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Carly McIntosh: Native name brings me closer to Mother Earth (07/27)
Being placed in between two native elders, I was close to being given my own traditional spirit name.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: Native snipers among world's deadliest (03/02)
The Native sharpshooter was able to disrupt field movements and cut the chain of command among the European trained armies with their bright uniformed and glittering metal rank adornments.

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Interview: Ojibwe author David Treuer discusses latest novel (02/05)
"Prudence" focuses on Frankie Washburn, who returns to his ancestral home in rural Minnesota before heading off to serve in World War II.

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Review: Ojibwe author David Treuer spins vivid tale in 'Prudence' (02/02)
Natural-born storyteller David Treuer spins a vivid, sorrowful tale at a lakeside resort and in a nearby reservation town in northern Minnesota.

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Canadian man cleared of federal charges in eagle feather case (01/15)
John P. Volpe is from the Nipissing First Nation but isn't enrolled in a U.S. tribe.

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Ojibwe tribes open swan hunting season on treaty-ceded land (11/04)
The season runs through December 31, or until 10 trumpeter swans are taken, whichever comes first.

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Public News Service: New school focuses on Dakota and Ojibwe (10/02)
The Bdote Learning Center is a new school in Minnesota that immerses students in the Ojibwe or Dakota languages.

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Al Jazeera: Four adopted Indian women discover their heritage (08/08)
Al Jazeera shares stories from women who discovered their Indian roots after being adopted.

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NPR: Relying on social media to keep Native languages alive (07/30)
NPR reports on efforts to keep Native languages alive on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

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Winona LaDuke: Energy project threatens Ojibwe ricing tradition (07/07)
Activist Winona LaDuke of Honor the Earth explains the battle against pipeline through treaty territory in Minnesota.

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Ojibwe girl who refused chemotherapy won't be placed in care (05/20)
Ten-year-old Ojibwe girl has been relying on traditional medicine.

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Hospital reports Native family for using traditional treatments (05/15)
Children's Aid Society plans to meet with leaders of the New Credit First Nation to discuss treatment for 11-year-old girl who suffers from leukemia.

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Mary Pember: Ojibwe women pray for most polluted river in US (05/15)
Mary Annette Pember explains why Ojibwe women are walking the Ohio River.

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Mary Pember: Ojibwe women rise to protect the environment (04/23)
Mary Annette Pember discusses the connection between Ojibwe women and the environment.

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Race relations council looking to boost efforts in border town (04/17)
The race relations council in Bemidji, Minnesota, is looking to revive its efforts.

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Ojibwe man from Canada charged for possession of wild animals (04/15)
Federal and state agents raided the home of an Ojibwe man from Canada who lives in New York.

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Sharon Day: Walking the water to protect our future generations (04/14)
Sharon Day, the executive director of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force, shares word of the 2014 Ohio River Walk.

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Sharon Day: Returning to a traditional Ojibwe value system (03/17)
Sharon Day, the executive director of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force, discusses traditional Ojibwe values of love, kindness, generosity, courage, honesty, wisdom, and being humble.

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T.J. Oshie, Ojibwe, helps lead Olympic hockey team to early win (02/18)
T. J. Oshie led the U.S. Olympic team to a preliminary victory over Russia at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi on Saturday.

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Community in Minnesota produces Ojibwe Olympic athletes (02/05)
A small town near the Red Lake Nation in northern Minnesota has produced eight Olympic athletes, including two Ojibwe stars.

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