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Patrick Murphy: Star Trek's William Shatner visits Navajo Nation (06/30)
The Churchrock Chapter on the Navajo Nation is now a part of American motorcycle history.

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House subcommittee takes up Navajo Nation water bill next week (06/19)
Consideration comes as Congress reduces a funding request for tribal water rights settlements.

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Navajo Nation father competes on 'American Ninja Warrior' show (06/16)
Brandon Todacheenie traveled to Texas in March for a chance to appear on the highly-competitive show.

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Mark Charles: All men are created equal except 'Indian savages' (06/15)
The foundations of the United States of America are blatantly unjust. This land was stolen.

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BIA working with tribes for more No Child Left Behind Act waivers (06/12)
Tribes and educators will be able to incorporate culturally-appropriate standards into their classrooms.

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Brian Young: Why I promise never to play Hollywood Indian again (06/12)
As a Navajo actor, I've learned where Hollywood likes to stick its 'Indian' roles—and where to find real Native American creativity onscreen.

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9th Circuit hears suit over remains removed from Navajo Nation (06/11)
The National Park Service is holding onto 303 ancestors that were exhumed from Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

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Tribal college freshman headed to national rodeo championships (06/08)
Rodeo is a family affair for Delvecchio Kaye, a young member of the Navajo Nation.

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Travel: Tracing the path of Edward Curtis through Indian Country (06/05)
Edward S. Curtis thought he was capturing a 'vanishing race' when he set off for a mission to the American West.

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Navajo Nation works on agreement to address horse population (06/05)
The Foundation to Protect New Mexico Wildlife wants to help the tribe prevent horses from being shipped to slaughterhouses.

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Report confirms high rate of HIV infections among First Nations (06/03)
The rate on reserves in Saskatchewan is 11 times higher than that of Canada.

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Tara Houska: School tells Navajo Nation boy to cut his long hair (06/03)
Hair cutting at the behest of an educational institution brings to mind cultural genocide.

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Student from Navajo Nation competes in national spelling bee (05/29)
Kelvin Winney, 10, stumbled on the word 'malihini' -- a Native Hawaiian word.

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Navajo Nation to decide on fluency requirements for candidates (05/29)
The language issue generated significant controversy last year when presidential hopeful Chris Deschene was removed from the ballot.

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Navajo Nation sees larger numbers of sand dunes on reservation (05/28)
Tribal members have to shovel back sand dunes that cover a third of the reservation territory.

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Law Article: Indian inmate wins religious rights suit in Wisconsin (05/27)
Prisoner Schlemm is a member of the Navajo Tribe and has been imprisoned in Wisconsin since 1999.

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Renae Yellowhorse: Navajo Nation can't cede power to outsiders (05/27)
Under the re-awakening of Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez, it is our hope that land users and residents will finally gain peace of mind.

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Editorial: Navajo Nation leader makes right call on Grand Canyon (05/26)
The Navajo Nation desperately needs jobs and economic development — real economic development, as opposed to a destructive fantasy.

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Law Article: Navajo Nation wages battle over 'Navajo' products (05/22)
Battles continue to wage over use of the 'Navajo' and 'Navaho' marks in New Mexico federal court.

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Navajo Nation business opens tech data center in New Mexico (05/21)
NOVA Corporation will use the data center to meet the information technology needs of government and commercial clients.

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