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Ojibwe hockey star excited for transfer to team in nation's capital (07/03)
T.J. Oshie will be playing for the Washington Capitals after spending nearly seven years with the St. Louis Blues.

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Delphine Red Shirt: Speak the Lakota language to carry on culture (07/03)
When I was small, I thought the language would be around forever. It was the only language I heard at home.

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Column: Native Code Talkers defended nation with languages (07/01)
So many have suffered much for the sake of our freedom and some are ones we so often overlook, like minorities, who also answered the call to duty and did what they could to preserve the great freedoms of our country.

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Seneca Nation welcomes change to offensive name of city park (06/24)
The 60-acre park will now be known as Unity Island, an inspiration from a Seneca word.

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Comment sought on potential change to name of Devils Tower (06/23)
The current name is a mistranslation of the Lakota term for the sacred Mahto Tipila, or Bear Lodge.

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Seneca Nation supports new name for island and park in New York (06/17)
The Buffalo Common Council will hold a public meeting to discuss the proposal for Unity Island (Ga’nigo:i:yoh).

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Eldest member of Saginaw Chippewa Tribe set for 100th birthday (06/16)
Mary Zilz was born on June 18, 1915, and remains active in the community.

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Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation students keep our language alive (06/16)
Members of the Cherokee Nation Tribal Youth Council have accepted the White House’s Generation Indigenous challenge to Indian Country to improve lives and increase opportunities for Native youth.

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Native language requirement added to schools in British Columbia (06/12)
Students from kindergarten through grade four in Prince Rupert will learn Sm'algyax, the language of the Tsimshian people.

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BIA working with tribes for more No Child Left Behind Act waivers (06/12)
Tribes and educators will be able to incorporate culturally-appropriate standards into their classrooms.

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Gyasi Ross: Let's take a lesson from Miccosukee Tribe on schools (06/11)
The Miccosukee Tribe recently showed that they will not forsake tribal history, language or storytelling anymore in the name of national standards.

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Jemez Pueblo reports high graduation rate at small charter school (06/08)
The tribe started the Walatowa Charter High School to emphasize Pueblo culture, history and language.

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Opinion: U.S. and Canada hope Native people forget about genocide (06/08)
We will never be able to reverse our wrongs. The only hope is that we forget, that they forget.

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Native Sun News: Lakota elders lauded for language preservation (06/08)
In the corner of the world that protected them from the systemic destruction of their Lakota Language, 241 Lakota elders were honored on May 28.

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Tulalip Tribes work to preserve language for future generations (06/02)
The tribe is hiring more teachers to expand education in the Lushootseed language.

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Miccosukee Tribe secures first NCLB waiver in Indian Country (06/01)
The Miccosukee Indian School in Florida integrates tribal culture and language into the curriculum.

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Navajo Nation to decide on fluency requirements for candidates (05/29)
The language issue generated significant controversy last year when presidential hopeful Chris Deschene was removed from the ballot.

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Tim Giago: Boot camp etched forever into the minds of veterans (05/25)
How many pushups did you have to do before you could shout out your serial number like you could your own name?

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Russell Begaye takes oath as new president of Navajo Nation (05/13)
It took longer than expected but the Navajo Nation finally has a new leadership team.

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Eastern Cherokee elder Jerry Wolfe proud of Beloved Man status (05/01)
The 90-year-old tribal member survived boarding school and World War II.

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