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Three dead in collision on road through Miccosukee Reservation (12/11)
The Tamiami Trail has proven repeatedly to be a dangerous road.

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Chair of Miccosukee Tribes faces contempt over dispute with IRS (12/09)
A December 15 could determine whether Chairman Colley Billie is held in contempt for refusing to turn over financial information about tribal members.

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Florida Supreme Court declines Miccosukee child custody case (11/24)
The non-Indian father successfully challenged the tribal court's jurisdiction.

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Federal judge won't be removed from Miccosukee Tribe's case (10/24)
The tribe accused Judge Marcia Cooke of bias, citing statements she made in open court.

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Widower must pay $72K to Miccosukee Tribe after losing appeal (10/15)
The tribe reclaimed nearly $5 million after winning a court decision in a wrongful death case.

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Miccosukee Tribe reclaims nearly $5M in wrongful death case (09/25)
The tribe was drawn into the dispute because it fronted the legal fees for two tribal members who were held liable in a fatal vehicle accident.

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Miccosukee Tribe seeks removal of judge in dispute with lawyers (09/11)
The tribe has accused three of its former attorneys of malpractice and fraud.

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Another member of Miccosukee Tribe killed in fatal car accident (07/29)
The accident occurred on the same highway where two tribal members died last month.

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Court won't make Miccosukee Tribe pay $4.1M in wrongful death (07/03)
Two tribal members were held responsible for the death of a woman in a drunken-driving accident but they haven't paid.

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Tragedy strikes Miccosukee Tribe as two killed in vehicle crash (06/23)
Duane Billie, the tribe's police captain, died at the scene.

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Florida court rejects tribal jurisdiction in child custody dispute (04/24)
The Miccosukee Tribe lacks jurisdiction in a child custody dispute, a Florida appeals court ruled on Wednesday.

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Judge threatens chairman of Miccosukee Tribe with daily fines (11/05)
A federal judge threatened daily fines against the leader of the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida as part of a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service.

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IRS requests contempt order for chairman of Miccosukee Tribe (10/31)
The Internal Revenue Service is asking a federal judge to hold the leader of the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida in contempt.

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Judge dismisses Miccosukee Tribe's suit against ex-chairman (10/03)
A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit that the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida filed against its former chairman Billy Cypress.

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Jury orders Miccosukee man to pay $35M for wrongful death (10/01)
A jury in Florida ordered a member of the Miccosukee Tribe to pay $35 million in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Miccosukee Tribe asked to pay $3.2M for wrongful death case (06/21)
An attorney wants the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida to pay a $3.2 million judgment in a wrongful death case.

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Lee Tiger, Miccosukee, back into music after losing his brother (04/24)
Lee Tiger, a member of the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida, is back in the music business with the release of "New Era." Tiger stepped away from music after losing his...

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Non-Indians concerned about Miccosukee Tribe's checkpoint (04/22)
The Miccosukee Tribe of Florida continues to stop non-Indians who enter a road on the reservation. The checkpoint started in 2004 in an attempt to keep unauthorized visitors from a...

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Judge fines attorneys $50K for handling of Miccosukee clients (04/18)
A judge in Florida fined two prominent lawyers $50,000 for their handling of a wrongful death case involving two members of the Miccosukee Tribe. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Ronald Dresnick originally...

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Lawyer contradicts testimony from former Miccosukee clients (04/17)
A prominent Florida attorney contradicted testimony given by two members of Miccosukee Tribe regarding the source of their payments to his firm. Jimmie Bert and his daughter, Tammy Gwen Billie,...

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