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Navajo Nation business opens tech data center in New Mexico (05/21)
NOVA Corporation will use the data center to meet the information technology needs of government and commercial clients.

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Anthony Trujillo: A cultural ambassador with the Peace Corps (05/20)
As a child, the thought of living in another country was only slightly more plausible than moving to Mars.

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Police officers on Navajo Nation often go out on patrol alone (05/19)
The tribe only has 30 officers on duty at any one time to serve a reservation that's the size of West Virginia.

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New Mexico court allows lawsuits for actions of tribal officers (05/18)
The Santa Fe County sheriff has revoked law enforcement commissions with a dozen tribal, local and federal agencies in response to the ruling.

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Column: Pueblo student takes to street to raise college funds (05/18)
Panhandling was never something Darren Booqua liked or did very often. It was embarrassing, he said. Humiliating. Weird.

Filed Under: Environment | Opinion | Politics
Alex Jacobs: Governor strikes political deal for nuclear waste (05/14)
How can communities, Native and non-Native, stop such projects from developing, using up precious water, polluting the environment, presenting security risks that rationalize ever greater government intrusion?

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Senate Indian Affairs Committee passes Pueblo land measure (05/13)
The Albuquerque Indian School Act requires the Bureau of Indian Affairs to place 11 acres in trust for the 19 Pueblo tribes of New Mexico.

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A record 10 Pueblo students earn doctoral degrees in Arizona (05/12)
The students received Ph.D's in Justice Studies and Social Inquiry from Arizona State University.

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Marc Simmons: Spanish expedition led to battle in Nebraska (05/11)
To readers of colonial New Mexico history, the names Coronado, Espejo, Oñate, Vargas, Escalante and De Anza are quite familiar.

Filed Under: Education | Politics | Trust
Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets meeting and hearing (05/11)
A land-into-trust bill for the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico and the Bureau of Indian Education are on the agenda this week.

Filed Under: Law | National
BIA hopes to implement new ICWA regulation by end of year (05/08)
Public comments are due by May 19 on a rule that seeks to ensure compliance by state courts and child welfare agencies.

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BIA adds five names to police officer memorial in New Mexico (05/07)
Three officers from Alaska, one from Arizona and another in Michigan will be honored during the service.

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Mescalero Apache Nation holds liquor referendum on May 12 (05/06)
Members will determine whether to close the package liquor store, also known as the tribal bar.

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Marathon on Navajo Nation draws large number of participants (05/04)
The course runs through the Arizona and New Mexico portions of the reservation.

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Marc Simmons: Colonial official arrested for allowing tribal dance (04/29)
Gov. Mendizábal listened intently and then announced that he was granting the Indians permission to stage these ceremonies openly, in public. Indeed, he gleefully and strongly encouraged them to do so.

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Navajo actress was put in darker makeup for Adam Sandler film (04/24)
Allison Young said she felt uncomfortable from the start of production of The Ridiculous Six.

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Native actors storm off set of Adam Sandler film in New Mexico (04/23)
Outgoing Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly praised the actors for taking a stand against stereotypes in Hollywood.

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Distributor brings beef produced on reservations to the market (04/20)
Labatt Food Service of Texas is on a mission to bring Native American beef to the masses.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment
Museum named after famed Pueblo woman artist closes doors (04/15)
The Pablita Velarde Museum of Indian Women in the Arts was the only facility in the U.S. devoted solely to Native women artists.

Filed Under: Education | Law | National
Judge Judy chooses reservation school for graduation speech (04/15)
Alexus Uentillie, a young member of the Navajo Nation, submitted the winning essay in a national contest.

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