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Center: Report outlines harmful effects of 'Indian' mascots (07/22)
Erik Stegman and Victoria Phillips discuss their new report about the harmful impacts of mascots on Indian youth.

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Editorial: No rubes at Quechan Nation in saying no to NFL team (07/21)
Arizona newspaper says Quechan Nation refused to sell their souls to the Original Americans Foundation.

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Quechan Nation turns down 'bribe' from Washington NFL team (07/17)
Team offered to pay for skate park and brought renderings in the team's colors.

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Opinion: Washington NFL team's origins connect to Jim Thorpe (07/17)
Attorney claims the Washington NFL team's name pays tribute to the league's origins with Jim Thorpe as a player and coach.

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DaShanne Stokes: Offensive mascots lead to offensive actions (07/17)
DaShanne Stokes explains why racist mascots contribute to racist behavior.

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Federal judge refuses use of name of Washington NFL team (07/14)
Judge won't allow use of name in court or in his rulings.

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Simon Moya-Smith: Mascot supporters use tired arguments (07/14)
Simon Moya-Smith wants to know what Indian mascot defenders tell their children.

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Opinion: Teams with Indian mascots all play on stolen tribal land (07/08)
History professor notes that FedEx Field, the home of the Washington NFL team, is built on land stolen from the Piscataway people.

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Blackfeet man who supports NFL team has problem with 'Chiefs' (07/07)
Family members are divided over a logo supposedly designed by a former Blackfeet chairman.

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Young Navajo woman leads petition against racist trademarks (07/03)
Navajo lawmaker says more young people are fighting the mascot.

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Editorial: Oregon lawmaker keeps promise on Indian mascot law (07/01)
Newspaper praises Oregon lawmaker for helping pass Senate Bill 1509, which allows public schools to keep their mascots with tribal permission.

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Gabe Galanda: Nike should walk the walk on racist sport mascot (07/01)
Attorney Gabe Galanda calls on apparel giant Nike to join the battle against racist mascots in sports.

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Stanley Heller: It's time for media boycott of Washington team (07/01)
Stanley Heller calls on the media to boycott the Washington NFL team due to its racist mascot.

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Gyasi Ross: What happens after Washington team drops name? (06/30)
Gyasi Ross says eliminating the Washington NFL team's mascot will be a short-lived victory unless Native communities address their problems at home.

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Opinion: Federal agency decides what is offensive to Americans (06/30)
Writer criticizes federal agency that handles trademarks for issuing a decision about trademarks.

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Native Sun News: Washington team's mascot hits another bump (06/27)
The United States Patent Office has sided with 5 Native American plaintiffs in a ruling last week that deemed the Washington Redskin trademark to be 'disparaging' to Native Americans.

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Sponsors keep their distance from embattled Washington team (06/26)
One firm that was quick to condemn racism in the NBA has been silent about the NFL.

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Opinion: Reagans - A perfect name for a perfectly bad NFL team (06/26)
Writer says Washington Reagans would be an appropriate name for the embattled NFL team.

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FedEx facing more pressure to end relationship with NFL team (06/25)
Section of stadium is named for former of team who refused to allow African Americans on his roster.

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Opinion: Washington NFL team loses business with racist name (06/25)
Two professors say a study of economic data shows why the Washington NFL team should eliminate its racist mascot.

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