vote in their languages (07/09)
Elise Patkotak supports efforts to translate voting materials into Native languages in Alaska.

Filed Under: Law | Politics
APRN: Federal judge opens trial into Native languages at polls (06/24)
An eight-day trial opened into the use of Native languages in election materials in Alaska.

Filed Under: Education | Politics
Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on two bills (06/18)
Bills would create and extend grant programs for Native languages.

Filed Under: Education | Politics
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on bills (06/17)
Two Native language bills are on the agenda.

Filed Under: Opinion
Tim Giago: Native youth lose connection to ancestral languages (06/11)
Are the young people in your classrooms texting in English or Lakota?

Filed Under: Opinion
Julianne Jennings: Narragansett scholar Ella Sekatau passes on (06/11)
Julianne Jennings pays tribute to Ella Wilcox-Thomas Sekatau, a member of the Narragansett Tribe of Rhode Island who passed away in April at the age of 85.

Filed Under: National
Last original Navajo Code Talker Chester Nez being laid to rest (06/10)
Mass takes place in Albuquerque, with burial to follow at national cemetery in Santa Fe.

Filed Under: Opinion
Simon Moya-Smith: Chester Nez punished for speaking Navajo (06/09)
Simon Moya-Smith reflects on the passing of Chester Nez, one of the original 29 Code Talkers who devised an unbreakable code during World War II.

Filed Under: Law | Politics
Judge tells Alaska to offer voting material in Native languages (06/05)
Ballots, pamphlets and other materials are to be translated into Yup'ik, Cup'ik and Gwich'in.

Filed Under: National
Last original Navajo Code Talker Chester Nez passes on at 93 (06/05)
Soldier who used the Navajo language to develop unbreakable codes received a Congressional Gold Medal in 2001.

Filed Under: Education
Comanche Nation counts fewer than 100 speakers of language (06/04)
Tribe hosts classes to pass on the language to new generations.

Filed Under: National
History: Choctaw soldiers used language to send secret codes (05/29)
The History Network explains how members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma served as Code Talkers during World War I.

Filed Under: Opinion
Editorial: Honor the sacrifices of Navajo Code Talker Tom Jones (05/19)
Newspaper pays tribute to Navajo Code Talker Tom Jones Jr., who died last week at the age of 89.

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