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Secretary Sally Jewell reaffirms opposition to racist mascot (07/01)
The mayor of D.C. is trying to lure the Washington NFL team back to the nation's capital.

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Alaska's largest tribe boycotts FedEx for ties to racist mascot (06/29)
President Richard Peterson of the Tlingit and Haida Tribes called the Washington NFL team's name 'offensive.'

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Vicente Diaz: Legacy of racist Indian mascot lives at university (06/25)
So, while the dust has yet to settle, there is a fifty-fifty chance right now that come this fall, American Indian Studies at UIUC would be reduced to a single faculty member.

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Chris Rickert: Wisconsin school made right call on racist images (06/22)
If a shirt featuring, say, Little Black Sambo can be considered a racially harassing 'disruption or distraction' then a shirt with the absurdly smiling face of the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo seems just as objectionable.

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Kevin Blackistone: NFL fans are guilty of cultural appropriation (06/22)
You want to pretend to be Native American? You want to pretend to be black? Then see what it’s like to be at the top of those misery statistics.

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Maulian Smith: An ugly war over a racist school mascot in Maine (06/22)
Skowhegan stands alone with 'Indian' as their school mascot.

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John Guenther: Racist mascots aren't an honor for Native people (06/16)
If you are part of a non-Native team that has taken on one of these negative stereotypes then the time to change is now.

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Terese Marie Mailhot: I am your mascot and look how it turned out (06/15)
I'm a walking symbol of injustice and colonization, no matter what I try to project as an autonomous, intelligent Native woman.

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Native students in Michigan upset by return of 'Indian' head logo (06/09)
Eastern Michigan University President Susan Martin told the students that the logo represents history and pride.

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Tara Houska: School tells Navajo Nation boy to cut his long hair (06/03)
Hair cutting at the behest of an educational institution brings to mind cultural genocide.

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Dahkota Kicking Bear Brown: School must eliminate racist mascot (06/02)
I have respect for your school, your students and your alumni but cannot condone the use of any race-based mascots, especially those that are a slur.

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School district in Wisconsin bans clothing with 'Indian' mascots (05/29)
Gabriel Saiz, a member of the Ponca Tribe, spoke out against racist mascots at a school board meeting last month.

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Erik Stegman: Native youth subjected to racism and stereotypes (05/28)
In K-12 schools across the country, Native youth still see their tribal cultures and family heritage reduced to a logo, a mascot, or a team name.

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County board calls on NFL team to eliminate its racist mascot (05/20)
The Arlington County Board in Virginia joins the District of Columbia Council in opposing the use of a racial slur in professional sports.

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Frank Black Cloud: Spirit Lake Nation supports 'Fighting Sioux' (05/18)
I, for one, am a proud Dakota Sioux and a very proud Fighting Sioux supporter as are many, many other members of the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe.

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Gina Sixkiller: Just say no to dehumanization of our peoples (05/18)
I grew up being called a squaw, half-breed, white, redskin and other names—none meant in a good way.

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Paiute Tribe won't reinstate leader ousted for NFL team's gifts (05/14)
Gari Lafferty was removed after accepting a free trip to Washington, D.C., and other items of value from the Original Americans Foundation.

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Stanley Heller: Still a ways to go on mascots in Connecticut (05/11)
There’s been some small progress in Connecticut in getting rid of Indian mascots, but not enough.

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Opinion: Let's pay tribute to our real warriors with mascots (05/08)
We have a modest proposal to restore harmony to the sacred institution of sports mascotry.

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Organizer changes mind on mascot after hearing from tribes (05/06)
The Penobscot. Passamaquoddy, Maliseet and Micmac tribes are united in their opposition to the Skowhegan Indians.

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