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Murder charges for deaths of homeless Native men in Manitoba (04/29)
John Paul Ostamas, 39, is accused of murdering three people on the streets of Winnipeg.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: Aboriginal homeland of the Six Nations (03/17)
The total land holdings for the Iroquois is 88,716 acres of the original 25,000,000, about 0.034 percent of the ancestral Haudenosaunee territory in New York State.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: Native snipers among world's deadliest (03/02)
The Native sharpshooter was able to disrupt field movements and cut the chain of command among the European trained armies with their bright uniformed and glittering metal rank adornments.

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Mohawk Council of Akwesasne: Concerns about US border bill (02/18)
When 9/11 happened, the national media was quick to point to Akwesasne as the route terrorists used to enter the country, and for weeks this information was shared around the world erroneously.

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Leader of First Nation welcomes Guardian Angels to reserve (02/05)
Chief Georjann Morriseau said the band needs support in its battle against drugs, crime and the sex trafficking industry.

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Native girl who refused chemotherapy treatment dies at age 11 (01/21)
Makayla Sault made headlines when she turned to traditional methods of healing for her leukemia.

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Canadian man cleared of federal charges in eagle feather case (01/15)
John P. Volpe is from the Nipissing First Nation but isn't enrolled in a U.S. tribe.

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Al Jazeera: Mohawk people spend lives on both sides of border (01/12)
Miss the roadside signs welcoming you to Akwesasne and it can be hard to know you've arrived - possibly in another country.

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Agency wanted Native woman to buy ancestral home site (11/12)
Darlene Necan faces a fine of at least $10,000 for building a home on land that belongs to the province of Ontario.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: Deskaheh was hero to the Iroquois (11/12)
Traditional Iroquois place a high value on community service, humility and generosity.

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Native woman charged for building home on ancestral land (11/10)
After trying to find housing for years, Darlene Necan took matters into her own hands.

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Police in Ontario investigate letter that threatens Native people (09/16)
The letter was described as 'very disturbing' as is being treated as a hate crime.

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Cherokee Nation police find man who disappeared 37 years ago (08/27)
Tribal police acted on a tip from authorities in Canada and found a man who went missing in 1977.

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Judge orders destruction of residential school survivor records (08/08)
Records will be destroyed after 15 years but survivors will be able to determine if they want their stories sent to a national archive.

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Native Sun News: Site documents missing and murdered women (07/30)
Amidst wide spread government intrusion and an epidemic of murder and kidnapping of Indigenous women, First Nation people in Canada are finding ways to address these issues by decolonizing their world and institutions.

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Judge hears dispute over fate of residential school documents (07/17)
Residential school survivors submitted information about abuse they suffered.

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Court to hear dispute over residential school documents in July (06/19)
Survivors submitted testimony and documents regarding abuse they suffered.

Filed Under: Canada | Opinion
Opinion: Energy development isn't only option for First Nations (05/26)
Writers discuss how energy development debates are affecting First Nations in Ontario.

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Authorities investigate mutilated bear found on First Nation (05/22)
Bear was found on reserve with its paws cut off.

Filed Under: Canada | Health
Ojibwe girl who refused chemotherapy won't be placed in care (05/20)
Ten-year-old Ojibwe girl has been relying on traditional medicine.

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