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Native Sun News: Indian lawmakers achieve goals in Montana (08/03)
During the bi-annual session of the Montana Legislature, seven laws benefiting Montana Tribes and tribal members, sponsored by nine Native American legislators, were actively supported by Governor Steve Bullock.

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Tribes caught off-guard with mandate from Affordable Care Act (07/31)
The Crow Tribe is facing a $1.5 million fine unless it provides health coverage to all of its governmental employees.

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Federal murder charges laid for shooting on Crow Reservation (07/31)
An 18-year-old non-Indian man is accused of killing a couple who was trying to help him after he ran out of gas.

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Clara Caufield: Northern Cheyenne Tribe keeps people in dark (07/31)
Staff of the Northern Cheyenne Finance Department might be feeling a little nervous after Treasurer Adam Spang was summoned to a meeting to be advised of an impending vote for his removal.

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Another sentence in Chippewa Cree Tribe corruption scandal (07/30)
Larry Ray Denny abandoned his job at the Bureau of Land Management in Virginia in order to work for the tribe in Montana.

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Suspect in custody over deadly shooting on Crow Reservation (07/30)
Cooperation among multiple law enforcement agencies resulted in the arrest of a man accused of a double murder and a shooting.

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Former Chippewa Cree Tribe chair sentenced in corruption case (07/29)
John "Chance" Houle admitted he accepted bribes and kickbacks from companies and vendors that did business with the tribe.

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Column: Northern Cheyenne Tribe took a final stand in Oklahoma (07/29)
Chiefs Dull Knife and Little Wolf had led a band of Northern Cheyenne off the reservation in an attempt to return to their original lands in Montana and Wyoming.

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Community on Crow Reservation on lockdown due to shooting (07/29)
A county coroner is on the scene of a shooting in Pryor, Montana.

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Fort Belknap Indian Community awaits tests in deaths of bison (07/29)
The tribe found 19 bodies during and after the July 4 weekend. The cause of death hasn't been determined.

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Judge upset with delay in drilling dispute affecting sacred land (07/29)
An energy company has been waiting more than 30 years to start development in an area sacred to the Blackfeet Nation of Montana.

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Bill shields tribes from Affordable Care Act employer mandate (07/15)
Sen. Steve Daines (R-Montana) and Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Montana) introduced the Tribal Employment and Jobs Protection Act to exempt tribes from large fines.

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Two charged for murder of man at Ohkay Owingeh in New Mexico (07/13)
Benjamin Youngbear, who went missing in May, was found dead on the reservation. Two non-Indians have been charged for his murder.

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Blackfeet Nation reiterates opposition to drilling on sacred land (07/10)
The tribe was in talks with an energy development company in hopes of preventing development in the Badger-Two Medicine Area.

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Native Sun News: Northern Cheyenne Tribe dedicates monument (07/10)
In 1866, the hearts of the Northern Cheyenne people were low, then under great duress as the U.S. government tried to force them onto reservations.

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Ex-BLM official sentenced in Chippewa Cree Tribe corruption case (07/08)
The probe reached all the way to a Bureau of Land Management office in Virginia where two former employees were convicted.

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9th Circuit divided on tribal convictions in domestic violence cases (07/07)
The use of tribal convictions in domestic violence cases could be headed to the U.S. Supreme Court for review.

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Two face sentencing as part of Chippewa Cree Tribe corruption case (07/07)
The probe reached all the way to a Bureau of Land Management office in Virginia where two employees have been convicted of crimes.

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Little Shell Chippewa Tribe welcomes federal recognition reforms (07/03)
The tribe won a preliminary ruling during the Clinton administration but hit a roadblock in the Obama administration.

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Chippewa Cree Tribe elects Ken St. Marks as chair for fourth time (07/02)
Rivals have removed Ken St. Marks from office three times but keeps wining the support of the people.

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