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Clara Caufield: Northern Cheyenne Tribe keeps people in dark (07/31)
Staff of the Northern Cheyenne Finance Department might be feeling a little nervous after Treasurer Adam Spang was summoned to a meeting to be advised of an impending vote for his removal.

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Native Sun News: Rapid City mayor denies claim of retaliation (07/31)
The newly-elected mayor cut the proposed $40,000 budget of previous years for publishing the City Council Meeting minutes in the Native Sun News.

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Ernestine Chasing Hawk: Rapid City mayor's year of retaliation (07/31)
As a privately owned newspaper, wholly dependent on subscriptions and advertising sales, we knew running a story exposing racist remarks and actions by Rapid City mayoral candidate Steve Allender, could prove costly.

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Native Sun News: Keystone XL Pipeline protest draws big crowd (07/30)
A massive, new spill from a bitumen pipeline in the tar-sands oil fields of Alberta, Canada’s Athabascan territory fueled a series of pipeline protests by Native Americans and allies across South Dakota.

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James Giago Davies: Don't judge anyone's depth of Lakotaness (07/30)
One thing there has never been is a shortage of heap big spiritual chiefs, deciding for the rest of us what is holy and proper; deciding what is sacred for other men.

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Ivan Star: It's up to all of us to keep the Lakota language alive (07/29)
Lakota language is no longer a primary means of communication here in Oglala country.

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Native Sun News: Rapid City trial ends with no defense witnesses (07/29)
The trial of Trace O’Connell ended abruptly on the morning of Thursday, July 23 before the supporters of the American Horse School could all file into the Performing Arts Center of Rapid City, South Dakota.

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Native Sun News: Young artist wins top award at Native market (07/28)
The Third Annual Gathering of People, Wind and Water, a Native art market and cultural celebration drew more than 4,000 visitors to the heart of downtown Rapid City.

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Native Sun News: Indian elders suffer from higher dementia risk (07/27)
The first-ever study of dementia in American Indians showed that more than one-fourth of elders suffer from it.

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Native Sun News: Deadwood mayor welcomes Native culture (07/24)
Once a lawless town illegally acquired during the Black Hills Gold Rush of 1874 through the broken Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868, Deadwood has since become a booming tourist destination and continuing economic commodity of South Dakota.

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James Giago Davies: Mixed-race Indians shamed over blood (07/24)
I am not less Indian than an Indian because I have Wasicu blood, and I am not less Wasicu than a Wasicu because I have Indian blood.

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Native Sun News: Rapid City mayor retaliates against paper (07/23)
It appears that the Native Sun News endorsement of former mayor Sam Kooiker proved to be costly.

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Native Sun News Editorial: No honor in being called 'Redskin' (07/23)
In 1982, a column in the Lakota Times by Editor Tim Giago first addressed the issue of using American Indians as mascots for America’s fun and games.

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Native Sun News: Powwow returns to South Dakota prison (07/22)
Native American inmates in the state penitentiary were able to host invited family members to their first quarterly powwow since the summer of 2014.

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Native Sun News: Rapid City police choose cultural advisor (07/21)
The commitment of the Rapid City Police to work towards a positive future in race relations in a city historically known for being racially divided was evident last week when Chief Karl Jegeris announced a new position within the department.

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Native Sun News: Tribes denied voice in Keystone hearings (07/20)
Tribal leaders and allies demanded more input on TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone XL tar-sands crude-oil pipeline permit application, announcing a Four Directions Resistance Ride, March and Rally to precede final evidentiary hearings.

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James Giago Davies: Sweat brings out a person's true nature (07/17)
Makeshift sweat lodges dot the North American landscape. Modern Indians make due with what’s available.

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Native Sun News: Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe takes on meth (07/17)
The Cheyenne River Indian Reservation has been plagued by an epidemic of meth addiction and members believe there is a direct correlation with an increase in violent crimes.

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Clara Caufield: Connecting with something from the 'other side' (07/16)
Readers might recall that I recently wrote about Bonnie Red Elk, a Native journalist of tall standing and taller conviction, never afraid to put pen to paper in the most unusual way.

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Native Sun News: Trial set for racial attack on Lakota students (07/16)
The trial of Trace O’Connell is set to begin at 1 p.m. on July 22 at the Performing Arts Center of Rapid City.

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