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Native Sun News: Laguna Pueblo still affected by uranium mine (08/25)
Even if authorities meet demands to ban new uranium mines until abandoned ones are cleaned up no amount of effort can reclaim the cultural losses the mining has imposed to date on the Laguna, Acoma, Zuni, Hopi and Navajo people of the Four Corners area.

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County delays decision on mine opposed by New Mexico tribes (08/13)
Tribal leaders are worried about the impact on sacred and sensitive sites.

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Earth Island Journal: Tribes battle huge $1.5B mine in Wisconsin (08/07)
Earth Island Journal reports on tribal opposition to the $1.5 billion Gogebic Taconite mine in northern Wisconsin.

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Review: 'Unreal City' exploits coal from Hopi and Navajo tribes (07/29)
A favorable review of Unreal City, a book about coal mining on the Hopi and Navajo reservations.

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Native Sun News: Native nations unite on uranium mine cleanup (07/29)
Almost half the uranium extracted in the United States was mined and milled in and around the Navajo Indian Reservation.

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Mary Pember: Wisconsin tribes ask EPA to stop massive mine (07/16)
Six tribes sign letter in opposition to huge $1.3 billion mine in northern Wisconsin.

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Native Sun News: Mahto Tipila threatened by mining proposals (07/02)
A Prayer Gathering for the protection of sacred and burial sites is set for June 28 at Mahto Tipila.

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Robert Heyano: Alaska tribes battle mine to protect way of life (06/27)
Robert Heyano, the president of the United Tribes of Bristol Bay, explains why Alaska Natives are fighting the Pebble Mine.

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Vice: Bad River Band fights big money over mine in small town (06/10)
Vice travels to Wisconsin to talk to the Bad River Band and hear about the fight against the Gogebic Taconite mine near the reservation.

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Stay lifted on uranium project opposed by Oglala Sioux Tribe (05/22)
The tribe's claims of harm to sacred and cultural sites remains to be decided on the merits.

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KRBD: Tribes in Alaska and First Nations team up for mining fight (05/21)
Tribes in Alaska and First Nations in British Columbia are working together to address mining issues on both sides of the border.

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Native Sun News: Uranium mining poses threat to sacred sites (05/19)
A bird’s-eye view of the corridor stretching from Mt. Taylor westward to Chaco Canyon is filled with sacred sites and ancient roads made by the native Puebloan and Diné people.

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Nez Perce Tribe sues to block gold mine on federal forest land (04/25)
The Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho is suing the Obama administration to stop a gold mine.

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Zoltán Grossman: Cowboy Indian Alliance rides in Washington (04/23)
It’s not everyday you see cowboys helping to set up a tipi encampment, but that’s what is happening this week on the National Mall.

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Opinion: Bad River Band emerges as major foe of mining project (03/31)
The Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians is leading the fight against the proposed Gogebic Taconite mine near its reservation in northern Wisconsin.

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Lac Courte Oreilles Band relocates harvest camp after eviction (03/26)
The Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Ojibwe Indians is relocating a harvest camp that has been serving as a protest against a controversial mining project in Wisconsin.

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In These Times: Keweenaw Bay Indian Community fights mines (03/13)
The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community of Michigan is fighting mining activities on its treaty lands in Michigan.

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EPA takes step that could block mine opposed by Alaska Natives (03/03)
The Environmental Protection Agency is taking steps to protect a salmon fishery in Alaska, a move that could spell the end of a huge mine opposed by Native villages and corporations.

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Minnesota weighs tougher pollution standard to protect wild rice (02/26)
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will be considering a tough pollution standard aimed at protecting wild rice, a staple for tribes in the state.

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EPA finds major risk in mine opposed by Alaska Natives (01/16)
The controversial Pebble Mine in Alaska poses a significant risk to salmon and the Alaska Native way of life, the Environmental Protection Agency said.

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