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Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation mourns passing of Gary Mitchell (01/26)
Mitchell, who was the chairman of the gaming commission, spent 28 years in service to his people.

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Native Sun News: North Dakota takes on impacts of energy boom (01/26)
A golden sunset behind the Killdeer Mountains glows with more luminosity than a Karl Bodmer landscape, tinting the clouds pink in the waning light of a wintery evening.

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Lac Courte Oreilles Band joins immersion school with BIE school (01/20)
The Waadookodaading was facing financial pressures but will continue its mission to preserve the Ojibwe language.

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Letter: Name island in New York in honor of a Great Clan Mother (01/20)
Changing the name of Squaw Island is important to me because I’ve been exploring the deep history of Buffalo-Niagara for the past 25 years.

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Crow Tribe sponsors billboard proclaiming 'Jesus Christ Is Lord' (01/20)
Many tribal members practice a blend of traditional and Pentecostal beliefs.

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Supporters of Chris Deschene still upset with handling of election (01/16)
The Navajo Nation entered a new year without a new president.

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Judge dismisses case against Lakota activist for honor song (01/13)
Greg Grey Cloud was arrested for singing a Lakota song as the Senate rejected a bill to approve the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.

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Arizona's first Native American lawmaker Lloyd House passes on (01/07)
Lloyd House, who was Navajo and Oneida, served one term in the Arizona Senate.

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Peter d'Errico: Native students raise questions about colonization (01/06)
Defense of traditional values runs head on into mass culture, commercialism, and pressures toward uniformity.

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Young members from Houma Nation work to revitalize language (01/05)
Some elders still remember and use words in the language, which is related to Choctaw.

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Controversy continues over Navajo Nation presidential election (01/05)
The tribe was supposed to have a new president by now but it looks like the election won't be held until sometime this fall.

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S.E. Ruckman: Series on Affordable Care Act and Indian Country (01/05)
An ordinary glance might see Chinle, Arizona as sparse and unyielding. But it is the site of a bona fide bonanza.

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James Giago Davies: Fighting the good Lakota fight in the new year (01/05)
New Years is a time that gets me thinking of the two great Lakota clans who make up my family, the Giago’s and the Tapio’s.

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Ivan Star: Sharing Lakota perspectives and meanings of colors (12/23)
This may appear petty and out of place in these fast modern times, but the lack of cultural knowledge among our younger generations deserves mention.

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Ivan Star: Being Lakota is something that comes from the heart (12/15)
Active use of the language and involvement of culture are indispensable to what makes a person Lakota.

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Lac Courte Oreilles youth represent tribe at White House meeting (12/10)
Preston and Niizhoo Sullivan sang for President Barack Obama and got to meet him.

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Navajo Nation sets auditions for roles in dubbed 'Finding Nemo' (12/05)
The animated film is the second to be translated into the Dine language.

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VOA: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe focuses on education for youth (12/02)
President Barack Obama promised to focus on education when he visited the reservation this past June.

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Ben Shelly: There's a lot to be thankful for on the Navajo Nation (11/25)
It is a time of celebration and reflection on the sacrifices our ancestors made for us to be where we are today.

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Harold Monteau: Teach children about our positive tribal values (11/24)
It's never too late to change lives, especially our own

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