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8th Circuit sides with Omaha Tribe in reservation boundary case (12/19)
The decision means a group of non-Indian businesses must comply with the tribe's liquor laws and regulations.

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Omaha Tribe links incident to dispute over reservation borders (10/08)
The bus was leaving a football game on Friday night when it was struck by something.

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Omaha Tribe signs agreement with EPA to improve utility services (08/29)
The Omaha Tribal Utility Commission agreed to make about $1 million in improvements to drinking and wastewater systems and to its trash collection program.

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Three Indian artists selected as NEA's National Heritage Fellows (08/22)
A Mohawk basketweaver, an Odawa quillworker and an Omaha singer will be honored next month in Washington, D.C.

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Column: Omaha Tribe gets odd gift from Washington team owner (03/31)
Columnist tries to ask the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska about a gift from the Original Americans Foundation.

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Omaha Tribe: 'No strings attached' to donation from foundation (03/28)
The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska today confirmed that it accepted a donation from the new Original Americans Foundation.

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Football team owner announces 'Original Americans Foundation' (03/25)
The owner of the Washington professional football team says the problems facing Indian Country demand 'action, not words' and that's why he's won't eliminate his controversial racist mascot.

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Not guilty pleas over theft of housing funds from Omaha Tribe (03/18)
A former chairman and a former housing director of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska entered not guilty please to theft charges in federal court.

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Former chairman and housing director of Omaha Tribe indicted (03/04)
A former chairman and a former housing director of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska have been indicted.

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Judge backs Omaha Tribe in lawsuit over taxes on non-Indians (02/18)
The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska can collect taxes on liquor businesses on the reservation, a federal judge ruled.

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Omaha Tribe declares state of emergency due to fuel crisis (02/06)
The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska has declared a state of emergency due to a propane fuel shortage.

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Nebraska lawmaker sponsors bill to recognize tribal courts (01/13)
Nebraska Sen. Rick Kolowski has introduced a bill to recognize tribal court orders.

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Kevin Abourezk: Omaha woman fights to keep custody of girls (10/28)
Kevin Abourezk reports on Nebraska v. Elise M., an Indian Child Welfare Case involving a mother from the Omaha Tribe.

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Omaha Tribe seeks assistance after tornado hits reservation (10/10)
The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska declared a state of emergency after a tornado hit the reservation.

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Sequestration forces tribes to make budget cuts to programs (08/22)
Sequestration of the federal budget is forcing cuts to education, health and social service programs in Indian Country.

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NCAI backs Omaha Tribe in suit over alcohol tax on businesses (07/11)
The National Congress of American Indians is supporting the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska in a dispute over its alcohol tax.

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Kevin Abourezk: Shelter for Indian youth to reopen in Nebraska (07/05)
Kevin Abourezk reports on the reopening of a shelter for Indian youth in Nebraska.

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Nebraska tribes renew historic connection with Oklahoma tribe (04/08)
The Omaha Tribe, the Ponca Tribe and the Otoe-Missouria Tribe met in Nebraska on Saturday to renew their historic ties. The tribes once lived in the same area of Nebraska,...

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Federal judge set to rule on Omaha Tribe's liquor taxation case (02/20)
A federal judge is expected to rule later this year in a dispute between the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and non-Indian retailers. The tribe requires businesses that sell liquor to...

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Omaha Tribe heading back in court in alcohol taxation dispute (02/19)
The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska is heading back to court to defend its right to tax alcohol sales on the reservation. The tribe's court issued a decision on February 4...

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