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Teens accused of killing homeless Navajo men in New Mexico (07/21)
A fellow Navajo man witnessed part of the brutal attack.

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Arizona governor signs bill to declare Navajo Code Talkers Day (07/17)
August 14 will be celebrated as Navajo Code Talkers' Day.

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Navajo artist and Chinese artist collaborate for unique project (07/17)
Bert Benally and Ai Weiwei create 'Pull of the Moon' on the reservation.

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Dine College on Navajo Nation to offer degree in tribal business (07/15)
Students are being accepted for the fall semester, with applications due July 18.

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Opinion: Unique ceremony blends Navajo and Jewish culture (07/14)
Rabbi Marc Soloway shares a unique ceremony for Lila Crank that blender her Navajo and Jewish traditions.

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Vernon Masayesva: Coal-fired power plant harms Hopi people (07/14)
Vernon Masayesva, the founder of the Black Mesa Trust, questions a settlement that allows a coal-fired power plant to keep operating.

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Navajo Nation energy firm sees 16.8 percent boost in revenue (07/11)
The company took in $458 million, or $156.3 million more than the prior fiscal year.

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Review: 'Drunktown's Finest' provides modern look at Navajos (07/11)
Praise for Drunktown's Finest, the debut film from Navajo filmmaker Sydney Freeland.

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Town rescinds decision to change name of park for Indian fighter (07/09)
Kit Carson's name will still be used for the section of the park where he is buried.

Filed Under: Health
Study finds high rate of dental problems among Navajo children (07/09)
Rate of untreated tooth decay is far higher than the national average.

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NPS worried about Navajo Nation's Grand Canyon tourism plans (07/07)
The Grand Canyon Escalade includes a tramway that will carry tourists to the floor of the Grand Canyon.

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Tristan Ahtone: Navajo veteran returns from war a changed man (07/07)
Tristan Ahtone shares the story of Lonnie Al Watts, a Navajo Nation veteran who died last year at the age of 37.

Filed Under: Business | Law | Politics
Navajo Nation Council seek to resolve dispute over energy firm (07/07)
A new charter could be ratified in a special session later this week.

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Mark Charles: Helping our nation move on from an incredible pain (07/07)
Our nation is in pain. Our people are in pain. And our land is in pain.

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Young Navajo woman leads petition against racist trademarks (07/03)
Navajo lawmaker says more young people are fighting the mascot.

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Blog: Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation turns to renewable energy (07/02)
The Hopi Tribe and the Navajo Nation are harnessing solar and wind power.

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Auction house in France goes ahead with sale of tribal property (06/30)
The U.S. Embassy said tribal representatives should have been allowed to look at the items prior to their sale.

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City schedules another vote on park named after Indian fighter (06/27)
Leaders of Taos Pueblo said they should have been consulted about the new name.

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Native Sun News: Crews nearly contain blaze on Navajo Nation (06/26)
A wildfire on the Navajo reservation has caused the evacuation of five homes, and is threatening the destruction of 40 structures.

Filed Under: Sports
Interview: Notah Begay never forgets his Native American roots (06/25)
Mark Smith of The Albuquerque Journal interviews Navajo / Pueblo golfer Notah Begay III and asks him about his health, mascots and his Native roots.

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