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Ivan Star: Being Lakota is something that comes from the heart (12/15)
Active use of the language and involvement of culture are indispensable to what makes a person Lakota.

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Lac Courte Oreilles youth represent tribe at White House meeting (12/10)
Preston and Niizhoo Sullivan sang for President Barack Obama and got to meet him.

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Navajo Nation sets auditions for roles in dubbed 'Finding Nemo' (12/05)
The animated film is the second to be translated into the Dine language.

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VOA: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe focuses on education for youth (12/02)
President Barack Obama promised to focus on education when he visited the reservation this past June.

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Ben Shelly: There's a lot to be thankful for on the Navajo Nation (11/25)
It is a time of celebration and reflection on the sacrifices our ancestors made for us to be where we are today.

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Harold Monteau: Teach children about our positive tribal values (11/24)
It's never too late to change lives, especially our own

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Blog: Play-by-play of election controversy on Navajo Nation (11/21)
Tribal members are still waiting to cast ballots and choose their next president.

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Saginaw Chippewa Tribe passes language to new generation (11/21)
A 2005 survey found only two people were fluent in the language.

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Greg Grey Cloud explains Lakota honor song after Senate vote (11/20)
Young activist was thanking the lawmakers who rejected a bill to approve the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.

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Map: Most common Native languages include Navajo and Crow (11/18)
The highest percentages are from counties where Navajo, Crow and Cheyenne are spoken.

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Navajo Nation Council fails to override veto on language bill (11/14)
Tribal law requires candidates for president to be fluent in the Navajo language.

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Navajo Nation Council to consider language requirement veto (11/13)
The special session comes as presidential candidate Russell Begaye faces a challenge in tribal court.

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Few speakers of Native languages on Fort Peck Reservation (11/10)
A 2012 survey found just 25 speakers of Assiniboine and 35 speakers of Sioux.

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Navajo Nation schedules December 23 presidential election (11/10)
The vote was originally scheduled to take place on November 4.

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Lakota immersion program at Pine Ridge secures $10K grant (11/07)
The Iyapi Glukinipi / Lakota Immersion Childcare only lets children hear Lakota.

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Navajo Nation candidate Russell Begaye names running mate (11/06)
Jonathan Nez represents communities in Arizona and Utah on the Navajo Nation Council.

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Petition seeks removal of Navajo Nation presidential hopeful (11/04)
Russell Begaye jumped back into the race last week after Chris Deschene was removed from the ballot.

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Andrew Curley: Election flap exposes troubles in Navajo Nation (11/03)
Writer and student calls on the Navajo Nation to enact policies to sustain tribal culture rather than legislate it.

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Navajo Nation postpones presidential vote as legal drama ends (11/03)
Election officials who refused to remove Chris Deschene from the ballot were held in contempt by the tribe's highest court.

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Chris Deschene still urging Navajo Nation voters to choose him (10/30)
The presidential candidate said on Facebook that he has not 'conceded' anything.

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