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Tim Giago: Boot camp etched forever into the minds of veterans (05/25)
How many pushups did you have to do before you could shout out your serial number like you could your own name?

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Russell Begaye takes oath as new president of Navajo Nation (05/13)
It took longer than expected but the Navajo Nation finally has a new leadership team.

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Eastern Cherokee elder Jerry Wolfe proud of Beloved Man status (05/01)
The 90-year-old tribal member survived boarding school and World War II.

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Editorial: Russell Begaye faces hurdles as Navajo Nation's leader (05/01)
The new president has the professional background to move the needle on the Rez economy; now we’ll see if he has the political skills to build the coalitions needed to carry it out.

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Column: Commission takes on truth and reconciliation in Maine (04/24)
Imagine living in a nation where extermination of your race and culture has been official government policy — a country where vestiges of those policies linger.

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Incoming leader of Navajo Nation stresses importance of youth (04/23)
Russell Begaye, who easily won the presidential election, hopes to lure young tribal members back to the reservation.

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Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation language programs are working (04/22)
Part of my sworn oath as principal chief is to preserve, promote and advance the language and culture of the Cherokee Nation.

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Navajo Nation voters choose Russell Begaye as next president (04/22)
The former Navajo Nation Council delegate defeated former two-term president Joe Shirley Jr., according to unofficial results.

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Winona LaDuke: Ojibwe people return to our sacred homeland (04/21)
Long ago, during the time of prophecy, the Anishinaabeg were told to follow the Migis shell which appeared in the sky.

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Puerto Rico putting more focus on indigenous history of island (04/21)
Lawmakers are considering a bill to extend governmental recognition to an indigenous organization so it can secure federal funds.

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Harlan McKosato: Unprecedented Navajo Nation election cycle (04/21)
The Navajo Nation is in a tug-of-war that goes beyond just politics. The struggle is about more than just language fluency.

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Navajo Nation candidates enter final stretch of bumpy campaign (04/17)
The winner of the April 21 vote -- either Joe Shirley Jr. or Russell Begaye -- will be sworn into office next month, putting an end to an unusual election season.

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Delphine Red Shirt: Restoring our sacred peak to its original name (04/17)
Today, it is as if we are waking up again because we are losing our language. If we lose our language we lose our culture.

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Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes host honoring for Suzan Shown Harjo (04/15)
The homecoming celebration takes place at the Concho Community Hall in Concho, Oklahoma, on Friday.

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Navajo Nation Supreme Court rebuffs attempt to block election (04/14)
Tribal members will go the polls on April 21 and choose a new leader: Joe Shirley Jr. or Russell Begaye.

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Navajo Nation presidential election still on tap despite meddling (04/13)
An election official said the vote will proceed as planned even as a new referendum regarding language fluency has already been scheduled.

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Elder from Southern Ute Tribe teaches language in public school (04/10)
Fewer than 40 people still speak the Ute language on a regular basis.

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Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe vice chair a 'hero' for language work (04/07)
Jessie 'Little Doe' Baird single-handedly revived a language that hadn't been spoken on a regular basis in hundreds of years.

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Film documents Eastern Cherokee efforts to preserve language (04/07)
The film, First Language – The Race to Save Cherokee, follows students at the New Kituwah Academy, the tribe's immersion school.

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Column: Chester Nez served his country with Navajo language (04/06)
Scrolling through my Facebook page March 29, the name Chester Nez rolled up on my screen. That name sounded so familiar.

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