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ASU News: Navajo students enjoy learning their language (04/18)
Arizona State University offers beginner and intermediate classes in the Navajo language.

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Race relations council looking to boost efforts in border town (04/17)
The race relations council in Bemidji, Minnesota, is looking to revive its efforts.

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Navajo Code Talker Samuel Smith passes away at age of 88 (04/16)
Samuel 'Jesse' Smith, a Code Talker from the Navajo Nation, died on Monday

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Senate Indian Affairs Committee listening session in Montana (04/15)
The Senate Indian Affairs Committee will hold a listening session in Montana this Thursday.

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Yurok Tribe works to revive language with help of public schools (04/14)
The Yurok Tribe of California is creating a new generation of Yurok language speakers with the help of local schools.

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Seminole Nation Code Talker Edmond Harjo passes away at 96 (04/10)
Edmond Andrew Harjo, last Code Talker from the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, died last week.

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UKB elder remains one of last mono-lingual Cherokee speakers (04/08)
An 83-year-old member of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians is one of the last mono-lingual speakers of the Cherokee language.

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Seminole Nation pays respects to last Code Talker Edmond Harjo (04/07)
The Seminole Nation of Oklahoma laid one of its heroes to rest on Friday.

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NSA bestows highest honor on all Native American Code Talkers (04/07)
The National Security Agency will be presenting its highest honor to all Native American Code Talkers on Tuesday.

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Alaska lawmakers weigh bill to declare Native languages official (04/02)
The Alaska House State Affairs Committee passed a bill that designates 20 Native languages as official languages in Alaska.

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