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Narragansett Tribe renews request for surplus military property (09/05)
The properties are located on Aquidneck Island, which is part of tribal territory

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Alaska Natives excluded from secret military intelligence program (09/02)
A declassified document indicates some stereotyping and racism was at work.

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Native Sun News: Tribes take on Air Force over expansion plan (08/26)
During a historic meeting, the Coalition of Large Tribes, the Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council and the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association have banded together to support the Northern Cheyenne Tribe in protecting culturally significant sites and reservation lands.

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Navy rejects transfer of surplus property to Narragansett Tribe (08/21)
The Bureau of Indian Affairs has been trying to obtain properties on Aquidneck Island for the tribe.

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Opinion: Military's use of tribal names amounts to propaganda (06/27)
Writer calls on the U.S. military to stop using tribal names for its equipment.

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Chaske Martin: Racial slurs were common on US military base (06/25)
As I approach my 62nd winter I feel obliged to stand tough for tradition and honor and to freely share of my life experiences as an elder to our younger people.

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Native Sun News: Black Hills site being used for military training (05/23)
Uranium mining is not the only avenue of concern for introducing dangerous levels of radiation into the air and water supplies.

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Native Sun News: War games over reservations still a concern (04/30)
The Federal Aviation Administration is extending the deadline for comment on the military’s proposal to expand the Powder River Training Complex to include airspace over four Great Plains Indian reservations.

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Al Jazeera: Paying respects to the last Seminole Code Talker (04/28)
Al Jazeera America publishes a lengthy feature on the passing of Edmond Andrew Harjo, the last Code Talker from the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma.

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CSKT firm lands $1.8M contract to provide military equipment (04/24)
A business owned by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of Montana has won a $1.8 million contract.

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Navajo Code Talker Samuel Smith passes away at age of 88 (04/16)
Samuel 'Jesse' Smith, a Code Talker from the Navajo Nation, died on Monday

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Native Sun News: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe rejects military plan (03/27)
With an April 3 deadline looming for public comments on the military’s proposal to expand its Powder River Basin airspace training area in Indian Country, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has conditioned its permission on nothing less than total disarmament.

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Native Sun News: Tribes question proposal to expand air training (03/24)
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is giving the public until April 3 to submit letters of comment on the military’s proposal to expand its Powder River Basin airspace training area over four Great Plains Indian reservations and adjacent ancestral lands.

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Mescalero Apache Nation puts surplus housing units to good use (02/26)
The Mescalero Apache Tribe of New Mexico is putting surplus military housing units to good use.

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Native Sun News: Suicides in military continue to escalate (01/20)
More active duty personnel in the U.S. military died by their own hand than in combat in 2012.

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Rep. George Miller, Democrat of California, plans to retire (01/14)
After 40 years in office, Rep. George Miller (D-California) will retire at the end of the year.

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Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes seek return of ancestral land (01/09)
The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes are seeking the return of ancestral land in Oklahoma

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Sen. Thune: Honoring our Native American War Code Talkers (11/26)
On Wednesday, November 20th, Congress—in a long-overdue ceremony—recognized Native American code talkers from eight of South Dakota’s tribes with the Congressional Gold Medal.

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Harlan McKosato: Code Talkers receive long overdue honors (11/25)
Harlan McKosato discusses the importance of the Code Talkers and their Native languages.

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Obama nominates Brad Carson, Cherokee, to top Army post (11/22)
President Barack Obama plans to nominate Brad Carson, a member of the Cherokee Nation, as Under Secretary of the U.S. Army.

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