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Column: Language police want FCC to bar R-word on airwaves (10/16)
Writer questions petition that asks the Federal Communications Commission to outlaw the R-word on public airwaves.

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Peter d'Errico: Navajo Nation tackles the Doctrine of Discovery (10/15)
Praise for Attorney General Harrison Tsosie of Navajo Nation for taking on the Doctrine of Christian Discovery.

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Navajo arts and crafts to be sold at Washington team stadium (10/14)
President Ben Shelly and his wife attended the team's game in Arizona on Sunday.

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Navajo presidential candidate Chris Deschene remains on ballot (10/14)
The board of elections will continue with the election as planned on November 4.

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Navajo presidential candidate to dispute removal from ballot (10/10)
Chris Deschene disputed a Navajo language test that was given to a candidate for the first time in tribal history.

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Congressional candidates reach out to Indian voters in Arizona (10/09)
Native Americans make up 22.6 percent of the population the 1st Congressional district.

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Navajo presidential candidate loses ruling over language ability (10/09)
Chris Deschene refused to answer questions in the Navajo language during a videotaped deposition.

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Navajo Nation won't delay election despite presidential dispute (10/02)
Voters will go to the polls on November 4 as originally scheduled.

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Navajo Nation Council to select a new leader after resignation (09/30)
Speaker Johnny Naize stepped down and is pleading guilty in a tribal corruption case.

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Navajo vice president returns home after near fatal spider bite (09/30)
Rex Lee Jim spent more than four weeks in the hospital when a spider bite led to an infection.

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Opinion: Working with New Mexico tribes to protect sacred sites (09/30)
The commissioner of the New Mexico State Lands Office vows to work with tribes to protect sacred and cultural sites.

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Editorial: Long delayed trust fund settlement for Navajo Nation (09/30)
The New York Times welcomes a $554 million trust fund settlement for the Navajo Nation.

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Brian Pierson: Tribal preference ruling strengthens sovereignty (09/29)
Attorney discusses the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in EEOC v. Peabody Western Coal.

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Navajo presidential candidate in doubt over fluency in language (09/29)
The tribe's highest court affirms that Navajo language fluency is a 'reasonable' requirement for a presidential candidate.

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9th Circuit rebuffs EEOC in dispute over tribal hiring preferences (09/26)
The ruling is a major blow to the agency, which has long contended that tribal preferences are illegal.

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Attorney General Eric Holder to step down after six-year tenure (09/26)
From the Cobell settlement to tribal jurisdiction provisions in the Violence Against Women Act, the Department of Justice led a dramatic shift in the federal-Indian relationship.

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Kevin Washburn: Settlements with Indian Country hit $8B mark (09/26)
The head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs tallies up the value of Cobell, tribal and water rights settlements under President Obama.

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Navajo Nation might postpone election due to legal challenge (09/25)
A dispute over the Navajo language skills of a presidential candidate could affect the schedule.

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Navajo Nation to host meetings to discuss $554M settlement (09/25)
The signing ceremony will be webcast by the Navajo Nation Council.

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Navajo Nation court to hear language issue affecting candidate (09/24)
Chris Deschene has made repeated Navajo-language gaffes on the campaign trail, according to a Navajo-speaking reporter.

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