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Native Sun News: Tribe threw away late veteran's memorabilia (10/31)
While it didn’t make up for losing all of her late father’s military records and memorabilia, Kendra Brownell said receiving a replacement American flag flown over the U.S. Capitol 'helped make things better.'

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Former chairman of Chippewa Cree Tribe faces more charges (10/31)
Bruce Sunchild is accused of stealing money from the tribe's health clinic.

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County's letter on CSKT water compact talks stirs controversy (10/29)
The letter calls on the state to engage in negotiations 'free of racism."

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Native Sun News: Montana tribe sees cut in heating assistance (10/29)
So far old man winter hasn’t made his annual appearance at Northern Cheyenne country.

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Native Sun News: Event commemorates Sand Creek Massacre (10/28)
Jointly sponsored by the National Park Service and the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site, the event commemorated the Sand Creek Massacre that occurred on November 29, 1864.

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DOI expects 30 percent response rate on Cobell buyback offers (10/27)
Some $298 million in offers were made on the Crow Reservation but only $102.9 million is available for actual purchases.

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Final person sentenced in theft from Blackfeet Nation program (10/23)
Gary Joseph Conti received the harshest punishment among the six people who were convicted.

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Former health executive from Chippewa Cree Tribe sentenced (10/23)
Fawn Patricia Ann Tadios was using tribal funds to visit her husband while he was in prison.

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Native advocates come together to combat domestic violence (10/23)
The Montana Native Women's Coalition is hosting a conference in Billings.

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Crow Tribe seeks renewal of Indian Coal Production Tax Credit (10/23)
The tax credit expired in 2013 and the tribe says its revenues have taken a hit.

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Janine Pease: Freshmen need our encouragement to succeed (10/13)
Underscoring the importance of freshman year in high school.

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Mark Trahant: Early voting begins on reservations in Montana (10/10)
How interested are you in this election?

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Landowners on Crow Reservation learn more about buy-back (10/10)
The Crow Tribe hosted an outreach event to help people decide whether to accept offers.

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Indian inmates being sent to new detention center in Montana (10/09)
The Bureau of Indian Affairs is paying a private company $70 per inmate per day.

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DOI sends $298M in offers to landowners on Crow Reservation (10/06)
Responses to the offers are due by November 21.

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Native Sun News: Montana schools observe Native American Day (10/03)
Friday, September 26 is recognized across Montana as Native American Heritage Day, a Day to recognize and celebrate Montana Native cultures, history and diversity.

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Mark Trahant: A lot stake for Native voters in Montana this year (10/02)
Montanans have long recognized the importance of the Native vote.

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9th Circuit bars use of tribal conviction in domestic assault case (10/01)
A tribal court conviction can't be used to prove an Indian defendant is a repeat domestic violence offender if the defendant wasn't provided with an attorney.

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Montana tribe expects a second round of Cobell buy-back offers (09/26)
Some $8.3 million in offers already went out to landowners earlier this month.

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Former chairman of Chippewa Cree Tribe to enter guilty plea (09/25)
Bruce Sunchild will plead guilty to theft and bribery charges.

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