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Alaska Natives deal with toxic legacy and poisoned food supply (08/03)
An Air Force installation on St. Lawrence Island in Alaska was in operation for less than two decades but Native residents are still dealing with the fallout.

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Column: Native Code Talkers defended nation with languages (07/01)
So many have suffered much for the sake of our freedom and some are ones we so often overlook, like minorities, who also answered the call to duty and did what they could to preserve the great freedoms of our country.

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Tim Giago: Boot camp etched forever into the minds of veterans (05/25)
How many pushups did you have to do before you could shout out your serial number like you could your own name?

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Indian schools go without fixes while military schools see $5B (05/20)
Indian school construction ground to a halt during the Bush administration but the effort appears to be back on track as lawmakers from both parties put focus on the issue.

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Opinion: Let's pay tribute to our real warriors with mascots (05/08)
We have a modest proposal to restore harmony to the sacred institution of sports mascotry.

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Air Force general resigns after comment about 'drunk' Indians (05/05)
The general said a photo of two officers made them look 'drunker than 10,000 Indians.'

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Ivan Star: Struggling with the warrior heritage in Indian Country (04/23)
A gentleman by the name of Randolph Holy-Day laid a question in front of me and asked for my view on it.

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Native Sun News: Tribes protest expansion of military fly zone (04/07)
In the wake of Federal Aviation Administration approval of what could become the largest military training airspace over the continental United States, the Northern Cheyenne Nation still hopes to block the proposal.

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Native Sun News: Designation sought for Cheyenne warrior site (03/30)
In September, 1890, shortly after the Northern Cheyenne Reservation was established, two young Cheyenne, Head Chief (19) and Young Mule (13), rode to a warrior’s death at the hands of the U.S. Military rather than being hanged for killing a cowboy.

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Peter d'Errico: Book details US defeat at hands of tribal nations (03/10)
Professor Colin Calloway's new book chronicles how a confederation of Native nations defeated the U.S. Army when it invaded Indian lands across the Ohio River in 1791.

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Military halted dig on island after questions from Pechanga Band (03/05)
Elders visited the San Nicolas Island and soon the tribe raised questions about the project.

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Pechanga Band to reclaim ancestors and artifacts from military (03/02)
The U.S. Navy is repatriating ancestral remains and artifacts that were uncovered on San Nicolas Island.

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Senate continues debate on bill to approve Keystone XL Pipeline (01/21)
Dozens of amendments have been filed so it looks like consideration might take a week or two.

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NATHPO launches effort to help U.S. military protect sacred sites (12/09)
Richard Meyers of South Dakota State University will be reaching out to Native communities as part of a study.

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Defense bill approves transfer of military site to Ho-Chunk Nation (12/08)
The tribe has been trying to acquire land at the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant since 1997.

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Members of Lumbee Tribe proud to carry on tradition of service (11/25)
Kelvin Oxendine and Charles Jacobs are among the 28,000 Native Americans currently serving in the U.S. military.

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Ben Shelly: There's a lot to be thankful for on the Navajo Nation (11/25)
It is a time of celebration and reflection on the sacrifices our ancestors made for us to be where we are today.

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Narragansett Tribe renews request for surplus military property (09/05)
The properties are located on Aquidneck Island, which is part of tribal territory

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Alaska Natives excluded from secret military intelligence program (09/02)
A declassified document indicates some stereotyping and racism was at work.

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Native Sun News: Tribes take on Air Force over expansion plan (08/26)
During a historic meeting, the Coalition of Large Tribes, the Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council and the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association have banded together to support the Northern Cheyenne Tribe in protecting culturally significant sites and reservation lands.

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