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BIA accused of blocking road access on New Mexico reservation (07/02)
Non-Indian homeowners claim they have a right to use roads that cross through the reservation of San Ildefonso Pueblo.

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Marc Simmons: Legend of Catholic priest saved by grateful tribe (07/02)
Here and there in the scattered Pueblo towns, religious leaders plotted a new rebellion.

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Patrick Murphy: Star Trek's William Shatner visits Navajo Nation (06/30)
The Churchrock Chapter on the Navajo Nation is now a part of American motorcycle history.

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Jemez Pueblo gets second shot at making case for ancestral land (06/29)
In a unanimous decision, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals said Congress has never extinguished aboriginal title to the area in question.

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Sault Tribe member recognized for work at U.S. Attorney's Office (06/19)
David Adams developed and implemented a program to combat violence against Native women in New Mexico.

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House subcommittee takes up Navajo Nation water bill next week (06/19)
Consideration comes as Congress reduces a funding request for tribal water rights settlements.

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Navajo Nation father competes on 'American Ninja Warrior' show (06/16)
Brandon Todacheenie traveled to Texas in March for a chance to appear on the highly-competitive show.

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Mark Charles: All men are created equal except 'Indian savages' (06/15)
The foundations of the United States of America are blatantly unjust. This land was stolen.

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Tribes benefit from wildland fire protection at Interior Department (06/15)
The Obama administration announced $10 million in projects across the nation, including three that will include tribes.

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Auction house in France sells sacred tribal property for $450K (06/10)
Objections from the Hopi Tribe and Acoma Pueblo failed to stop the sale of 15 items.

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Mescalero Apache Nation honors graduates with scholarships (06/10)
The tribe celebrated 48 high school students and awarded scholarships to 10 achievers.

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Hopi Tribe and Acoma Pueblo seek to block sale of sacred items (06/09)
The auction is due to take place in France amid growing attention to the issue.

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Indian Pueblo Cultural Center set to break ground for Starbucks (06/09)
The 4,000 square-foot facility will be one of the largest in New Mexico.

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Jemez Pueblo reports high graduation rate at small charter school (06/08)
The tribe started the Walatowa Charter High School to emphasize Pueblo culture, history and language.

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Travel: Tracing the path of Edward Curtis through Indian Country (06/05)
Edward S. Curtis thought he was capturing a 'vanishing race' when he set off for a mission to the American West.

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Navajo Nation works on agreement to address horse population (06/05)
The Foundation to Protect New Mexico Wildlife wants to help the tribe prevent horses from being shipped to slaughterhouses.

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BIA seeks help locating Pueblo man who went missing on May 25 (06/03)
Benjamin Youngbear was last seen on May 25 and the circumstances of his disappearance are considered troubling.

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Farmington Indian Center holds competition for new ambassador (06/02)
The competition, formerly known as the Miss Indian Farmington, will be open to young Native Americans of both genders.

Filed Under: Business | Technology
Navajo Nation business opens tech data center in New Mexico (05/21)
NOVA Corporation will use the data center to meet the information technology needs of government and commercial clients.

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Anthony Trujillo: A cultural ambassador with the Peace Corps (05/20)
As a child, the thought of living in another country was only slightly more plausible than moving to Mars.

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