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Filed Under: Law | Politics
Appeal filed over Navajo language ability of presidential hopeful (09/17)
Critics say Chris Deschene does not speak fluent Navajo.

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Travel: Remote parks on Navajo Nation are an 'extraordinary find' (09/15)
Writer pays a visit to some parks on the Navajo Nation and find some hidden gems.

Filed Under: National | Politics
Navajo Nation presidential candidate a target over fluency issue (09/11)
Chris Deschene acknowledges that he isn't as fluent as he'd like to be.

Filed Under: Environment | Opinion
Editorial: Think hard about Navajo Nation project in Grand Canyon (09/08)
Newspaper urges leaders of the Navajo Nation to exercise great caution while considering a tourism project in Grand Canyon National Park.

Filed Under: Opinion
Jacqueline Keeler: Hair represents who we are as Navajo people (09/05)
Jacqueline Keeler explains why long hair is important in Navajo Nation culture.

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Navajo Nation tourism proposal in Grand Canyon stirs controversy (09/04)
The $150 million Grand Canyon Escalade includes a tramway that will carry tourists to the floor of the park.

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Mother arrested in connection with child's death on Navajo Nation (09/01)
Clara Beth Joe, 25, is accusing of killing her 13-month-old son earlier this year.

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Navajo man heads up Native American Homelessness Task Force (08/29)
Sherrick Roanhorse will work with tribes and the city to address homelessness among Native Americans in New Mexico's most populous city.

Filed Under: Education | National
Five-year-old Navajo boy sent home from school for his long hair (08/28)
The boy's parents had to prove his tribal affiliation before he was allowed to attend kindergarten classes.

Filed Under: Politics
Navajo voters oust incumbent president Ben Shelly in primary (08/27)
Joe Shirley Jr., a former two-term president, will face Chris Deschene, a former state lawmaker from Arizona.

Filed Under: Politics
Navajo voters to narrow field of 17 candidates for president's job (08/25)
Voters of the Navajo Nation go to the polls tomorrow to narrow the field for the job of president.

Filed Under: Opinion
John Hopkins: Navajo Nation Council delegate makes bad choice (08/25)
Which Navajo Nation Council delegate tried to take a television from a hotel room?

Filed Under: Health | National
President of Navajo Nation bans smoking in executive buildings (08/22)
The executive order bars commercial tobacco in all interior spaces and within 25 feet of entrances, windows and ventilation systems

Filed Under: Opinion | Sports
Brandon Ecoffey: Navajo golfer Rickie Fowler is a fast-rising star (08/22)
Finding accurate portrayals of Native people on any media format is often a difficult task to accomplish.

Filed Under: Politics
Navajo Nation lawmaker seeks to reopen talks over surplus land (08/15)
Leaders of the Navajo Nation and Zuni Pueblo have been sparring for years about the division of the land.

Filed Under: Opinion
Faustino Trejo: Navajo leaders don't support education for youth (08/14)
Faustino Trejo plans to show his frustration with leaders of the Navajo Nation at the ballot box.

Filed Under: Environment | National
Uranium mining leaves a long-lasting legacy on Navajo Nation (08/11)
The Arizona Republic ran a three-part series on the toxic legacy of uranium mining on the Navajo Nation.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment | Health
Navajo band raises money for research into multiple sclerosis (08/08)
Signal 99's former bass player, Chuck Haven, suffers from the disease.

Filed Under: Opinion
Column: Seeking answers for brutal murders of two Navajo men (08/07)
Columnist looks at efforts by the Navajo Nation to take care of its people wherever they may live.

Filed Under: Education | Opinion | Politics
Peter MacDonald: Code Talkers support language immersion bill (08/07)
The Navajo Code Talker Association Proudly endorses the Native Language Immersion Student Achievement Act

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