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Company claims harassment after racial incident at hockey game (01/30)
Facebook users continue to leave negative comments for Eagle Sales, a beer distributor.

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Native Sun News: Tribal college geologist tackles uranium mine (01/30)
Uranium mining in the southern Black Hills compromises water supplies, according to expert testimony by Oglala Lakota College Department Co-Chair Hannan LaGarry.

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Criminal charges possible over mistreatment of Indian students (01/29)
One suspect has been identified and assault, hate crime and child abuse charges might be filed.

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Ivan Star: Ignoring alcoholism leads to destruction of the Lakota (01/29)
Nearly every household on the Pine Ridge Reservation is seriously affected by the devastating results of alcoholism.

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Megan Red Shirt-Shaw: Our kids should be able to go anywhere (01/28)
In our traditional way, children are sacred. In the American way, having a family is a priority.

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Police investigate treatment of Oglala youth at hockey game (01/28)
A group of men yelled racial remarks and threw beer on students and staff members.

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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux man calls on US to honor its word (01/26)
Sitting in his house on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, Gerald 'Jump' Big Crow looks out his window and sees the deplorable conditions that prevail on his reservation.

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Oglala Sioux medicine man dies awaiting trial in sexual abuse case (01/23)
Charles Chipps was 67 years old. He was accused of abusing young girls.

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Native Sun News: Tribes step up with donations for cultural center (01/22)
Organizers of a Native American events center that will benefit Indians living in and around Sacred He Sapa is closer to becoming a reality.

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Ivan Star: Indian Country must put more effort in public relations (01/22)
We have a severe need to develop and establish our own data regarding areas of public concern

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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe contests uranium expansion (01/21)
The Oglala Sioux Tribe contested foreign uranium mining expansion in Nebraska

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Jeffrey Whalen: Oglala Sioux Tribe denies off-reservation voters (01/19)
The tribal folks in the Great Plains Region should be concerned about how their constitutions were drafted and the subsequent language that is contained in them.

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No contest plea for death of Oglala Sioux man in November 2012 (01/19)
Albert Apple Sr. was a former tribal police officer who was 48 years old when he was murdered.

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Ivan Star: Successes and failures in Indian education system (01/15)
I have been admonished for trying to bring our history into the classroom here on the Pine Ridge.

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Native Sun News: Chief Bigfoot ride honors massacre victims (01/14)
On the 124th Anniversary of the Chief Bigfoot Band Memorial Ride the riders arrived at the gravesite of the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre victims on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

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Native Sun News: Pine Ridge youth participate in Junior ROTC (01/13)
The Grand Entry at this year’s Teca Wacipi Okolakiciye powwow held at the LNI tournaments was led in by the Pine Ridge High School Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadets acting as color guard.

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Native Sun News: Tribal members debate legalization of 'peji' (01/12)
South Dakota tribes whose members remain some of the poorest people in the nation, can now take advantage of a Justice Department decision that has proven lucrative for Colorado and Washington.

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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux teen happy with support system (01/09)
Bravery is the act of accomplishing a goal so few dare to attempt.

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James Giago Davies: Fighting the good Lakota fight in the new year (01/05)
New Years is a time that gets me thinking of the two great Lakota clans who make up my family, the Giago’s and the Tapio’s.

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Oglala Sioux medicine man awaits trial on sexual abuse charges (12/29)
Charles Chipps is accused of abusing several young girls, including his own daughters and granddaughters.

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